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vintage via the L train

It’s been noted that the L train is one of the trendiest trains to ride in New York, thanks to the abundance of hipsters living close to it via the East Village, Williamsburg and Bushwick. It has recently come to my attention that we have more to thank than the hipsters—more so where they are shopping. A chain of thrift stores are dispersed along the L train line from 1st Avenue to Morgan Avenue that not only offer you a TON of merchandise to dig through, but offer prices that are swoon worthy. The deeper you delve into Brooklyn, the bigger the selection is and the lower the prices are. When I say low prices, I’m talking $7 70s button downs and $30 vintage fur coats—prices that you would see at a Good Will upstate and certainly not in New York City. Are we dreaming?

store locations first avenue

Village Style (111 East 7th Street) No Relation (204 1st Avenue)

bedford avenue

Vice Versa (241 Bedford Avenue)

graham avenue

Atlantis Attic (771 Metropolitan Avenue)

morgan avenue

Urban Jungle (118 Knickerbocker Avenue) 7

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