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letter from the editor... Dear Readers, Counter Culture is a fashion and lifestyle magazine for the youth culture of New York City, focusing on exactly what its title infers—the counter culture: things that are a bit off; a bit odd or dark. Things that are underground and certainly not followed by the mainstream. This magazine is here to inspire you and push you to explore underground culture and not ‘follow the crowd;’ to create your own trends from your own passions, with the street being your muse. We support rebellion. We support youth. We support not giving a fuck. Filled with a mélange of of content about fashion, beauty, music and of course, New York City culture, Counter Culture exists to share our unique thoughts and ideas with you and to act as an inspiration to all. Be yourself; be different. Be rebellious. You are the Counter Culture. xx Jenna Igneri Editor-in-Chief


Counter Culture  

A magazine for the youth culture of New York City