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Jennifer Wong Fall 2008 Studio Liang


Table of Contents Projects 1.3

1a: Object Study Corn


1b: Container Project Wine Bottle HOlder

1c: Precedent Study of Space and Form San Carlino alle Quattro Fontane Architect: Francesco Borromini


2: Courtyard Project Narrative Through Watt Courtyard


3: Precedent Study of Urban Morphology Murica Town Hall Architect: Rafael Moneo


4: Urban Field Study San Francisco Trip Analysis 5: Downtown L.A. Lifestyle centers Designing an Audi Lifestyle Center


6: Techn Assignments Rhino Model of Villa NM Architects: UN Studio AutoCAD Drawing of Murcia Town Hall



Object Study

01a Corn

We started our exploration of space and form through the use of simple objects that we encounter in our everyday lives. By choosing corn, i explored the spatial definition that its many different parts and layers had to offer, such as the spacial qualities in between the husk leaves as well as their relation to the corn kernels. The corn offered many different scenarios in which it followed the 1:1 relationship between some layers and did not in others. A unique relationship is defined in these areas because it does not completely follow the 1:1 relationship, thus creating a unique pochĂŠ space in between the layers.




Container Project


Wine Bottle Holder

After our exploration of an object, we took our findings and created a container that would fulfill the non 1:1 relationship. My object of choice to contain was a wine bottle. By encasing it in a wooden block with strategic cuts through the block I was able to fulfill the requirement of the need to be able to contain 300 cubic inches. However, the 300 cubic inches is not the bottle’s void that would be enclosed in this device; rather, it is the wood with voids cut through and into it that makes up the needed amount. It created an interesting pochÊ space that is not seen from the exterior of the container.




Space and Form Study


San Carlino alle Quattro Fontane

San Carlino alle Quattro Fontane was designed by Franceso Borromini who heavily used geometric shapes to influence his building form. Borromini also used convex and concave forms to influence his exterior facade of the buidling which, when seen in plan, provides for a poche space that is atypical of the buildings that surround his. He also uses niches inside of his building that have high vaulted ceilings and cascading light in order to make the space seem higher and bigger than it actually is. He is able to manipulate the form of the building and therefore changing the spacial qualities as well.




Courtyard Project


Narrative through Watt Courtyard

After extensive studies on space and form, we moved on to episodic architecture along with the integration of program spaces into Watt courtyard through a series of actions. So by adding in the massing to Watt courtyard, and then subtracting and removing portions of the interior as well as the exterior, I was able to make form and space. Next came the episodic architecture in wchih I pulled and shifted planes in the hallways that i subtracted from my mass in order to make a narrative through the space. Next the program was added into the subtracted spaces with respect to what activities may take place in the new courtyard.




Urban Morphology Study


Murcia Town Hall

The next thing to come into play is the urban and it’s context. Murcia town hall by Rafael Moneo is an esential part of the town of Murcia because of it’s placement in one of the city’s busiest centers and it being directly across from one of the town’s oldest and most important cathedrals. This building draws relations from all the other surrounding buildings taking from the context of the site as well as draws many important relations with the Cathedral across the plaza from it. It is used a plug building for the Plaza itself because it helps to hold and keep the foot traffic of the plaza within the plaza and does not allow for the the plaza to flow out into the surrounding streets.




Urban Field Study


San Francisco Trip Analysis

In order to fully understand the urban and context, and how they play roles in the design of buildings, we took a trip to San Francisco to analyze how some architects went about dealing with the issue of the urban and the surrounding context. These buildings had designs that would always bring the people who occupy it back to their surrounding context and settings. The city of San Francisco itself had a lot to offer in terms of understanding the urban at both a micro and macro scale.




Lifestyle center


Audi Lifestyle Center

Our last project was an all encompassing project that forced us think about the urban, context, narrative of the building, programs, circulation, space, and form. It sumed up our semester with a goal to help us learn to design buildings that would not only affect the local level of the urban, but at a macro level as well. Also to try and get us to understand program space and their relation to the activities that could potentially take place within. We were forced to think about car movement and circulation which proved to be a difficult task due to the site size. Our site was located at the corner of Olympic and Figueroa at aprox. 1700 sq. in. and being located close to L.A. Live was a major factor.






Tech Assignments


Rhino: Villa NM AutoCAD: Murcia Town Hall

The introduction of AutoCAD and Rhino practice Exercises to become more sufficient.

Rhino: Villa NM


AutoCAD: Murcia Town Hall


Second Year First Semester  

Portfolio of work from my second year, first semester in architecture at USC.