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JI: Although you seem to be pretty busy with Night Manager, are you involved with any other projects? DT: Yes, I’m always making music. I have one side project called The Dreamers which leans more into my love for shoegaze. I have another upcoming project that leans more into my love for neopsychedelic music like Dungen, Tame Impala, and Dead Meadow. Demos will be released soon! JI: What are your thoughts on the Brooklyn music scene? DT: Well, when I was living in Connecticut, Brooklyn seemed like the Mecca for alternative music. It’s very inviting to outsiders, yet at the same time it feels like a small club. What I like about it is that no one is really from NYC, so everyone has these big city dreams here and it’s kind of adorable. There is always a show and a place to go. You can see any kind of band in Brook“He [Ezana Edwards] told me always lyn, whether you’re in a basement, in a venue, or in some I should check out his band warehouse.

after I told him a story about taking acid at a Neon Indian show and realizing someone puked all over my jacket.”

JI: What’s your favorite thing about New York? DT: The funny things you hear people say in passing. At least every day I hear something I could never even make up in the pits of my imagination.

new release: gauntlet hair

After remaining under the radar for the past year or so, the “kings of reverb” Gauntlet Hair, based in Denver, have finally released an album through Dead Oceans. The self-titled, 9 track album contains all new songs that are reminiscent to their past singles EPs—full of reverb heavy, jangly guitar and droned-out, barely comprehendible lyrics.

crashes and noisy guitar that make you really feel the music. You may not understand 90% of the words being sung, but the emotion is present.

“Top Bunk,” the first single released off the album, is filled with a ton of “ohh ohhs” and overlapping lyrics with a slow, heavy beat that makes your body start to sway no matter what you’re doHow to describe their music? It’s ing while listening. Unlike most bands that take some influence hard to put my finger on. With dreamy references to shoegaze and from Animal Collective, Gauntlet Hair meshes experimental beats the loud, lo-fi sounds of garage rock, it’s an eclectic mix I can’t say with blaringly loud, heavy garage noise. The result? Music that I’ve heard from any other band. We’re talking a ton of echo, cymbal sounds pretty shitty, but in the

best way possible. Not convinced? Speed up to 1:58 of “My Christ” and tell me the music doesn’t make you feel so damn good.


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A magazine for the youth culture of New York City

Counter Culture  

A magazine for the youth culture of New York City