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the cool kid’s guide to NYC With New York’s trendiest, craziest and most down to earth neighborhoods shifting east, whether staying on the Lower East Side or crossing the East River into Brooklyn, dozens upon dozens of new bars and restaurants have opened and classic spots have flourished. This guide is aimed towards the person who likes to party and hates being cramped by NYU and Hunter College bros in cheesy button downs and creepy business men in suits. But hey, if you’re reading this magazine then I’m assuming we share some mutual deep hatred towards those types. These various bars, venues and restaurants are places have been carefully selected, as they are either a neighborhood staple or a neighborhood best-kept-secret. These places will allow you to stuff your face with good food, dance the night away to good music (whether live or DJed), probably black out and then not remember any of it.


Counter Culture  

A magazine for the youth culture of New York City

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