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Table of Contents


President’s Message Why I Joined Key Club What Key Club Means to Me Board Member of the Month Hours Notice What I Love About Service Caring: Our Way of Life My Favorite Service Project What Key Club Has Done for Me July Events Officer Contact Info District Contact Info Board Member Contact Info

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President’s Message Greetings fellow Key Clubbers, We’re halfway through summer now! I hope everyone is enjoying their break. The Jenks Key Club Board is officially trained and ready to begin the new school year with a bang. We are now accepting t-shirt ideas for the 2016-2017 school year. Please email any ideas to by July 8th! We will be voting for our favorite once we receive submissions. July 4th is right around the corner, and we have partnered up with the Jenks Kiwanis to participate in the festival and distribute watermelon. All proceeds will go to the Children’s Miracle Network, so please come join us! Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean that service will diminish. We have many special projects that people can volunteer at throughout the break. We also have an upcoming social on July 11th that all members and nonmembers are invited to so bring your friends! Check out the website or our social media accounts for more details. Just keep volunteering, just keep volunteering (Finding Dory just came out). Yours in service,

Hardi Patel Hardi Patel, Club President


Why I Joined Key Club By: Sana Shaikh  

There are many reasons why I chose to join Key Club! Here are a few that I’d like to share! First of all, this club very much appealed to me from the first day I heard about it because of the high recognition and admiration this club acquires. This hardworking club is led by students and is in 35 countries around the world, which is truly amazing! Joining Key Club also led me to know about the Kiwanis International, a dedicated family that is changing the world with all of their efforts. What really inspired me to join this club was because it seemed to me like a very large family of volunteers, not just an organization. It felt like a place of belonging, a place to do what I love with people that have the same passion about service. This club helped me gain new


friends and relationships that will last for a very long time! Also, I love giving back to my community and make an impact on the world! I want to make a difference in society and show what the youth are capable of doing. We should come together as one society and make a global effort, which can be achieved if done correctly!This club has also given me leadership skills that I wouldn’t have acquired from doing something else, which is one reason I wanted to join Key Club! I have gotten the confidence to speak in front of people. These leadership skills that I have attained will last me for a while! It helped me make and develop an initiative when I had a good idea to better the society. To me, and to others, developing leadership skills is very important. Being a leader helps give a sense of confidence in people that they trust their volunteering for the greater

good of society. Joining Key Club motivated me to inspire people to help and volunteer to assist society! It makes me committed to do something that is helpful, yet great for the community. Lastly, Key Club gives me a variety of places that I can volunteer at, which is great! Joining this club also helped me with attaining service hours (community and school) for other clubs and also to become a Distinguished Service Graduate! This club will also help me access scholarships from all the service that I do! In conclusion, I joined Key Club to make a change in society and to help others!

What Key Club Means to Me By: Sanjeev Musuvathy I was walking down the hall of my high school as a freshman, with only one sure thing in my mind; I am going to join Key Club. So while scribbling my name on every single piece of paper that all the clubs laid out, I moved closer and closer to the Key Club booth. Everyone knows exactly why we join Key Club, for the college applications, or that’s how it started for me. That’s what every single adult had constantly told me throughout my life. But, as I went through the motions of my freshman year, I realized that Key Club wasn’t just something I could participate in for my resume, it was something that really made a difference in my life and allowed me to progress in my knowledge and personality. Every time I went to a

meeting and saw just how many people in our school really cared about helping the community, it gave me a great feeling. It inspired me to go out and do things to help others, far more than I would have ever done without Key Club. Everyone in the club is so close; it gives you a family-like feeling. When one joins Key Club, you aren’t just doing one hour of service here and there; you are a part of something massive, and bigger than us all. You join a massive family of thousands of kids who have the same goals as you. Every single person in Key Club, regardless if you live in the most remote areas of the world, or if you live in the most populated city on Earth, is working together to make the world a better place. Being able to put in the time and effort, along with your peers, to work together and continually improve the community surrounding you is one of the best feelings ever experienced.

The inspiration that Key Club possess encourages students to go out and give their best effort and to contribute to the community, in any and every way they can. It’s not hard to see how Key Club has one of the largest memberships in the world when it has the ability to do so many things for the people involved. Regardless of how much time you spend in Key Club, may it be a few short months, or the entirety of your high school career, Key Club means so much to the students that participate in it as well as the lives that it impacts around the globe.


CONGRATULATIONS to Kate Kouplen For being the June Board Member of the Month!

! NEW HOURS SUBMISSION NOTICE ! Starting this year, all hours will have to be individually recorded on the website. Any hours recorded on sign-in sheets will not be entered into the website by our VP of Hours. Sign-in sheets are only for documentation purposes. All members will have to be responsible for submitting their own hours after each volunteering activity. If the president declares a project that will not require individual submission, she will announce this prior to the volunteering event. Hours will still be due on the last day of each month. If you have any issues with hours, please contact Anitesh Bajaj, VP of Hours at


What I Love About Service By: Audrey Adib First off, to be honest, volunteering didn't really come into my life until I joined Key Club. When I first heard about community service, I wasn't much interested because at the time I was under the impression that I could grow more as a person doing something more than just service. I can't tell you how wrong I really was. I now truly believe that if you want to become a more well-rounded and content individual, you should begin serving your community and those around you. What are the benefits of serving others? One of the many benefits is that you will feel more content about yourself and others. Service really brings out the best in people, so you're always surrounded by laughter and friendliness. There's nothing better than starting and ending your day with a smile from a thankful heart. Another plus is that you're given the chance to do activities you wouldn't normally do thanks to volunteering. Normal people aren't allowed to feed sharks at the aquarium, but volunteers can! How many people can say that they've fed a shark?

Serving also grows your experience and skills. For example, through my volunteering I've learnt how to handle and exchange money, how to plant various flowers, and how to paint murals. These skills are easily transferable into the real world later in life, so they really do become benefits. It’s also quite nice to say that you have more skills under your belt. You could say that overall, I feel more accomplished and rounded because of my experiences while serving. Volunteering can seem daunting at first, but don’t let that get to you. I know that I felt very intimidated and worried about being welcomed when coming but that feeling was honestly pointless. Every time I’ve gone to a project, I have always been greeted with kindness and openness. Volunteers are never unwanted, so don’t be worried about showing up for something new. Also, don’t be afraid to try a project with no one that you know working on it. Volunteering is a way for you to make friends and bond through a project.

The last benefit is seeing the joy and gratitude that your service brings to others. Volunteering for someone makes them feel wanted and cared for, and just knowing that makes the volunteer feel amazing in turn. So, looking at all these benefits to service, it’s hard to say no to volunteering, right? Then, if you have never volunteered before or it’s been quite a while since you have, I encourage you to go out there and try it out. And if you’re currently serving somewhere, then I encourage you to try out a new project and see how you like it. There’s honestly nothing to

lose and everything to gain.


Caring: Our Way of Life By: William Chao Caring. What does this have to do with Key Club? Why should it be part of our way of life? Why is it in the motto? Caring, by definition (according to Google), “is the act of displaying kindness for others or the work or practice of looking after those unable to care for themselves, especially on account of age or illness.” Caring is a very important component in Key Club, because it defines the nature of our service, our way of life, and what we stand for. I believe that caring is significant to Key Club because it defines the nature of our service. Our service does not only include helping others, but also putting their needs before ours. Service to others must be of caring nature, or else it would constitute as work and not service. It’s hard to help others without good intentions. The only way for someone to not care is if he or she were an island, containing only itself.


But no, we are a part of our communities, countries, and world. In its humble beginnings (in 1925), Key Club was only a high school service club created to deter boys from destructive behavior. Now, it’s an international program with more than 250,000 members. Imagine the impact that could be done if each individual carried on a caring lifestyle! Although Key Club only lasts four years, the same values we acquire should be instilled into our everyday lives. That’s why caring is not the club’s way of life, but ours. Caring- our way of life, that is the motto for Key Club. Caring is one of many things that Key Club stands for. The core values include caring, leadership, character development, and inclusiveness.

Thus, the organization encourages and allows students to lead, serve, and develop character. Caring represents much of Key Club, so consequently, it is part of the motto. The virtue we gain from Key Club can be used in all walks of life. Some exceptional, former members include Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley and Howard Stern. Key Club is more than a group of individuals who volunteer, it is a group of caring and competent leaders changing the world around them. Caring is not only an important practice in Key Club, it is also an important practice in everyday life. Caring is what shapes the world around us. If we don’t care, who will?

My Favorite Key Club Project By: Hridika Shah Key Club began as just another club that I signed up for in the beginning of freshman year, but as I got more involved in the club, I started to volunteer more and more at for one specific service project, the Grace Living Center. Just a short walk away from the high school, Grace Living Center seemed like the ideal place to volunteer to collect my monthly service hours. On Monday and Friday, as soon as school ended, a small group headed over to the Living center to volunteer. For about an hour, we did everything from helping shelve the Pre-K and K library in complete disarray, to playing with the little kids there. A great way to get hours and to help out the community, the service project seemed like a win-win. Looking back, I remember thinking that I wasn’t actually going to do much in the club, and that no matter how much work a high school club did, they couldn’t really make that big of an impact. I’m glad to say that my feeling thoroughly changed over the course of the year, and I began thinking more and more about the enormous influence we can have on people.

Eventually, I dedicated all of my hours to Grace, only a few came from other projects. I went there just for fun- to help out the kids and teachers; not really in search for hours. By the end of the year, I had learned most of the names of the little faces there, and the teachers knew us well. I concluded that the reason I loved giving a helping hand at Grace Living Center was that I liked knowing that I could have such a big influence on the kids there and be able to do so much despite being only a Freshman in high school. While I did have enjoy volunteering at the homeless shelter or food bank, nothing made me happier than seeing the little smiling faces at Grace every day and being able to help them out in any way possible. At the end of the day, Key Club is about making everybody a part of the Kiwanis family, and volunteering allows people to come together; Grace taught me that. I discovered that volunteering didn’t have to be serious all the time, and the best volunteering experiences came from having fun with others while stepping up and giving back to the community.


What Key Club Has Done For Me By: Clayton Engelby When I tell people that I am in Key Club I’m often asked why I joined or what’s it like? I usually reply with something like “Oh it is easy volunteer hours and helps with DSG”, but in the past two years that I’ve been in the club, it’s grown to so much more than that. Yes, I will be the first to admit that I joined Key Club at first because my parents made me and wanted me to get Distinguished Service Graduate (DSG), but the reason that I stay in Key Club is the impact it has had on me as an individual. Up until now I had never volunteered for something unless It was just something that I had to do like raise money for my baseball team or something, but now things have changed. I look forward to volunteering now because I know how much joy it brings me and those that I am helping. I now look for new volunteer opportunities and ways to help others in our community.


Key Club has changed the way that I view certain things, I now see volunteering as one of the most important ways to give back to your community. Yeah some people think that writing a check or getting someone else to do it is just as beneficial and well so did I, but once I joined Key Club I realized that giving your time is way more beneficial than anything else ever could be. Your time is the most valuable thing that you have and giving it away in order to help someone means a lot. When a group of people come together to work on a project they are all giving their time to someone or something that needs it, and when we do this we are able to accomplish amazing things. Things that may not have ever been accomplished in our community if it wasn’t for us willing to volunteer our time.

Key Club allows for me to give back to my community and it does for so many other people. When I first joined Key Club I had only thought it was a small club at our school. I could never have imagined it being an international organization made up of hundreds if not thousands of small communities all working together in order to achieve one goal, to make our world a better place. This is why I love Key Club and why I continue to give back to my community, because it brings me so much joy in helping others and accomplishing things that wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for us volunteering our time. I understand how important it is to do these things and this is why I continue to participate in Key Club. Key Club has truly changed my life and because of this I want to do everything that I can to help change other people’s lives by volunteering throughout the community.

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