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WELCOME I am so thankful that you are considering me to document your life. Photography can seem complicated, but at the root of things it is simply capturing the now for you to cherish and enjoy later. I am drawn to photograph families where the children are loved unconditionally – through the chaos, the tantrums and the exhaustion. Parenthood is a beautiful, messy and undoubtedly hard journey that is worth celebrating, and remembering. All I want you to worry about during a photo session is to be present with your family. It is my most sincere dream that my images bring as much joy to your home today, as they will for many generations to come. I truly believe real is more interesting than perfect. Take some time to read this guide, and let me know if you have any questions!

HI! I'M JENNA I’m Jenna – a family photographer based in San Francisco Bay Area, but born in Finland. I live in San Jose with my husband Marcus and the best dog in the world: Australian shepherd Nova. Most mornings – and evenings – you can find me walking or fetching with Nova. In between “Nova duties” I work from home in a comfy outfit with a snoring dog at my feet. I love trying out different types of food, and am always happy to  return to yummy spots. Going to the beach charges my batteries, so I try to go every month. In-home sessions are really magical to me, because the pictures are a little peek into your world. I’m always looking for connections between family members, whether it’s a shared look or a touch; something comical or emotional. I have a master’s degree in psychology and I worked with kids for many years before starting my photography business, which I think helps me anticipate those moments. I’m truly grateful for all the families that have trusted me with their memories this far, and I feel privileged when they invite me back into their most intimate space – home.

BE IN PHOTOS FOR YOUR KIDS Sometimes parents ask me to take photos just of the kids during their family photo session. They tell me they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, mostly because of their looks. Oftentimes  this is the case with moms  after pregnancy. Every time this happens I convince the parents to participate in the session. Why? The past-life Jenna who was a children's psychologist will also tell you this: confidence, insecurities and body image start forming at a very young age and are shaped by the people that are most important to us. Kids are like sponges, absorbing every little thing around them. This is why it is crucial for parents to feel valuable, beautiful and interesting just as they are. It’s not about being perfect; it’s about being ok with whatever life has brought your way. The present-life Jenna who is a photographer will tell you this: having pictures of your kids will make for great memories for you, and are fun to share with your friends. Pictures that feature YOU will be truly valuable to your kids. Oh, and this is true regardless of your worry over love handles, sleep deprived eyes or a bad hair day.

CREATING TANGIBLE MEMORIES Your parents and grandparents probably have old family photos and other memorabilia stowed away in boxes and albums or up on their walls, but what about you? And what about your kids? It's so easy to leave pictures to sit on smartphones or a laptop, without having anything tangible to hold on to or flip through. What will your kids have to show of this time in their life, when they're your age? In 2016 I really got into printing photos. I got so nervous thinking about what would happen to all my files when I’m not around anymore. Who is going to make sure my hard drives get backed up? Atleast no one would dare throw away "Grandma Jenna's" prints! So, having the digital files is a great way to look back at today for the next few years. Photo albums and boxes of prints are the best way to go for your favorite images, because no gadgets are required to access the images. Even better – put your most treasured images up on the wall so you can see them every day! Don't leave your kids' memories on phones or laptops to be forgotten about–or accidentally erased. In other words, let me print your memories.


We’ll talk. We can talk through video chat or meet for coffee –I want to make sure that you will be comfortable with me in your home. You’ll sign a contract and pay a retainer (your session fee) to hold your date. I will send you both the contract and the invoice electronically, so everything goes smoothly. I creep you on social media. Yes – I want to get to know you so that when your session day rolls around, we're already friends. How you dress matters. To have an honest record of your family, you should dress like you do every day. Too match-y is not real, and is best reserved for formal portraits. Also, let your kids be themselves. Showing that you value pictures of your kiddos being themselves will tell them how much they are cherished just as they are. The kids so accept me fairly quick if they are told a friend who loves taking pictures is coming over to hang out.

I will show up in comfy clothes and take my shoes off. This way I'll be able to crawl on floors, lay in the grass, or climb on top of furniture while taking pictures. All real life is welcome. Really. Brushing teeth, bath time, nap time, feeding time – and time outs.

I’ll work on your digital files asap. I always end a sneak peek as soon as possible, usually within a day or two. Unless something very dramatic happens, I can edit a two hour session 2-3 weeks, longer ones in 3-4 weeks. I will let you know if I have any plans that may change the delivery time. You’ll get a link to view your online gallery.  You can create favorite lists, buy photo books, prints, and digital files. If you purchase images, you will be able to share your pictures with friends and family as well!

I can’t wait to hear your reaction about your photos! I’m checking my email every seventeen seconds after I’ve sent pictures to a client. I pour so much love into the pictures, and hope they make the family as happy as they make me. Let me know if there are images you do not wish to be shared online.  You can mark these images in your online gallery. You can order prints and photo books from me. I use an amazing print lab for pictures and am obsessed with their museum grade paper quality. I believe a photo book is the best way to display the full story, and will design the photo book with your favorite pictures. I can also recommend other places to order products from, if you're a DIYer.

Reviews are important. Reviews help other families find the right photographer for them, while they are also a great way to support my small business. Until next time! I can't wait to stay friends.

HOW DOES THE SCHEDULING OF A FRESH 48 WORK? It's important to let me know when you are heading to the hospital so that I can start planning for the session. Keeping me updated on how fast/slow things are going is helpful! Some prefer to have their moments documented as soon as possible (a few times I've been in there within an hour of birth) and some prefer that I wait until they've had some time to rest. We might have to plan the session time depending on my schedule, but usually there's plenty of wiggle room. If the baby is born when it's already dark outside I recommend waiting until there's natural light. I plan my schedule without back-to-back sessions so that I can almost guarantee that I'm able to be present within 48 hours. Because I do very personalized work with unpredictable schedules, I book a manageable number of sessions per month so I can give the same amount of attention to all my clients. Circumstances might arise that would inhibit me from going to a session. For example, I could get sick and wouldn't want to put your baby at risk. In these circumstances a backup photographer would take the photos, and I would be the one editing them to get the same look as you see in my portfolio. If even my backup cannot make it, you will get a full refund. I will let you know of any days that I would be traveling (I have a backup on stand-by for those days). Maryam is my go-to backup, as we both have an appreciation for the magical real life that surrounds new babies.


SESSION FEE The session fee includes my time, talent, travel to your home in the Bay Area and an online proofing gallery. You pay it as you book to secure your session. After you've seen your pictures, you only buy what you love. You can choose from collections or shop Ă la carte.

TWO HOURS | $275 A two hour session works well for maternity, Fresh 48 and newborn sessions when you are a first time parent. It is usually enough time to capture natural bits and pieces of your time together.

FOUR HOURS | $475 A four hour session is recommended for families with two or more kiddos, or older siblings in addition to a newborn. It is enough time for everyone to relax and get comfortable even though there is a camera around. It is also a good chunk of time to document a beach adventure, morning routines, or a family event. All prices subject to sales tax.

THE 2 HOUR COLLECTIONS THE ONE WITH WALL ART | $1,475 12x8 layflat photo book with up to 40 pictures Two 16x24 mounted matte prints Full gallery of high resolution digital files

THE ONE WITH THE COFFEE TABLE BOOK | $1,000 12x8 layflat photo book with up to 40 pictures Full gallery of high resolution digital files

THE 4 HOUR COLLECTIONS THE ONE WITH WALL ART | $1,775 12x8 layflat photo book with up to 50 pictures Two 16x24 mounted matte prints Full gallery of high resolution digital files

THE ONE WITH THE COFFEE TABLE BOOK | $1,300 12x8 layflat photo book with up to 50 pictures Full gallery of high resolution digital files

THE DAY IN THE LIFE PACKAGE | $2,875 Full day coverage is recommended when you want a real day in your life documented, from morning routines to night-time stories. No special arrangements needed – whatever is part of your day, it is worth documenting. I'll stay over from the evening before so that your kiddos can get to know me, and in the morning I'll be old news! I need a place to sleep as well as food in my belly.

Online proofing gallery and digital file download Coffee table book* with favorite 51-60 images *You can use the value towards other print products if you'd prefer All prices are subject to CA sales tax

THE PHOTO BOOK The 12x8 coffee book table photo book with layflat pages is a great way to showcase a collection of photographs together as a story of your time together.

30-40 pictures


41-50 pictures


51-60 pictures


Dublicate copies ordered at the same time are priced at 50% – great for grandparents!

THE PRINTS (AVAILABLE MOUNTED) The archival quality print options that my clients love are a matte photo paper, and a museum grade ultra smooth paper. The printing is done at a small lab that uses an old school method of printing, and they guarantee that the prints don’t fade or yellow for a lifetime. The matte photo paper is a bit thinner than the ultrasmooth matte, and the tone is a crisp cooler white. It suits homes well that have a monochrome black-and-white or a cool color scheme. The ultrasmooth museum grade paper has a bit more texture, and is a warmer tone of white. They suit homes with warm tones best. Both prints can be purchased mounted onto a black board – a modern alternative to canvas prints.

BIG BIG 24x36 LARGE 20x30 MEDIUM 16x24 SMALL 12x18 GIFT PRINT 8x12/8x10 MOUNTING

ULTRASMOOTH $345 $265 $195 $135 $85

MATTE $285 $225 $165 $105 $65

$100 per print (sizes medium-grande) $70 per print (sizes gift print and small)

THE MATTED PRINTS Drawing inspiration from photo exhibits and galleries, I came up with two matted print options that showcase documentary family and newborn pictures beautifully. This way you can add your protected prints into a frame of your choice, and switch up styles if you ever decide to change your decor. My signature style mats are either 16x16 (below), or 16x20 (on the right), to get a nice white space around the 9x6 prints. For these sizes, matted matte photograph prints are $155, and matted ultramatte museum grade prints are $175. They can also be bought as a set of four at a bundle price. We can discuss any other sizes you might need.

TESTIMONIALS "My husband and I who find ourselves lacking social interaction these days, were nervous about doing photos (especially me - feeling less than my most attractive [during pregnancy], as any women can empathize, I am sure) but after starting our first shoot Jenna was able to take away the "self-conscious" feeling altogether and we had a GREAT time. " - Mahra, mom of one "We weren’t sure if we wanted a photographer present during such intimate family moments, but we are so grateful to have such incredible photographs of our first steps together as a family". - Naomi and Sam, parents of one "My wife and I had Jenna take 'Fresh 48' photos of our newborn baby boy 2 days after his birth. We were excited to be able to capture his first moments afar returning home from the hospital. The best part about the session was that we didn't have to do anything other than love our son. ." - Matt, dad of one "I knew I wanted to get photos taken of my daughter when she was born, but being a new mom, it was the last thing on my to-do list. It just seems like so much work to get coordinated outfits and try get Faye to cooperate. When Jenna came over, everything was so calm and low key, I went about my business and she snapped away." - Jenna G, mom of one "The pictures turned out to be a true depiction of how we want our kids to remember their early days -- steady, spontaneous and playful (with some dreadful notes of dad having to work from home, in true Silicon Valley fashion haha)." - Lauren, mom of two "Jenna was both present and invisible while photographing our family. I, and my children, felt instantly comfortable with her, able to chat and talk like friends. She photographed us going about our regular lives in a totally un-selfconsious way. There were only a handful of times that I realized she was shooting. She captured magical moments of my children living their lives; playing together, laughing, crying--moments that I'm usually unaware of or so entrenched in that I don't get to really see them." - Alexis, mom of two

READY TO BOOK? Awesome – I am honored to be invited to document your family! Shoot me an email at, and we'll get the details sorted. Let me know which session length you are interested in. I'll send you a contract and an invoice for a retainer (your session fee). Once I receive your contract and retainer, you'll be on the schedule! One last thing – travel fees may apply for sessions outside of SF Bay Area, so let's figure those out.

WWW.JENNACHRISTINAPHOTO.COM HELLO@JENNACHRISTINAPHOTO.COM San Francisco Bay Area based documentary newborn and family photographer

JENNA CHRISTINA PHOTOGRAPHY | Guide to documentary family photography sessions  

A documentary family and newborn photography guide for clients.

JENNA CHRISTINA PHOTOGRAPHY | Guide to documentary family photography sessions  

A documentary family and newborn photography guide for clients.