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It’s about 2am, and Night Manager has just finished their set at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium, not to be confused with the late baseball field. The tired crowd of young New York show-goers and music lovers begins to clear out, and the venue is soon dead. I sit down with 23 year old Connecticut native/ Bushwick implant David Tassy, Night Manager’s bassist, to talk about his music over cheap beer and cigarettes.

JI: When did you first start playing music? DT: The very first instrument I played was the viola. When I was 7 or 8 I was into classical music. Unfortunately, my teacher was a very unflattering person—she made me hate the instrument. My father is a jazz musician so I grew up always listening to him play. It wasn’t until I was 11 that I picked up the guitar. I started out playing metal riffs, then my father taught me jazz and classical. Later on I began to take lessons. JI: When did Night Manager form? DT: Ezana Edwards and Tim Angiolilo met each other in the music department of CCNY. Around April 2010, they began writing songs together. I was in an acting class with Ezana when he told me I should check out his band after I told him a story about taking acid at a Neon Indian show and realizing someone puked all over my jacket. JI: You guys played a few shows during CMJ this year, how did that go for you? DT: We played two official showcases and one unofficial one. The first two were back to back on October 19th. Our first gig that night was a Forest Family/Sarah Spy showcase at the late Bruar Falls. We played with Holiday Shores, Dent May, and Dead Gaze. Our second show that night was with Life Size Maps, Hoop Dreams, and Dive at Legion Bar. The third show we played was with My Teenage Stride and Dinosaur Feathers at a house party. 15

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