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Unique Museums In America   

PIcture of Smithsonian museum in Washington    


By: Jenna COller

A is For Art Museum!

PIcture of Susquehanna Art Museum in Susquehanna

Susquehanna Art Museum is in  Susquehanna Pennsylvania. It offers  painting classes for adults and kids!  

B is For Bob Ross Art Museum!   

Picture of Bob Ross Workshop in

Bob Ross was a painter that had a paint along show in the 70’s. He now has a  workshop in Florida with a lot of his work.   

C is For Cat Museum!

Picture of american museum of the house cat in north

The American Museum of the House Cat is a museum in North Carolina. It was  founded by Harold Sims.     

D is for Dog Museum!

Picture of American museum of the   

The American Museum of The Dog is in Missouri. It has statues or sculptures of  dogs and paintings everywhere!           

E is for Mr. Ed’s Elephant Place!! 

Picture of mister ed’s elephant emporium in

Mister Ed’s elephant emporium is a candy shop and an elephant museum. It is  located in Pennsylvania.   

F is For Fox Museum!

Picture of international fox museum

The international fox museum has art classes, a fox museum, and historic  buildings within it premises.       

G is for Goat Museum!

Picture of Goat Museum in Oregon

The Goat Museum is in Fairview Oregon. It has a petting zoo filled with tons of  baby goats and inside it has pictures and  sculptures of goats.   

H is for History Museum!

Picture of National Museum of American  

This museum is in Washington D.C and is a Smithsonian. It has exhibits upon  exhibits about American history.   

I is For Ice Museum!

Picture of Alaska Ice

This museum is located in Alaska. It has hundreds of sculpture made entirely out  of ice.         

J is For Jazz Museum!

Picture of American Jazz  

​The American Jazz Museum is located in Kansas City, Kansas. It has Jazz  concerts, Jazz history, and Jazz  storytelling!

K is For Kite Museum!

Picture of Kite

This Kite Museum is located in Washington State. The museum has kites  for sale, festivals, and old kites on display.        

L is For Lizard Exhibit!

Picture of lizards in American Museum of Natural  

This exhibit is in The American Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. It’s  a Smithsonian museum with live  reptiles.(snakes and lizards, ect) 

M is For Money Museum!

Picture of inside of money museum in chicago--

Chicago federal money museum is a museum in Chicago. It has money that are  so old that they are considered historical  artifacts.     

N is For Neon Museum!

Picture of neon museum in las

This museum is filled with neon signs and lights! Some are from old carnivals and  they have rides!         

O is For Opera Museum!

Picture of opera museum

This museum has cultural history of opera and old opera artifacts.         

P is For Pickle Museum!

Picture of pickle barrel

This museum is in Michigan and is a museum based off of an old comic strip  turned tv cartoon.       

Q is For Quilt Museum!

Picture of a quilt at wisconsin quilt

This museum is in Wisconsin and has quilting and sewing classes for all ages.  They even have antique quilts from  many, many years ago.     

R is For Rocket Museum!

Picture of rocket at US space and rocket

This rocket museum is in Alabama. It has real rockets and tons of cool games  related to space and science there!  They even have summer camps where  you can stay over and explore the  rockets. 

S is For Space Museum!

Picture of the moon----wikipedia 

The museum is a Smithsonian in Washington D.C. It has tons upon tons of  exhibits about stars, other planets and  space itself. 


T is For Taco Museum!

Picture of multicultural

The museum is not just a taco museum but a multicultural museum. It has a lot of  history about other cultures. It also has a  huge exhibit dedicated to tacos and their  history. 

U is For Uncle Remus Museum!

This museum is in Georgia and is a museum dedicated to an author named Joe Chandler Harris.  He wrote children's books in the early 1900’s about  a character named Uncle Remus. This museum  has a bunch of the books he wrote and original  copies. 

V is For Violet Bank Museum! 

Picture of activities at the

This is a museum in Virginia that has a bunch of history about Virginia and  activities to do they also have exhibits  honoring veterans, firefighters, policemen  and women, ect.     

W is For Wisconsin Veterans Museum! 


The museum is in Wisconsin. It has exhibits about past veterans and wars  and stuff about what is going on in the  present. They have activity days where  you can go in and do stuff and so much  more. 

X is For X-Ray Exhibit!


This is an exhibit where you can look at extraordinary x rays and get one of  yourself . In this science museum there  is tons more than just this too!         

Y is For Youth Museum!


This is a museum specifically targeted at youth. It has fun activities for toddlers and  preschoolers! It has activity for each age  range and has a camp you could go to.   


Z is For Zebra Exhibit!

Picture taken

At this exhibit they have pictures of zebras and old bones of zebras, and the  history of them! The museum also has  exhibits of horses and different breeds  of zebra!       


My book is about a bunch of museums all across America! Some are more interesting than others.  Some letter were harder to find than others so I  used exhibits in well known museums. I tried to not  use boring average museums but unique ones! 

Unique Museums In Amrica  

My book is about a bunch of museums all across America! Some are more interesting than others. Some letter were harder to find than others s...

Unique Museums In Amrica  

My book is about a bunch of museums all across America! Some are more interesting than others. Some letter were harder to find than others s...