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{Typography 1- Form & Meaning} Syllabus: Course Requirements

The Binder + CD You will be required to keep a binder which will consist of all handouts, class notes, sketches and representations of final projects (photographs, scans, printouts). These documents should be organized in a fashion that will allow you to have a clear record of your progress throughout the semester. It will also act as a tool for both of us to see how your process evolves from September to December. Clarity, organization and how well it represents your progress will contribute to the evaluation of your final grade. You will also create a CD with pdfs of all your work, which you will turn in at the end of the semester. Discussion As designers, it is a very important part of our profession to participate and be vocal. We must be able to clearly articulate our ideas through active discussion and critique. Both discussion and critique will be a major portion of this course. Participation is extremely important and I would encourage you to be prepared for each class to listen, question, take notes and participate.

At no time during critique will the following be accepted: rude comments, talking or chatter while others are speaking, facebook, email, texting, or phone conversations during any critique…PERIOD. Attendance It is important that you attend EVERY CLASS. Something new is covered each time we meet. We learn from each other, so you owe it to yourself and your classmates to be prepared and be ON TIME. In this class 4 absences result in a FAILING GRADE. 3 tardies/partially missed classes will equal one 1/2 absence. Checking email, facebook, and cell phone/text messages will NOT BE TOLERATED and will result in a partially missed class. The more you come to class the less you will have to do outside of class, because you will be given ample time to work on your projects during studio meetings. Late Assignments Adequate time is given for all assignments. No late assignments will be accepted.

Readings There are no required textbooks for this class, however, I will periodically hand out articles and readings related to the subjects we cover in class. I expect you to know, understand and be ready to discuss all handouts. These should all be included in your binder at the end of the semester.

Grading Students will be graded according to the following:

Critique Critique is an extremely important part of the design process. It helps us to learn from our fellow designers and grow in our thinking. We will participate in two forms of critique this semester:

Quality of Work: Measured by your ability to complete the assignments with attention to detail, creativity, craft, personal investment and risk taking.

Effort: Your active participation in class, willingness to accept and give sincere critique, as well as your adherence to deadlines.

Informal Check-ins: These may be individual or in small groups and are designed to help you in your process, progress and ideas. Formal: These will always include the entire class and span the ENTIRE class period. You will always be expected to be prepared with completed projects, questions to ask your classmates and your full attention.


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