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KELVIN GROVE THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE! Comparison of Kelvin Grove, Teneriffe and West End. By Jennifer Emmett

Kelvin Grove Urban Village is the best place to live out of Teneriffe and West End because it rates between the two socially, economically and environmentally. There is plenty of space for people to meet and or study outdoors compared to Teneriffe where there is barely any outdoor places to meet. West End is slightly better than Teneriffe in the terms of outdoor meeting places for people to meet. Housing consists of medium to high density housing, meaning that there are no houses but many apartments, making good use of the land that has been provided and rent is cheap for the residents living there already. Teneriffe also has medium to high density housing, rent is much more expensive and not really suitable for families, whereas West End has low to medium density housing meaning that it has houses with backyards and apartments available for those who live there, There are many quaint little food store all within the same area of the village providing many jobs for residents even if there is not really a variety. Queensland University of Technology Kelvin Grove Campus also resides in the village making it a suitable place for university students to take up residency. The Benefits of living in Kelvin Grove in the terms of quality of life are quick and easy access to the city via the bus ways. Kelvin Grove Urban Village is also within walking distance of the city. This is excellent because people that live in Kelvin Grove Urban Village that work in town or want to go shopping in town have quick and easy access to the city making it an ideal place to live. Teneriffe is also close to town and has ferry access as well as bus access to the city where as West End has the City Glider but is considerably closer to town than Teneriffe and Kelvin Grove.

All the services available to the residents that live in Kelvin Grove Urban Village are all in close proximity of each other meaning that the residents do not have to travel very far to get what they want. Whereas the residents of Teneriffe and West End have to travel a little bit further to get the services that are available to them. Kelvin Grove Urban Village is home to one of the QUT campuses making it a great place for students to live while they are studying. Kelvin Grove is also surrounded by schools of different levels of education within easy access also making it an ideal place for families to live with children that need an education. Unfortunately for the residents and students that live in either Teneriffe or West End have to travel further to get to schools and universities. The master plan of Kelvin Grove Urban Village ensures that the environmental sustainability is maintained by promoting walking and public transport reducing the reliance on cars and greenhouse gases produced. Though Teneriffe and West End have multiple choices of public transport the reliance on cars is higher than Kelvin Grove because services available are further away from each other. The Economic sustainability of Kelvin Grove is maintained by mixing residential and university communities together and building the relationships between the university and industry. By doing this there are different sources of income. Neither Teneriffe nor West End has the relationship between education and industry that Kelvin Grove has with QUT and industry that makes up the Urban Village.

Out of West End, Teneriffe and Kelvin Grove Urban Village, Kelvin Grove Urban Village is the best place to live because of its easy access to town and space to hang around or hold meetings. Compared to West End and Teneriffe Kelvin Grove rates in between the other two making it the best place to live.

Kelvin Gorve Urban Village  

by Jennifer Emmett Comparison of Kelvin grove, Teneriffe adn West End

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