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SENSORY MEMORY. The sensory memory forms part of the multi-store memory model. Set of very limited capacity, modality-specific stores which can hold information for a very, very brief period of time. • • •

Auditory, Visual & Haptic (space in time) coding. Limited capacity. Very brief duration.

Visual version = Iconic Memory. Sparklers as a child on bonfire night? Writing name in the air, or drawing circles? This was an example of the iconic memory in work. The reason you can see the name or the drawing in the air is because of the information still being held, very briefly, by the neurons. Auditory version = Echoic Memory. An example of the echoic memory being used is when you are sat, not really paying attention to someone talking around you, but you might notice your name being mentioned or something of interest to you, so you turn around to actually “hear” it. You probably have no recollection of what was actually said. These memories are not often in fact considered “memories” but rather an aspect of perception.

Sensory Memory  

Brief notes on the sensory memory, which forms part of the multi-store memory model, for AS Psychology.

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