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Roberta’s – Although pizza is not sold by the slice and the prices aren’t exactly cheap, this communal table filled and cozy restaurant totally worth it. The menu is mostly made up of specialty pizzas, but they do serve sandwiches and entrees, beef tongue and octopus included. The pizza here is phenomenal, and if you don’t believe me, ask one of the 500 people that waited two hours on line at the Bushwick Block Party in the sweltering heat for a free personal pie (although I was one of them…). 261 Moore St (between White St & Bogart St)

on your way past the bathroom, of pizzas, whether you’re craving a and you will be taken completely slice of bacon mac and cheese, vegan by surprise. Before you even reach spicy chicken jalapeño, you are sure the backroom, you immediately are to be satisfied when walking into blinding by the clouds of smoke Vinnie’s. 148 Bedford Ave (between coming at you. Fear not, it is not N 8th St & N 9th St) cigarette smoke, but dry ice coming from one of the many smoke maWild Ginger – Boasting another lochines. When cation in Soho, you finally make the Bedford Avyour way into enue location is the backroom, a bit bigger, less you are immeprestigious, but diately caught still amazing. in the middle of The Pan-Asian a raging dance menu is comparty—bad pletely vegan, Shea Stadium – The best way to 80s techno and not that any Vinnie’s tiny store front describe this place? A complete shit strobe lights and carnivore would hole. But that’s what’s so charming all. 236 Troutman St (between Wil- have any complaints. 212 Bedford about it. With one of Brooklyn’s son Ave & Knickerbocker Ave) Ave (between N 6th St & N 5th St) finest indie bands living on the awkward loft space across from the Union Pool – The former pool sup- The Woods – Not located anywhere stage, it definitely makes for an in- ply store has turned into a spacious near the woods, The Woods is quite teresting setting. Dirt cheap drinks bar with a ton to offer! Decently an interesting bar/club. For its and a decent amount of floor space priced drinks, a lot of space inside location, you’ll be surprised when in front of the stage, Shea Stadium and even MORE space outside. The you see all different kinds of people makes for a perfect venue. Housed back patio is used all year round, there. I’m talking hipsters, bros, on a desolate, industrial street in turning its fountain into a fire pit dirty skater kids, gangster kids, Bushwick, you would probably miss once the weather gets cold. What everyone. Everyone comes together it if it wasn’t really brings at the woods to dance to really awfor the dozens people outside ful 90s techno (and eat tacos in the of drunken is the taco truck back, because they also have a taco show-goers that is parked truck there). I guarantee you will shouting and back there allhave quite the night if you come throwing year-round. The party at The Woods. 48 S 4th St (bebeer cans off bar also has a tween Kent Ave & Wythe Ave) the balcony. separate stage 20 Meadow building, becom- Wreck Room – Cleverly named, this St (between ing a venue for place is all about good vibes (and A band plays at Shea Stadium Waterbury St indie bands cer- getting wrecked). A huge space with & Bogart St) tain nights of the week. 484 Union a ton of tables, a massive dancefloor Ave, Ste A and pool tables, Wreck Room has Tandem – This bar is on a quiet become a favorite amongst Brooklyn street surrounded by apartments, Vinnie’s Pizzeria – Located in youth (well, legal youth, usually). and when you first walk in, the bar stumbling distance of every aweThe perfect place to come on a Satseems fitting. Small tables, candles, some bar on Bedford Avenue, Vin- urday night with a group of friends. not-too-loud music—the perfect nie’s Pizzera is tiny but still manages 940 Flushing Ave (between Central little bar for a perfect little block. to deal with its massive amount of Ave & Evergreen Ave) Well, walk down the narrow hallway customers. With a wide selection 21

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