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President’s Message Greetings fellow Key Clubbers, Happy December… only a few more days until first semester ends! I want to thank those that participated in the Thanksgiving homeless dinner and the Christmas parade. Both projects were very successful! Our December general meeting will be on December 8th at 7:15 AM or 2:45 PM. Please attend either one! You’ll receive a point and information about upcoming projects. Since December houses Christmas, the club will be doing a project to aid families during the holiday season. Jenks Key Club will be hosting “Christmas Keys” where you will have the opportunity to collect a key that has a child’s wish list on it. You may bring back the key with the items and receive a total of 4 points for each key! All gifts will go directly to Jenks families that may not be receiving gifts this Christmas. Please returns the keys with the presents by December 9th. Our club social will be on December 16th at 5:30 PM. We will be ice skating at Winterfest. Attend for one point and bring your friends! Read on for more information. Yours in service, President Hardi Patel

Hardi Patel Hardi Patel, Club President


A Thankful Thanksgiving By: Hailey Welch As the Faith Based board member, I manage any projects related to religious organizations. That means that I have the fantastic opportunity to communicate with places in the area to see if they have any service opportunities. Meanwhile Thanksgiving has come and passed, which most everyone excitedly looks forward to every year. We cannot wait to enjoy a feast with our families. However, not everyone often thinks about those who do not have the same privilege that we do. While we eat happily (or perhaps contentiously) with our relatives, some may not be able to afford a table full of food. One of the churches I work with, West Tulsa United Methodist, serves a weekly meal to the community. The church is in an economically depressed area, so many of the attendants depend on this meal. One Wednesday this month was the special Thanksgiving Dinner. Masses of people always come to this event, so the church needed all of the help it could get. Volunteers spent multiple days cooking turkey and preparing the other food. It was amazing to see the plentiful spread of food. The cornucopia was full of Thanksgiving favorites from sweet potato casserole to dressing. The ovens were bursting at the seams with turkey.


After we begin serving, it is always a rush to get the drinks out. We then work in an assembly line to plate the food with each person manning one food. It just seems like a blur of scooping mashed potatoes or ladling gravy. Servers line up to take out a tray of plates and hand them out to the tables. It is definitely hard work, but I always find it so rewarding to work so diligently to feed these people. Over a hundred people ended up coming to the dinner. The church has three rooms, and all of them were full to the brim of people. This weekly event is always important, but I always think the Thanksgiving meal is especially special. It is a chance to look beyond our everyday lives and provide something for other people to be thankful for. Personally, it is so fulfilling to spend my time helping to supply food for people and providing a service for them. The holidays are our chance to give special care to our fellow community members. This season is the season of giving, whether thanks or presents for our loved ones, and I think that providing for the people in our region is a great way to spread that cheer. In a sense, that is what Key Club is all about.

November Social By: Lucy Kim Each month, Jenks Key Club provides a social in which students can relax and destress about school for a few hours to renew their minds so that they are able to be more focused during school. It has been proven that mental health is a crucial factor in learning ability and a day without thinking about a project that is due in a week or a paper due for English helps so much by allowing students to be able to be more focused during the time they are actually in school. The motto that goes with this would be work hard and play hard. In the month of November, Jenks Key Club went to Broken Arrow Roller Sports for a time of community. The roller skating social was popular in past years and many students looked forward to it this year as well.

Everyone had an enjoyable time rollerblading, playing arcade games, and eating delicious food. The atmosphere of the roller rink was convivial and lively due to the effects of the flashing, multicolored lights and upbeat music. Some students were even skilled enough at rollerblading that they danced to the music while skating. Even students that did not know how to skate at all had a blast being taught by other colleagues around them. By the end of the social, even students that were not familiar with roller blading were able to rollerblade decently well. The arcade games were also a blast. Many students won loads of tickets allowing them to get high quality prizes such as blow-up couches, giant stuffed animals, or lots and lots of candy. The games available included ice-ball, ice hockey, the claw machine, and timed basketball. Ice-ball turned into a fun game of trying to beat the high score and ice hockey was a fantastic way for people to get to know one another even better. To our surprise, many of our Key Club members won things in the claw machine.

It was heartwarming to see students cheer for one another while they took turns playing timed basketball. Some students even had a friendly competition of who could make the most baskets in the given time limit. Many types of foods were available at the food court including nachos, burgers, hotdogs, French fries and much more. Since it was on a Friday, students from Jenks were able to meet students from other schools. Jenks students set the example of polite behavior while still having a good time. Overall the November social was a perfect way to recalibrate everyone’s mindset so that they felt inspired and enthusiastic to go to school again.


Serving at Jenks East Elementary By: Kelsey Yeagle When I was an underclassman the definitions of various clubs seemed to blur into an indistinguishable mass. I could not tell the difference between them because they all seemed good enough. Yet, I eventually realized that Key Club stood out because of its member’s desire to serve. For me, Key Club has become staying up late and drafting an email again and again, or spending hours organizing a program, and always getting to serve a school that has done so much for me. Despite its hardships, I have loved being the K2K East board member this year! Key Club has given me fantastic opportunities to serve my school and my community. Moreover, I am so happy I have the opportunity to help others find places to serve. At Jenks East Elementary, I help a third-grade teacher manufacture some of the arduous, yet necessary facets of education. I used to take for granted how much work teachers have to do. Think of it. All the worksheets hung on your class walls, premade flashcards, incalculable graded tests, and so much more is a part of a teacher’s daily chores. I have the pleasure of attempting to lighten that burden.


Moreover, in the wake of stressful high school days it is always such a joy to revisit a class where craft time still exists. With the end of October, my class made “monsters.” These adorable creations remind me why I like to serve here: to make some of that silliness possible. It is a testament to the kind of cheerful kids who make friends for “lost balloons and kites in the sky,” and gives scary monsters “fruits and noodles” to eat. To the kids who cannot color inside the lines and who wonder why the crayfish mysteriously “went away.” Ultimately, they help remind me what it is to volunteer, one monster at a time. Whether it be hanging posters or digging wires out of abused Chromebooks, Jenks East Elementary has given me a fantastic place to serve. While I love volunteering here, I want to encourage my fellow high schoolers to get involved with any volunteering program-- no matter where it is.

I have volunteered at a variety of different places: my church, Happy Hands Education Center and at Jenks East Elementary. Yet, I love volunteering at these places for different reasons. Thus, I encourage you to try new places to serve, bring a friend, try something different. Key Club has afforded perfect outlets to serve our community and we should take advantage of that.


Not Your Average Thanksgiving By: Lily Tennekoon My entire life, I have been interested in helping the homeless or less fortunate in our communities. What a better time to help than November? November; cold weather begins, the semester is ending, and Thanksgiving occurs. November is a month of thanks and gratitude. I don’t think a lot of us realize that we take much of what we have for granted, especially in this holiday season. We have roofs over our heads, clothes on our bodies, and fresh meals on our tables. Too many people are not able to celebrate holidays because of their given conditions, so we brought the festivities to them. I coordinated with Mrs. Edwards from the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless and organized a Thanksgiving meal. With the help of the Day Center and Jenks Key Club we provided a Thanksgiving meal to over 100 homeless citizens! Juicy turkey, warm mac and cheese, delicious potatoes and much more! Everyone made their food at home and brought it to the Day Center’s kitchen. After that we made about 150 plates of food. While serving food two things went through my mind. First, it breaks my heart knowing that this many people would not have been having a holiday meal otherwise. Second, it warms my heart knowing that my fellow amazing students were able to provide this meal.


Making someone’s day is what I strive for. Seeing the faces on these people as they grabbed food really made me sit back and think about everything we have. This would not have been possible without the amazing opportunity the Day Center provided us. Their mission is as follows “Our mission is to provide a safe, healthy environment for people who are homeless and offer them opportunities and encouragement for achieving self-sufficiency” I spoke with Mrs. Edwards after we finished serving and asked her what her personal reasons were for doing this. “As far as for me. I'm involved here because I so believe in what we are doing, which is actually living our mission statement. The Day Center is not a place of sadness, but one of hope. We are securing housing for at least one client every day!” The Tulsa Day Center and Key Club are similar; both have the goal of helping in whatever way they can, which is how we should live our everyday lives. I loved helping the homeless on Thanksgiving, but I will continue to help them no matter what day it is. Treating everyday as if it were Thanksgiving by doing whatever I can to help.

K2K Southeast By: Lauren Wilkin K2K Southeast is in full swing. Many Key Clubbers are visiting Jenks Southeast Elementary every week to help teachers with various tasks. It is a busy season as teachers are grading papers and preparing art projects for the holidays. They need all the help they can get and Key Club volunteers are always there to help where they can. As you walk in the front doors of Southeast, you automatically get a sense that the holidays are approaching. The art of elementary students lines the halls, but the artwork wouldn’t be possible without the preparation of teachers. It would take hours for a single elementary teacher to cut all the paper into the shapes needed for the elementary students to decorate. That is where K2K Southeast volunteers come into hand. As a volunteer for a Pre-K teacher, I prepare art projects almost every week. I have cut countless pieces of colored paper into animals and shapes. Recently, I have cut turkeys, gingerbread men, and candy canes for the young Pre-K students to decorate with paint and sequins. It is especially rewarding to see the art projects that I prepared hanging around the classroom and hall, with the students’ own finishing touches.

Volunteers for older grades, especially third and fourth, don’t prepare as many art projects, but that doesn’t mean that there is less to do. Many of these volunteers grade papers. As elementary students are learning their multiplication tables and spelling words, Key Club volunteers come in handy to help grade the student’s assignments. It is truly rewarding to see the appreciation on the teacher’s face after you have graded a stack of papers. It makes their job so much easier. Oftentimes, after a volunteer has graded papers, they will file the graded assignments into the student’s folders. After a few weeks of doing this, a volunteer will have the names of the students down and filing becomes a lot easier. It is a neat experience to meet the students and have a face to put with the students’ names. That is one of the most enjoyable parts of volunteering for K2K Southeast. Over just the past month of November, Jenks Key Club volunteers have collectively given over thirty hours of service to Southeast Elementary. We are off to such a great start and I am sure that the staff truly appreciate our service. At this rate, this year will be full or volunteering and giving back to our school system!


CONGRATULATIONS to Don Nuam For being the November Board Member of the Month!


Gyuli Gyeong For being the November General Member of the Month!


I Love Key Club By: Naomi Curtis

When I was a Freshman I was super lost--I did not know what I was doing at all. I did not join any clubs or get heavily involved in anything other than swimming and that was a huge mistake. Sophomore year I stepped out and joined many clubs, including Key Club, and this inspired me to reach outside my comfort zone and become a better student. As I narrowed down the clubs I wanted to participate in, Key Club continued to stay. I became more involved and took on more volunteer projects. I got to know the volunteer regulars and the various adults helping out the high school club. I got to see how each volunteer directly helped the community and the positive results of it. The power of the individual cannot be seen more clearly than in volunteering and Key Club showed me that.

One of my first projects was supposed to be with a friend of mine and we were going to volunteer at a library. However, the arrangements were mixed and we ended up volunteering at two different libraries. This terrified me. I was always with someone I knew when I volunteered, it was a security blanket of mine, and now I had no one. Then I started talking to a girl I regularly volunteered with and I made a new friend. It opened my eyes to opportunities of meeting new people. I began to regularly volunteer with no one I knew and it was great. I became more confident in my capabilities and in myself: I became more driven for my future. All of sudden my goals and aspirations became feasible. The power of one and my new found confidence motivated me to achieve more. Thanks to Key Club, I have more confidence than ever before.


DONATE WINTER CLOTHING TO HELP A CHILD IN NEED Adopt a student at Hawthorne Elementary School, by providing a warm coat, hat, and gloves. 1) Pick up a key in Mrs. Langley’s room (JMASC 216) 2) The key will give you a child to buy these items for. 3) Items are DUE Dec. 9 If you have any questions, contact: Make a child’s holiday happier and warmer!


Key Club Week By: Brandon Le

For Key Club week, Jenks Key Club did a multitude of activities to show their appreciation toward their members. My favorite thing we did was serve hot chocolate before school on a Wednesday morning. This activity not only showed our love for our club members, it also displayed our love for our entire student body. It took a lot of effort from many people to serve enough hot chocolate, and even then we still had a bit leftover. Serving hot chocolate to so many people took the collaborative efforts of many of my close friends: Ruthie Ashley, our amazing Editor; Hardi Patel, our fantastic President; Dominique Savage (who I call Dominique Truculent), our wonderful Vice President of Special Projects; Fawaaz Hameed, our somewhat scatter-brained webmaster; and more. Serving hot chocolate provided a lot of time for me to talk and grow closer to these people. I also got to talk to kids around the school that I had never met before and get to know more about the community at Jenks High School.

Another thing that our Key Club did was honor the Key Club board members during a Key Club board meeting. The officers prepared bags of candy to give to the board members as they walked in the door. I found this to be a big surprise, and I was personally very flattered by this gesture. This small deed reminded me of why I joined Key Club in the first place. Key Club is a wonderful group of people that always sets out to make our lives better. Even the smallest acts can put a smile on a student’s face, and for Key Club, no act is too big if it means making the community a better place. On the Monday of Key Club Week, our members sported their Key Club pride and wore the wonderfully-designed shirt of Key Club. In fact, that night I stopped by Yokozuna, and my waiter came up to me and said, “Got Service? That must be a school thing because I have seen so many people wear that shirt. I even have a coworker in the back wearing that shirt.” That day I could tell how amazingly large Key Club is and how prevalent and important it is to Jenks High School. Key Club to me is the best club in the school, and I am so lucky to be such a big part of it.




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