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Heirloom Objet d’Art

A PATTERN MAKER Is an exalted craftsman, the greatest common denominator, as well as the least common multiple of all industrial production. A pattern Maker must have the creative conception of a draughtsman designer, the practical ability of a moulder... the precise skill of a machinist, the analytical judgement of a metallurgist and the specific exactness of a mathematician. He must create a plan, or design, with vision and ingenuity and build the idea from trade to trade with practical knowledge: thinking and forming inside and out with length, breadth and thickness... adjusting accurately all values and dimensions and producing with dexterous finality any conceivable form to be cast in metal. The products of the Pattern Maker’s skill are truly surrounded by an aura of greatness which dignifies his right to assume a place of confidence, trust, and honour in all industrial advance and national progress.� Edward Leslie -Pattern Maker (Written in the early 20th century)

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Heirloom Objet d’Art by Jenna Clifford Jenna Clifford fine home and tableware collections are designed with love by talented art jeweller, Jenna Clifford. Carved from the finest antimony pewter by highly skilled master craftsmen, these precious heirloom collections enjoy a lifetime guarantee. May this unique gift guide assist you in making gifting choices for your home or for special gifting occasions - fun, simple and effortless. Every item herein holds a special symbology longing to be shared with a friend or loved one. Jenna Clifford encourages intuitive giving imbued with a soulful wish, may the gift of giving bring you and your receiver much happiness. All prices are available on request. Specially tailored gifting packages can be arranged on an individual or corporate basis.

Rose Collection

Roses symbolise love, truth, beauty and passion. Exquisite pieces portraying the duality of life - for every rose, there has to be thorns... “Roses honour love’s greatest passion. Love is the rose of our soul.” Jenna Clifford

Salad Fork

Salad Spoon


Patè Knife

Large Butter Knife

Cake Fork

Mustard / Salt and Pepper Spoon

R210 Mustard / Salt and Pepper Spoon

R110 R110






Bottle Decorators R610 R700

Serviette Rings R190

Classic Sugar Spoon R270 Encrusted Sugar Spoon R270

Swizzle Stick R310

Elegant Butter Knife R320

Elegant Letter Opener R280

NEW! Letter Opener, Blackened, R340

NEW! Butter Knife, Blackened, R390

Elegant Candle Snuffers (small - R580, large - R700)

Leopard Collection

Leopards are one of the most powerful feline species. They are highly adaptable to their environments and exude beauty and strength. Symbolic of fearlessness, courage and perseverance this rare creature is the perfect emulation of top individuals in society. “After dark, all cats are leopards� American Indian Proverb

Sugar spoon R430

Ladies Letter Opener R280

Bottle decorator R550

Gents Letter Opener R560

Elephant Collection

Elephants are large and powerful. They inspire us with a calm, kind and gentle grace. Their loyalty holds the power to bring us closer together. With wisdom, strength and courage we can find the passion and power to achieve “It is for us to pray not for tasks equal to our powers, but for powers equal to our tasks.� Helen Keller

Butter Knife, R410

Baby spoon, R190

Honey Twirler, R390

Pate Knife, R260

Piggy Collection

Pigs are symbolic of fortune, status and wealth. They are smart and believed to bring good luck and prosperity. “Wealth is a by product of persistence mixed with patience and wrapped with powerful belief.� Doug Firebaugh

Pate Spatula R180

Sugar S poon

Letter Opener R150

Serviette Rings R150


Duck Collection

A symbol of balance, love and harmony, these designer keepsakes pay tribute to the angelic beauty of the Mallard duck. “Listen to the passion of your soul Set the wings of your spirit free And let not a single song go unsung.� Sylvana Rossetti

Cake Fork, R180

Candle Snuffer, R310

Salt and Pepper Cellars, R490 each

Meerkat Collection

The meerkat family works as the most effective team in nature. They take on each other’s tasks without wanting anything in return and look after each other’s babies when the mother has to hunt for food. The Meerkat family is symbolic of exceptional teamwork, respect and altruism, as well as working together towards achieving a common goal and resilience and courage in the face of adversity. “If you have much, give your wealth if you have little, give your heart.” Arab Proverb

Patè Knife, R280

Bottle Decorator, R550

Fish Collection

The fish represents life in the depths and is symbolic of inspiration and creativity. “Man is so made that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish.� Jean de la Fontaine

Letter Opener R330

Bottle Decorator R550

Swan Collection

The Swan is symbolic of love, transformation, fidelity and truth. Swans teach us to embrace loving and ever-changing relationships. We must search for our inner child, pursue our passions and practice integrity daily to become true beings of light. Swan of beauty, swan of grace A queen among her ancient race She glides across the mirrored lake No ripple does the surface break

Bookmark, R270

Sugar Spoons, R310

Football Collection

The Football Collection celebrates excellence in the most popular sporting arena of Football. Speed, agility, co-ordination and precision are the key determinants of the success of a player. Jenna Clifford emulates these characteristics in every product they produce, making each creation a tribute to excellence.

Sugar Spoon R250

Key Holder R170 each


R610 Bottle Decorators

Long shaped Bookmark R110

Round Bookmark R90

Chameleon Collection

The Chameleon has been used for centuries as a symbol of wisdom, changing fortunes, and the ability to adapt to the changing world. This is significant of our ability to adapt to the changes of modern day living, in our personal and business lives. In parts of Africa the chameleon is viewed as a powerful and magical creature and its image worn to aid in fertility, both of the soil and humans, and as protection against evil. It is believed that the chameleon was the first creature on earth and that it can act as an intermediary between the sky gods and humankind. Its image is also associated with thunder, lightning and rain and as the old adage goes, after the rain, comes the sunshine.

NEW! Chameleon Butter Knife, Blackened, R470

NEW! Chameleon Letter Opener, Blackened, R480

New editions Protea and Giraffe Collections

The Protea, one of South Africa’s national symbols is among the oldest families of flowers on earth, dating back 300 million years. Greek legend tells us that the Protea was named after Proteus, the son of Poseidon. Poseidon was a sea god who had the power to know all things - past, present and future. To deter those seeking his insights, he would change his shape at will, and it’s said that the Protea flower was named after him because it, too, presents itself in an astounding variety of shapes, sizes, hues and textures to make up more than 1,400 varieties. With its mythological associations to change and transformation, it’s not surprising that in the language of flowers, protea’s symbolizes diversity and courage. Giraffe’s have a strong sense of intuition and the ability to remain above the fray. The Giraffe’s strong form represents being grounded in physical existence and its ability to see, symbolises spiritual vision. Giraffes help is to see our lives in a way that is both grounded and expansive and that in our longing to evolve spiritually, we must always remember we are physical creatures, no different to any other living being.

NEW! Giraffe Serviette Ring R180

NEW! Protea Sugar Spoon R270

Customised Collection

Jenna Clifford customises products according to your needs and specifications. Corporate and brand identities can be included on products and packaging – more information available on request.

Johnnie Walker Letter Opener

Lombardy Estate Bookmark

St John’s College Sugar Spoon St John’s College Bookmark

St John’s College Bottle Decorators

First National Bank Utility items

Nando’s Mielie Holders

Prices available on request.

Dream Big is a spirited philanthropic initiative founded to inspire a visionary and balanced society. Determined to bring about equilibrium of thought and ensure the balance of the genders within South Africa and abroad. Together, we can make a difference. Dream Big is a philosophy. The Dream Big collection is host to symbols which bring to light the power and the importance of dreams, love, passion and truth. The proud owner of a Dream Big heirloom is afforded the opportunity to hold an emblem representing the enlivened key values of Dream Big - Determination, Responsibility, Excellence, Aspiration and Motivation. It is our wish that a Dream Big owner be reminded of these values daily for a continued ambition to succeed and deliver on what Dream Big promises – a daily commitment to positive growth. Portrayed by the Rose. The Dream Big rose - apparent on every Dream Big creation - presents a new and distinctive Dream Big symbol that draws inspiration from the power and dynamism of the rose: the beautiful and flexible form of the flower lends itself to a variety of jewels and heirloom pieces, destined to become a new icon of Jenna Clifford design. The Dream Big collection is master crafted from the finest Antimony pewter. Giving. Through the distribution of the Dream Big collection, children charities; the Tomorrow Trust and the Walter Sisulu Paediatric Cardiac Centre for Africa benefit. Every South African has the opportunity to hold a symbol of positivity and embrace the philosophy of Dream Big. Dream Big looks forward to a harmonious enlightened society that welcomes change and embraces love and truth. Dream Big was founded by art-jeweller extraordinaire, Jenna Clifford and Olympic Gold Medalist, Ryk Neethling, in May 2007. Jenna and Ryk’s commitment to societal change combined is a unique and unified force with positive and hopeful outcomes for all with a vested interest in Dreaming Big.

Dream Big Sugar Spoon R260

Dream Big Tomato & Mozzarella Salad Servers R590 each

Dream Big Bottle Decorator R700 Dream Big Olive Spoon R330

Dream Big Bookmark R100



R330 Dream Big Letter Opener

Dream Big Assegai Letter Opener

Dream Big Cheetah Letter Opener

Dream Big Pate Knife R330

Dream Big Cheetah Olive Spoon R360





Dream Big Bookmarks

Feather Collection

Jenna Clifford, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Soweto Gospel Choir were appointed as South African Ambassadors and Torch Bearers for the global MDG3 Call to Action 2015 Campaign in October 2008. The worldwide campaign gives voice to gender inequality on a global frontier. In light of Jenna’s appointment and her ability to speak through her art creations, the Feather collection was inspired and hosts a variety of symbolic creations which speak for gender equality. The lunar (female) and solar (male) energies have been elegantly incorporated into each Feather collection design with a moon and sun sign. Freedom through dual flight of the genders is represented by the Feather – the iconic symbol of perfect balance and flight.



Dream Big Feather Olive Spoon R380

mB a e

ig Feather Book




Dream Big Feather Sugar Cube Spoon R240


Dream Big Feather Cake Fork

Dream Big Feather Teaspoon

Dream Big Feather Amulet R200

Amulet Collection

These fine pewter amulets are crafted with much care and forethought. Incorporating the iconic Dream Big rose - symbolic of beauty, love, passion and truth. “You can run from your dreams in fear or run to your dreams with faith.� Tina Downey

Teddy Bear Amulet R180 Gender Equality Feather Pendant R200

Dream Big Apple Pendant R220

Butterfly Cross Amulet R180 Love Dove Amulet R200

Rose Amulet R180

T & C’s apply. Stocks are limited and only available whilst stocks last.

*Standards Terms and Conditions apply Prices accurate at the time of publishing. Prices will be negotiated on large quantity orders.

Morningside 011 523 6600 – Nelson Mandela Square 086 153 6622 Menlyn Park 012 368 1490 – Cedar Square 086 111 265 - Jenna Clifford’s designs, intellectual property and marketing materials are legally protected by the Copyright Act No.98 of 1978, as amended and the Regulations made in terms thereof.

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