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must read: a visit from the goon squad Jennifer Egan takes on a trip down memory lane through New York City, LA and more with her Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

Jennifer Egan’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, A Visit from the Good Squad, is a must read. Each chapter can be read as an individual short story, although a common set of characters and the repeating theme of aging and loss of innocence are apparent. The book is centered around the rock music industry, each chapter occurring during a different time period.

Whether it is the 1980s or the year 2050, the storyline follows the troubles and hardships that the characters must face. One character faces issues with her kleptomania while another character is a womanizer, while another chapter focuses on a young girl’s struggle and heartbreak when facing her baby brother’s autism and watching the confused and fading relationship between him and his father.

must see: vincent morisset’s “INNI”

Vincent Morisset brings us yet another musical documentary, showing us Sigur Ros in the most intimate way possible. After directing Arcade Fire’s documentary “Mirroir Noir,” Vincent Morisset’s newest documentary has


just been released. INNI, Morisset’s 75-minute long Sigur Ros documentary, contains live tracks from every one of the band’s albums recorded live at the Alexandra Palace back in 2008. The documentary was filmed first, then edited and beautifully distorted. Morisset projected the finished film onto a screen and then used techniques such as hands, broken mirrors and flashlights to transform the projection to rerecord it digitally. The amount of editing done caused a loss of detail in the actual film itself, giving the live

performances a dreamy and abstract feel. Snippets of random shots are randomly shown throughout the film, such as the group winning the Iceland Music Award and riding bicycles, making it a somewhat strange and unconventional documentary. Morisset makes you feel close to Sigur Ros, capturing moments on stage that were so intimate, you seem to forget that there is an actual audience watching them, until they are shown at the end.

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