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President’s Message Greetings fellow Key Clubbers, Sadly, summer is about to come to an end, but I hope everyone enjoyed their break! The Jenks Key Club Board is ready to start a new, successful year of service. We chose our t-shirt design for the year, and they will be ready for pickup at enrollment when you pay your dues. There are many service activities taking place in the month of August for our members to participate in. Jenks East Elementary will be needing volunteers on August 3rd to stuff folders, World in a Box Day will be held on August 6th, and Kids Against Hunger will be in Tulsa from August 11-13. Read on for more information! Once the school year is back into gear, we will be having monthly meetings where you will get to interact with other members and learn more about volunteer opportunities. Just keep serving the community! Yours in service,

Hardi Patel Hardi Patel, Club President



Happy Hands By: Kelsey Yeagle When I was younger I assumed community service was for delinquents and old maids. While the word “volunteering” casts a less imposing shadow, I was still hesitant to participate. However through a push of Key Club, I began helping around my church and fell in love with service. Eventually, I sought out similar opportunities. One such occasion birthed the most anxiety-ridden experience of my life. It began as I stood before a semi-circle table watching seven children eat muffins (although I suspect more ended up on the floor than in their mouths). Despite my worry upon entering the classroom, I knew I was uniquely qualified to help these kids: I studied Sign Language for two years. I hovered in the doorway for an inordinately long time before I took my place on the floor next to a girl named Clare. With the assistance of her comrades, Clare began the rapid-fire process of saying and signing the names of her classmates “That’s Jett--like the plane-- and Layla, and Michael, and Raigan, and David…”

I would come to know David very quickly as the class’s archetypal troublemaker. This twiggy rascal has discovered if he is not watching the teacher, he is not responsible for what they might have told him. Yet, he does have an affinity for puzzles (despite being somewhat inept with them). That is how I met him. He was glaring down a hand-shaped jigsaw as if by sheer willpower he could fit the 7th finger in the slot of the 5th. I tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention, but the intensity of the puzzle was allconsuming. With some very strange leering, I signed in his face “No, move” and I gestured to further back on the hand. His frustrated smile melted into perplexed amity and on that day I grew a second shadow. We raced around the playground and I was summoned at all times by his frantically waving hand. Doing ridiculous dances, we tramped through sprinklers (in my not-so-waterproof clothes), and made waterfalls out of pool toys. And more importantly, together we solved many, many puzzles.

However, David will probably never know that he taught me one of the most important lessons: you don’t need ears to laugh. Ultimately, this is why I love Key Club. It is constantly pushing me to find new ways to reach out into my community. Without their initial push, I never would have found so many amazing opportunities to serve. Moreover, this club narrows the arduous umbrella term of “community service” and personalizes it to give every participant an opportunity to find something that they will love.


What Key Club Means to Me By: Hridaya Shah Key Club stands for leadership, character, caring, and inclusiveness. It gives people a way to help the community, build their work ethic, and find a lot more friends. It proves that dedication, and teamwork pays off and that any amount of service matters. It is an opportunity for us to meet new people, learn new things, and offer help to thousands of people. To me personally, it means more than just a simple way to earn hours, it embodies the very idea of inspiration and service. As soon as I knew that there was a Key Club at the Jenks High School, I was very interested in signing up. From a very young age, I was encouraged to help people whenever I could and to give back to the community. Hard work and motivation were both necessary to achieve my goals. Differences were not boundaries, but ways to learn


and experience more. After the first couple of meetings, I understood that Key Club officers and board members worked hard to set up the meetings and different projects available. They not only set goals to get hours of service, but they motivated students to join as many projects as possible. They welcomed every new member and were dedicated to building the Kiwanis family. Projects like the Jenks Food Bank, help families that are less fortunate than others. While projects such as Grace Living Center let younger kids spend time with high schoolers. Jenks Green and Jenks Library support the general community. On top of offering me countless ways to get hours, Key Club gave me new experiences, and strengthened the importance of service. I learned some sign language, interacted with people of all different backgrounds, and became a part of the community.

I found myself wanting to spend more and more time volunteering. It made me feel proud about what I was doing, as well as improve and change the way I see the world. Key Club is a reminder that no matter where I volunteer, or how much service I do for my community, I can make a difference. Each member is a part of something much bigger than themselves- an enormous family. At the end of the day, it stands for some of the best qualities in a person, kindness, compassion, and determination. To me, Key Club represents ideals that I have grown up learning, and continues to teach that we can do so much more when we are willing to give to others.

Key Club’s Opportunities By: Angela Cao There are many things that I like about Key Club, and one of the most important one is that it is an organization that is full of opportunities. Whether it is making friends, getting motivation, or simply wanting to find a way to help the community, this club can give you a chance to do so. Because of this club, I have had the opportunities to do all of these things, and that is my favorite thing about Key Club. As you may know, Key Club is one of the biggest student-led organization for community service. Not only does it prove that it is an amazing club for service, it also shows that there are many people involved in it, giving everyone a chance to meet others and make friends. Volunteering at a project and you have interest in might lead you to meet people that have the same interests as you.

It is also a lot more fun to volunteer with those that share your interests and you might even make a new friend by doing so. Key Club has given me many chances to interact with more people and make another friend. Joining a club can also help give you more motivation for being involved in it. There is always new opportunities to volunteer and our club makes it easier for us to find out about those projects and how to take part by having many meetings and sending out helpful reminders and emails. As a part of Key Club, I have always felt motivated to be an active member and volunteer for those projects. Without joining this club, I would not have been able to find out nearly as much about community service and projects to volunteer at.

If you or someone you know is simply wanting to help the community out, Key Club gives you the opportunity to do so. As I mentioned before, there is an endless amount of projects that is available in the club and is it very easy to find out about those projects. For me, volunteer and helping others has made me feel more like a part of my community and closer to the people around me. Key Club is surrounded by opportunities and the club makes it easy to take advantage of those opportunities. Key Club has helped me make new friends and get more motivation to help the people around me and take part in the community. That is my favorite thing about Key Club.


Service in All of Its Forms By: Francine Chun The goal of all service is to give back to the community, and many organizations choose to do this by focusing on one issue at a time. The great thing about being a part of Key Club is that it lets you explore what issues we are passionate about. And while most of us may find that our hearts favor a specific cause, it certainly doesn’t hurt to branch out and gain new experiences when it comes to volunteering. Whether it be shelving books in a local library or building homes in third world countries, all of the efforts you put into different causes count towards a better tomorrow. While some projects may be more noble than others, it is important to realize that you can learn different things and hone new skills by diversifying your service repertoire. This summer, I have had the pleasure of volunteering for a couple of organizations that all stood for different issues, coincidentally all having the common goal of shaping our youth in some way. Each had their own goals and focuses, but by helping out at multiple associations, I was able to gain knowledge and valuable


experience that I would have never acquired otherwise. My time with The Little Lighthouse, a Christian based preschool for kids with special needs, gave me insight on what it is like to take care of a child with a disability, and that it is not too different from raising a child without. The school taught me that all children require the same amount of affection as well as discipline in order to prosper. Another small portion of my July was spent at a Korean heritage camp, hosted by Dillon International, in which kids who have been adopted into American families get to learn more about their culture over the course of three days. Seeing them learn about their heritage for the first time showed me that although adopted children from abroad are brought into loving and caring families, they have a whole other piece to themselves that they have yet to discover. Finally, helping out at my church’s vacation bible school, a far smaller cause, helped me realize that children can comprehend far more than what we give them credit for, as

evidenced by one of the first graders telling me all of the things he learned about his faith after participating. All of these revelations I got to see firsthand are things that I would have never given a second thought had I not volunteered at these places. The range of service I was able to experience taught me so much more about kids and their perspective than if I had only put my efforts towards one organization. While the main purpose of volunteering may be helping others and giving back to the community, it is also important to remember that service is personal and can greatly shape how you grow as an individual. Key Club is there to acknowledge and encourage students to keep participating in projects they care about, no matter how big or small the cause.

How Key Club Changed My Life By: Brandon Le I joined Jenks Key Club when I was in 9th Grade, and the people that I have met and people that I have served have truly made a large impact on my life. My name is Brandon Le, and I am a current junior at Jenks High School. I have been a diligent Key Club Member since freshman year, and I am the current K2K High School Board Member. Joining Key Club has allowed me to meet so many people that I love doing service with. One of the most important ways that Key Club has changed my life is it has allowed me to grow closer to a loving group of people that I would typically never meet. I typically enjoy doing Key Club Service through the FaithBased Service Projects as well as through Grace Living Center’s Service Projects. By doing these projects, I have spent many hours with many of my friends’ church communities and have learned from many great youth pastors and role models. Through Key club, I have also met many young children at Grace Living Center with vivid imagination and dreams, as well as a fun, youthful nature. These people that I have met continually inspire me to be the best that I can be, whether it be in school, service, or friendship.

Key Club has also helped me become more socially active and socially aware of my community as well as regional communities around me. Last summer, I went with my friend’s youth group on a mission to Joplin to help the communities that had been devastated by the tornado. There, I served at a local children’s day care center, the Neighborhood Life House, building a pirate ship for the kids to play on and remodeling the building, which was putting in hardwood floors. There, I learned about all of the demanding jobs that parents of those children had to work so that they could support their family after the devastating tornado. Because they have to work such difficult hours, the Neighborhood Life House, alleviated some of the stress of having to care for their children at the same time, providing a nurturing and loving environment for the kids to play and draw in away from the realities of the devastation. One day, we had a free day from service which we decided to spend playing with the kids. I thought that I had spent that whole mission trip knowing the meaning of service, but it wasn't until I saw the faces on the parents when they picked up their kids that I truly understood service.

The parents pulled up into the parking lot, sweaty, filthy, some covered in oil and muck. You could tell that they had a tough day at work, and they seemed as if they wanted to quit their jobs the instant they went back to work the next day. However, when their children ran out to them, hugging them, laughing with them, telling them all about their day at the Life House, I saw the parents’ faces instantly light up brighter than Christmas lights. It was then that I realized what service really means. Service is not a method of becoming a better candidate for college applications for those of you who think that's all we exist for. Service means being a beacon of light, hope, and love for someone else stuck in the dark, cruelty of reality. That lesson stays with me in my heart every time I serve my local community, and that's why I continue to serve and hope to contribute to my community for many years to come.


CONGRATULATIONS to Mikayla Diggs For being the July Board Member of the Month!

! NEW HOURS SUBMISSION NOTICE ! Starting this year, all hours will have to be individually recorded on the website. Any hours recorded on sign-in sheets will not be entered into the website by our VP of Hours. Sign-in sheets are only for documentation purposes. All members will have to be responsible for submitting their own hours after each volunteering activity. If the president declares a project that will not require individual submission, she will announce this prior to the volunteering event. Hours will still be due on the last day of each month. If you have any issues with hours, please contact Anitesh Bajaj, VP of Hours at vicepresident@jenkskeyclub.org.


The July Social By: Lucy Kim

Even during the summer, Jenks Key Club is continuing to provide volunteer opportunities. This, however, does not mean that we are not enjoying the summer. Jenks Key Club is offering activities of communion each month. This month, we went to Andy B’s bowling alley providing an environment where members, board members, and officers could get to know one another. Non members were also invited to come and join the fun. This presented an opportunity to inform non members about Key Club. Hopefully this would get them interested in joining the upcoming school year. The social was also a wonderful way to potentially talk to incoming freshmen that are interested in participating in Key Club the coming school year. While at Andy B’s, we did activities such as play laser tag, bowl, and spent time in the arcade. Many of the students did not know how to bowl, but some even had their own gear for bowling.

The very first thing the Key Club members did was play laser tag. We got into teams of red and blue and entered the arena. Since the room laser tag is played in is dark and foggy, we could not recognize or identify faces extremely well. Thanks to this inconvenience, people were not restricted to interacting with only their friends or people they knew before. It was an effective way to make people relaxed and comfortable around one another. Although the game only lasted for a few minutes, without it students would not have become familiar with each other that much that fast. After playing laser tag, many people were hungry. There were various different choices at the food stand, including pizza, sandwiches, multiple different cookies, and even some Mexican food. Replenished after food, students headed to the arcade. There were a variety of arcade games available including driving games, dancing games, piano tiles, flappy bird, ice hockey, and

so much more! The students enjoyed themselves by competing with one another, attempting to break records, and winning tickets. Some students won an abounding number of tickets. The majority of those tickets were spent on candy, which they shared with everybody. The Andy B’s social really brought the students of Jenks High School together. Jenks Key Club also made a good impression to others at Andy B’s and to their fellow colleagues. This event made the upcoming school year full of positive expectations and promising vibes.


How Key Club Helped Me Grow By: Alayne Morrel When I first joined Key Club, much like my peers, I was merely looking for another accomplishment to put on my college application that would impress a university. What really surprised me was that this extracurricular activity would turn out to be something that I know I’ll really miss when I graduate high school. Aside from being a fun, encouraging environment where coming of age students can feel like they’re actually making a difference in the world, being in Key Club and embracing the ideal of putting others’ needs before your own has taught me life lessons that I wouldn’t have normally learned. When I was younger, I was really shy, like afraid-tocough-during-a-test-for-fearthat-you-might-be-noticed-soyou-just-sit-there-and-calmlyhave-an-asthma-attack shy. I was always content to be the follower and blend in rather than be singled out. Although that is usually a foolproof plan for avoiding awkward situations, it doesn’t get you very far as a leader.


Taking those first few steps to becoming someone others look to for guidance was honestly terrifying for me, but it was exactly what I needed. I’ve done a variety of volunteer work for Key Club: tutoring, teaching children’s class at church, supervising junior campers at summer camp, serving meals, et cetera, and what I eventually noticed was that the more I stepped out of my comfort zone, the more I became comfortable in my own skin. I also realized that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. In my opinion, being a leader is being brave; brave enough to believe in yourself and brave enough to demand change for the better, whether you are standing together or standing alone. Another personal attribute volunteer work has changed about me is my attitude when I work. Instead of facing the job ahead with a sense of dread, now I tend to face it with a sense of compassion and eagerness.

I serve because I can. There are too many who are underprivileged and uncared for, and it is the duty of those who are privileged and cared for to change as much about that as possible to make their community a better place. As someone who can help, I am obliged to give it to someone who needs it. For a very long time I believed that my goal in life was to develop good character and good skills so that I could be successful. After stepping out into the world and getting my hands dirty for the benefit of others, I’ve realized that my future is most secure not when I make the focus my own comfort, but when I instead shift the lens over to the needs of others who would otherwise go unnoticed by the world.

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