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Reprints Ad Campaign The State News, 2009

Lift Expressive Type Classwork, 2009

2009 Dining Guide Cover and Promo The State News, 2009

Horror Movie Poster Classwork, 2008

Harmony Catalog Cover, Spread and Form Classwork, 2008

Edoughble! Identity Design Personal Work, 2009

The State News requested a cohesive ad campaign promoting their photo reprints website, reprints. The design was to be flexible enough to adapt to use in a variety of different spaces. I focused on the personal aspects of several types of events at MSU and remembering each of those in a unique way.

This promotion was open to interpretation and was to feature the prices of advertising in the guide, the spaces available, and important dates in a clear and attractive way. The cover design only required the title of the guide and the State News logo be displayed prominently.

Requirements for this assignment were that all content and design be completey original, from photos to copy. Students were required to create a fictional company specializing in something and create a cover, one twopage spread, and a matching order form.

Bra in a Box Package Design Classwork, 2008

Students were given a package and asked to deconstruct it and reconstruct it in Illustrator. They were then asked to redesign the package for a product of their choice. Photos did not need to be original in this assignment.

WPP Shines in San Francisco White Pine Press, 2008

The editor-in-chief requested a design featuring as many photos as possible while maintainiing readability and a sense of fun and excitement. The article highlights the journalists’ trip to San Francisco for the annual Michigan Interschoolastic Press Association’s awards ceremony and conference.

This assignment asked students to come up with a word of their choice and express it through type. Only one font family was allowed to be used and letterforms were not allowed to be manipulated.

A poster was to be created in Photoshop using primarily photos taken by the student. This poster approaches the assignment from a humorous perspective.

The client requested a logo for their product that stood for a fun and healthy vegan alternative to cookie dough, whose main selling point was that it was safe to eat unbaked. Natural colors and a hidden “smile” contribute to the fun aspect.

The Sound of Trees Classwork, 2009

Students were given a poem to typeset in an expressive way while maintaining a consistent font and point size. Expression was achieved through weight, kerning, leading, and the overall shape of the poem.

Finals Survival Guide Promo The State News, 2009

Most State News promotions feature vector art, so to really get our advertisers’ attention I chose to create a comic panel with pen and ink emphasizing the zombielike state of students during finals week and poking fun at their potential weakness for advertising. Coloring was done in Adobe Photoshop.


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MSU Portfolio  

Selected student projects. Teaching portfolio Michigan State University

MSU Portfolio  

Selected student projects. Teaching portfolio Michigan State University