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trend alert: boy meets girl

Androgyny has been in style for quite a few seasons now, but something about a woman in menswear has it’s charm, making it a trend for seasons to come. It has been seen in very clean, 70s preppy-chic looks in the form of trousers, bow-ties and crew neck sweaters, such as what was seen on the Dsquared runway last spring. In other cases, such as Gucci this spring, we’re seeing androgyny in the form of sequined shift dresses, blazers and trousers. Of course, we still see the typical geek-chic androgyny at American Apparel, just like we do every season, and the rocker look donned by our favorite female musicians. Want to know the best way to achieve this look? Be subtle, throw on a bow-tie over a collared blouse or pair a t-shirt with an oversized blazer. Cutoff denim and leather vests can also add a touch of masculinity to a more feminine look.


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