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Carter Wayne Magers June 1st 2011 3lbs 5oz

16” long 12:45pm – 1:45pm

Carter Wayne Magers June 1st 2011

The first time I heard about you, my heart leaped for joy I ran home to tell your daddy the day you would be born

I started with the family telling everyone I could I was so ready and prepared to welcome you The weeks turned into months as my belly grew & grew

The furniture, clothing and toys for you did too At just 18 weeks along I soon found out You would be coming out to meet me but not to stay for long

The doctors pushed & pressured But I knew what I had to do I carried you as long as I could

And rejoiced your every move I sat there waiting for you to come into the world Knowing the day you did would be the day you leave me too

I’m glad you don’t feel pain

"Look! Sons are an inheritance from Jehovah; The fruitage of the belly is a reward. Psalms 127:3

I know Jehovah will remember your name Your family loves you very much and wanted you so badly

Now you are a sleep and only in our memory Oh my sweet baby this is only temporary We will be together again real soon

~ With love your Mommy

Carter Wayne Magers  

Memorial program for Carters memorial