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The Trojan Talk Jenks High School March 2017



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President’s Message Greetings, The year is slowly coming to an end. I will profusely miss this organization and all that it has given me. I have spent my entire high school career in this club and know that all of the experiences I have received will hold dear significance to me. However, I know that the upcoming years for Jenks Key Club will be just as promising as those in the past. I want to wish the 2017-2018 officer team the best of luck. I know that they will advance Key Club’s legacy and continue making an impact in the Jenks Community. And lastly, I want to thank you all for the wonderful year; we volunteered over 30,000 hours and donated over $3,000 to charity fundraisers. Underclassmen, I hope that you continue to participate in this wonderful organization. Seniors--if you would like to wear a Key Club cowl at graduation, please remember to remain in good standing and have one of the highest point counts by May 1st. We only have ten cowls to distribute to general members so make sure you are submitting your hours on time! Keep reading for more information. Yours in service, President Hardi Patel

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Trash Clean-Up at JEE By: Kelsey Yeagle Key Club has a wonderful impact at Jenks, but also in the community. One of the best ways Key Club does this is with the Big Event. The Big Event takes place every March and it is a huge day of service across Tulsa and the surrounding regions. This year, Key Club Board members set up twenty-four projects across forty-five time slots in an attempt to better our community. This included a wide variety of projects that helped local schools, parks, churches, and retirement centers. At Jenks East Elementary, we collected trash in Renti Grove. Renti Grove is the forested area behind the third and fourth grade playgrounds. Here, the children take walks and learn the stories of fallen trees and collect residual pecans. I remember breaking up many seemingly arduous class days with an exciting experience in Renti Grove. It was somewhat like a nature hike. We would travel the path learning about different types of trees and local wildlife. I remember loving these days! Unfortunately, this area had degraded under huge masses of trash. On March 3rd, Key Clubbers stepped up to tackle the masses of accumulated garbage. It took five hours and four Key Clubbers to clean up the area. This included many muddy knees, rancid packaging, and hair stuck in tree branches. This project was unfortunately complicated by the incessant wind. We ended up on many misbegotten sprints after loose chip bags. Despite these complications, it ended up being a wonderful day to help Jenks East Elementary clean up their trails and reminisce in the adventures of fourth grade.


This project was just another example of the wonderful work that Key Club does. Not only were we able to pick up seven bags of trash, but we helped restore part of the educational experience of elementary school children. This will allow them to thrive in their budding understanding of nature, without the clutter of dozens of chip bags. Ultimately, the Big Event acts as a fantastic opportunity to get high schoolers involved in their community. I know that across the surrounding areas Jenks Key Club made a tremendous difference. This is why I love volunteering: It acts as a fantastic opportunity to help your community while having a fun time with friends. The Big Event allowed our Key Clubbers an opportunity to make a difference in our community, whether it was picking up trash or helping local organizations.




My DCON Experience By: Lily Tennekoon Last year, I attended DCON (District Convention) as a Freshman. Not knowing anything about DCON or what to expect, I walked into the Sheraton Hotel after a fivehour long bus ride in awe. The theme was Secret Service, but it was no secret that District Convention was about to be fantastic. So many Key Clubbers in one place, all there based on their common interest. It was amazing to see the unity and friendship that Key Club can bring not only in the club setting, but across states. Students from Texas and Oklahoma competing against each other, while also becoming friends. On the first night, there were activities set up for us to participate in. The second day, was Forums day. At first, I thought it was going to be a drag, but it turned out to be informative and engaging! There are forums for everyone: newly elected officers, icebreakers, or just fun topics! During the day, we got to go to the beautiful mall connected to the hotel and have lunch. That evening there was a dinner and a keynote speaker. Not going to lie, that speaker brought me to tears with his moving words. On Friday and Saturday, seniors had scholarship interviews. The next morning were elections where we listened to speeches of people running for district positions.


That night there was a big award ceremony, a nice dinner, and my favorite part- the Governor’s Ball. The Governor’s Ball was you and all your friends and a giant dance party! The coolest part about DCON was that it fell on my 15th birthday! My friends, new and old, threw me a little birthday celebration. Two other really cool events that happened at DCON were the Quiz Bowl and Smash Bros Tournament. Key Clubbers from Oklahoma and Texas competed in a quiz challenge for the win. (Oklahoma is going to take the victory this year!). District Convention was full of laughs and smiles, new friends and old friends, learning and growing. I am so excited to attend DCON this year as the newly elected Editor for my club! This year’s theme is the Wonderful World of Wizardry! Being the extreme Harry Potter fan I am, this theme is calling me. I would highly recommend to everyone to try and experience District Convention at least once in their Key Club career, it is truly one of the most amazing times you will have!

Arts and Crafts Project By: Elenista Lam For the Big Event, the Social Chair was in charge of the arts and crafts project that was situated back at the “headquarters” of the Big Event, which was back at the Jenks High School campus. The arts and crafts project has been a recurring project every year for students to have the chance to express their creativity through the different types of crafts that are offered for students to create. This project is especially nice for those who wants to be able to still participate in the Big Event without doing any extraneous labor. Most students often come to this project to fill in time when some of their other projects have not begun and they just finished one earlier. For this year, we gave the participants the choice to create either bookmarks, small cards with inspirational quotes, bracelets, dog toys, or corsages which were used at the Senior Prom at Grace Living Center later that evening. Our project began at nine in the morning and ended at three o’clock in the afternoon allowing many students to come and go as they like. All the wonderful creations that were created that day were given to specific projects; for example, the bookmarks were made to be given through a children reading project, while the small cards were given as teacher gifts.

The bracelets were created to be given through another children's project, as the dog toys were given to dog adoption centers. With music playing along in the background, many students had a great time creating these small art pieces along with their friends. Although the project ran for quite some time, it hardly felt long and boring because everybody was interested in the things they were making and especially with close friends by their side it was an extremely enjoyable experience overall. The meaning behind Key Club of encouraging the love for volunteering was definitely captured through not only this arts and crafts project, but all the projects that occurred during the Big Event because volunteering and enjoying every moment of it especially with your friends is all what is it about. Through those simple but meaningful crafts, everybody had the opportunity to give back to their community and through the Big Event, every single project gave back and lend a hand to those who needed it the most. This is exactly why the Big Event is one of the best events to be hosted by Jenks Key Club because it gives everybody a chance to forward their love for volunteering just a little bit more.


CONGRATULATIONS to Audrey Adib-Yazdi For being the March Board Member of the Month!


Amanda McCumber For being the March General Member of the Month!


Faith Based at Big Event By: Hailey Welch There was a lot of preparation leading up to the Big Event, but I was so excited for my projects. It was so meaningful to actually participate in organizing the projects instead of just volunteering, like in previous years. My first project was at River Oaks Christian Church in Jenks. It is a pretty small church, so they were overjoyed at any help we could supply. A few people and myself started working in the flower beds. We pulled weeds and dead rose bushes. After that we scraped paint off of their sign in preparation for a future repainting. The morning was cool, but it quickly got warm standing in the sun. Before long the continuous scraping became difficult, but all of the volunteers had fun talking to the

My next project of the day was at First United Methodist Church of Jenks. My first and second project ended and started at the same time, so I was a couple of minutes late. By the time I got there, the church was absolutely buzzing. A long table held a spread of various cleaning supplies that foreshadowed all of the work to do. A few people cleaned and organized the kitchen; others vacuumed the floors; and even still others worked at erasing scuffs on the baseboards. We cleaned windows, nursery toys, pews, chairs, counters, shelves, and even a foosball table. It was a long list, but everyone pitched in to get things done. By the end of the project, everyone was so worn out. I was bursting at the seams with the pride that I had for all of my volunteers. We worked incredibly hard for three hours, and they even put up with all the pictures I took of them. This project also seemed to have the theme of camaraderie. Not only were they working, but the volunteers were giggling and talking. One thing that I love about our Key Club is that we can make volunteering fun. I am amazed when I think back at all the things that we were able to accomplish in that short amount of time. I could not have done it without all of the volunteers showing their joy and intense passion for helping others. All of this just makes me more excited for next year’s Big Event!


Big Event at Jenks Southeast By: Lauren Wilkin For the Big Event, my project, K2K Southeast, cleaned desks around the school and raked many leaves. First, about 12 volunteers gathered a few containers of Clorox wipes and traveled to computer labs and other rooms that needed the tables to be cleaned. By having 12 volunteers, we were able to get the job done fast and do it well. Next we cleaned the railings in the stairwells. With so many kids using the rails every day, they definitely needed to be cleaned. Cleaning the various rooms was a simple task that didn’t take too much time. After we cleaned around the inside of the building, the rest of the volunteers and I got rakes and trash bags and got to work in the flower beds. With many large trees on the outside of the school, there were a lot of leaves built up. We divided into three groups and got to work in different areas. We filled trash bag after trash bag with leaves. After about an hour and a half, we could finally see the ground in areas we hadn’t been able to before. As we were raking, some teachers would pass by and thank us for doing the task. Even though raking leaves is a simple task, we knew we were making a difference in the school.


The Big Event is such an important day for our community. It is a day where many students come together and devote the entire day to the betterment of our community. There are so many things that go unnoticed, but when a group of people devote a few hours of their time, we are able to make a difference. The students at Jenks Southeast may not notice that the tables and railing were cleaned, but us volunteers get satisfaction in knowing that they are able to learn in a clean, healthy environment. Some people may pass by the flower beds and never even notice the change, but we know that we made the employee's’ day a little easier. While the job was easy with a dozen volunteers, it would have been incredibly difficult for one or two people to finish in the time we did. Knowing that we made the job of someone a little easier is all the satisfaction we need. By helping different organizations in the community, we were able to make an immense difference in the lives of many.


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