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President’s Message Greetings, Key Club’s BIG Event—city wide day of community service—will take place on March 3rd this year. We do not have school that day due to conferences. Once there is a compiled list of projects, there will be a spreadsheet available on the website that will allow you to sign up for time slots at various locations. If you have any project ideas for that day, please email The BIG Event headquarters will be in Mrs. Langley’s classroom (JMASC 216). There will be free food and community activity service activities taking place there, so once you finish volunteering at your designated project you can join us there for some refreshments. Our February general meeting will be on February 9th at 7:15 AM or 2:45 PM. Please attend either one for one point and to learn more about upcoming projects. We will also be electing our new officers for next year during this meeting so come vote if you are in good standing! Seniors--if you would like to wear a Key Club cowl at graduation, please remember to remain in good standing and have one of the highest point counts by May 1st. We only have ten cowls to distribute to general members so make sure you are submitting your hours on time! Keep reading for more information. Yours in service, President Hardi Patel

Hardi Patel 2

Becoming a Board Member By: Hridaya Shah I applied for Board member because I wanted to be more involved in Key Cub and contribute more, but I had no idea that along with the position, I would learn so much about responsibility and leadership. Sometimes it may see like being a leader is the simplest thing in the world. But it’s not necessarily about telling others what to do and how to do. It’s about leading by example rather than by delegating work to others. It’s about learning the responsibilities such as optimism, confidence, and honesty. Leaders aren’t just people with the big jobs, everyone has an opportunity to be a leader whether it be with smaller tasks or a larger more overarching task. One way is to apply for a board member position in Key Club. Becoming a board member allows for general members to step up in the community and serve as an example for others. Although it seems like a lot of responsibility, there are actually some positive aspects to applying for the position. It’s a way to get more involved with key club and help start a new project, or run one that interests you.


Along with getting your six service hours for the month, you would also be responsible to promote your appointed project and make sure enough people volunteer there every month. Since you are overseeing a project, it is important you stay in good standing as a role model for the general members. I would say being a board member is a way to better understand what Key Club stands for and how you can better help its service to our community. You help people serve their part to the community by taking over responsibility for a project. With only a few extra meetings a year, it's a good position you can take advantage of. Additionally, becoming a board member will allow you to make closer friends within Key Club and learn about the work that goes behind projects like the Big Event. You would work together with the officers and other board members towards a common goal- helping serve our community. Overall, the experience was something extremely worthwhile, and despite the hard work it entailed, I enjoyed every aspect of it. I came to understand how much work and planning was put towards planning projects and other activities for the club. Don’t hesitate about applying, because who knows, you might end up regretting it if you don’t take the opportunity.

January Social By: Lucy Kim Each month, Jenks Key Club provides a social in which students can relax and destress about school for a few hours to renew their minds so that they are able to be more focused during school. It has been proven that mental health is a crucial factor in learning ability and a day without thinking about a project that is due in a week or a paper due for English helps so much by allowing students to be able to be more focused during the time they are actually in school. With AP Test registrations that were given out, reminding students of that the tests were closer than they actually thought and applications for officer positions given out, it was nice to just have fun with a group of people that care about the community and their peers. The motto that goes with this would be work hard and play hard. In the month of January, Jenks Key Club had a board game day after school. Various games from Key Club members and the ones made available at the library were played. One of the favorite games almost everyone participated was a giant game of card games played with giant cards. We played games such as spoons, ERS, and much more. During the game of ERS, people who had never played were taught. The game became more and more intense creating laughter and a relaxed setting.

Others members played games of monopoly, dominos, and bananagrams. The game of Monopoly was done in a friendly manner and no one got upset like most monopoly games do. The games of dominos turned into a game of architecture and everybody’s creative craftsmanship was able to be represented. The game of bananagrams were turned into a study session, when people began to use vocabulary words from their english classes. Food was brought by the members in our Key Club also. Foods such as sugar cookies, barbecue chips, and pretzels were provided. Drinks from the library such as hot chocolate, sweet and unsweetened tea, and cappuccinos were provided. Everybody gorged on the food and by the end there wasn’t any food left on the tables. This month's social did not take place at a spectacular venue, but that is what made the environment warm and cozy. People that have never met because of how large our club is were able to meet and talk about similar interests and how they help the community out. Officers and board members were able to answer specific questions for certain service projects and the Big Event that is coming up that members had questions about.



The Meaning of a Leader By: Brandon Le To me, a leader is someone who actively works to put others in front of themselves. I put an emphasis on the word “actively.� A leader cannot be someone who only works by standing idly by waiting to receive instructions and do what they are told. A leader must be able to create their own ideas and make their own opportunities to get an activity going. A leader does not necessarily have to be at the very top of the food chain--they do not need to be a CEO or President--they can still receive orders from a higher authority, but they need to have their own individuality in thought and be able to function nearly self-sufficiently. Furthermore, a leader must be someone who is willing to relate and make friendships with others. I do not find that an ascetic, reticent, or lonely person will ever have strong enough leadership skills because they will not receive support from their coworkers if they are not close friends with them. A leader, no matter what, should not feel the need to threaten others into doing something because they do not have a good relationship with them. A good leader should only need to ask politely once for things to get done.

Other things a leader needs that encompasses both ideas above are politeness and selflessness, not just to people they know well or see every day, but also to the general populous. A leader needs to have a kind heart for the people they may encounter once and never see them again. A leader will go out of their way for others no matter their appearance or background. A leader will do little random acts of kindness in their everyday lives out of habit and the goodness of their heart. Finally, leaders need to be humble. Leaders can ask for help; they do not need to handle everything themselves. A leader needs to be able to rely on others when they cannot handle the workload on their own or if they do not know the answer to the question. A leader needs to be able to accept that they are fallible, and they must be able to take responsibility for their mistakes rather than blame it on others. A leader has a good team of support with them and is willing to work with them as equals and not solely as their boss.


Perks of Being a Board Member By: Lauren Wilkin Being a board member for Jenks Key Club is an extremely rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone interested. Through leading the service project at Jenks Southeast Elementary, I have learned that staying on top of things is a very important trait to have in order to be a successful leader. I have had to make sure all the teachers who requested a volunteer receive one, while also making sure that I give every Key Club member who wants to volunteer at my project a chance to volunteer. With more willing volunteers than teachers, it isn’t possible to assign every member to a teacher, but I must always stay organized in case a spot becomes open. For those members interested in becoming a board member for any project in the next couple of years, I would recommend it if you are good at managing your time. For those members who are interested in becoming the board member specifically for K2K Southeast, I would recommend applying if you have a passion for helping out elementary teachers. We were all elementary students at one time, and I think we can all agree that elementary have to handle a lot sometimes. By organizing volunteers to help elementary teachers, you can help make their job a little less stressful.


I would recommend that the future board member encourage others to help an elementary teacher because it is a simple way to give back to our school system. By going to Southeast once or twice a week, a volunteer can help by grading papers, hanging up students’ art on the walls outside the classroom, and filing papers for a teacher. It is imperative that the future board member has had experience volunteering for a teacher because nothing encourages other members to volunteer at your project better than being able to describe the joy you receive from helping a teacher at Southeast. At the first Key Club meeting of the year, I made sure to describe the enjoyment and satisfaction I have received from volunteering for an elementary teacher for the past two years. Anyone who has volunteered for an Southeast elementary teacher in the past and truly enjoys doing it would be a great candidate for the K2K Southeast board member. While being a board member for Key Club requires that you are always on top of things, it is an extremely rewarding experience. Not only do you get to see the gratitude that teachers have for the helpful volunteers, but you also get to see the satisfactions that Key Club members have every week after volunteering for their teacher.

The Best Decision By: Kelsey Yeagle Mrs. Langley will soon be accepting applications for board member positions. I would like to beseech you to consider joining Key Club leadership. My choice to become a board member was rather strenuous (mostly because I am horribly slow at making decisions). While I considered being a board member for many weeks, I actually decided May 11, 2016. Naturally, this was the deadline. I printed the application off in the library and proceeded to complete it in my 6th hour. I remember frantically attempting to encapsulate everything Key Club meant to me in the few minutes before school ended. It was feverish and it was hurried and it was one of the best decisions of my high school career. I inevitably wrote this “I have found a place in my church's nursery where I love to serve! Organizations like Key Club initially pushed me to volunteer and after four years I am so glad I did. Thus, I want to be a Key Club board member because it provides an unparalleled opportunity to help myself, and others, find unique places to serve.�

Ultimately, I became the board member of K2K East. This project pairs students up with teachers at Jenks East Elementary and functions as a fun and interesting place to volunteer (particularly if you like working with kids). Although I knew little about what this would entail, I understood it would be a great opportunity to benefit my school and my community. Seven months later, I can tell you being the K2K East board member means responding to countless questions, emailing reminders, coordinating teachers and students, attending meetings (both of board members and general members) and so much more. It is serving every Friday at Jenks East Elementary to set an example for my fellow volunteers. While all this seemed arduous in the beginning, I find it encouraging. It lightens the tedious burden that plagues early education teachers (such as sharpening a few hundred wooden pencils) and allows for an engaging community service project. While I found my experience as a Key Club board member incredibly rewarding, know that you should be involved in any organization. Clubs are fun and yet make a lasting difference in the community around you. Key Club has inspired me to do wonderful things for my community, my faith, and my school. Despite my last-minute decision, I implore you to consider this opportunity to help others find gratifying places to serve.


CONGRATULATIONS to BRANDON LE For being the January Board Member of the Month!


John Khualpu For being the January General Member of the Month!


2016 Year in Review By: Naomi Curtis While 2016 was a universally regarded bad year, it was not for Jenks Key Club. We accomplished much in the year of the Monkey and I can proudly say that I have grown as a volunteer along with my club. People have become more involved and open to trying new service projects along with their existing ones. Ultimately, this year embodied growth in my volunteering mindset and in the community as well. This year saw many struggles but it seemed to elevate people’s need to volunteer and give back to the community. I loved the environment that we cultivated where key clubbers were motivated branch out and try new things. One of the plusses about joining key club is meeting new people and seeing new things from the perspective of service; however, kids will not see the beauty of it if this mentality is not fostered encouraged. Last year was the first year where I was happy to see volunteers stepping out of their comfort zone and embracing challenges in the service perspective. This shift in perspective will foster the growth of positive attributes in these students and will ultimately improve the community.

Through this my own view of Key Club began to shift from something I felt obligated to do to something I began to value as a growing experience. I no longer placed my service project’s value on how many volunteers I got or how many hours were logged, but on the value of the service and the people that I helped. The goal of service is to contribute not to count the hours and minutes. This view made my overall experience so much more beneficial. The quality of my volunteering elevated and my motivation to continue volunteering drastically increased. Before I refused to continue this habit into college, now I cannot see my college life without volunteering. My soul has finally embraced it in its purest sense: helping people. I am excited to see others take on this mindset because it truly made my senior year so much better. The motivation I see in the underclassman excites me to see where this international club will go. This year I hope to see the improvements we made in 2016 double and to take steps to give back to the community that has pushed us to better ourselves. It is our turn to improve the community that is Jenks, America.



Why I Became a Board Member By: Hailey Welch

It’s hard to believe that half of this school year is already over! Where has the time gone? It’s already been five months into the school year, and so far I’ve loved being a board member. When I applied last year, I decided to go for it because it sounded fun. I love everything that Key Club stands for, so taking on a larger role was very important to me. I strongly believe in committing myself to things that I enjoy. Even if there is a lot of work involved, loving the position or topic makes everything worth it. One of my favorite things about the job is being able to help people and answer their questions. The amount of emails coming into my inbox has slowed down a little as people are getting into the swing of things, but I am very excited for the future as we gear up for our Big Event! To me, helping people is really what leadership is about. A good leader is someone who listens to the people and motivates them. Key Club has helped me reach my full potential to help others. The volunteering that I do every month affects people directly, but I also can assist others to find their path of service. Throughout the semester it has been so fun for me to connect people to projects that they would not have heard of otherwise. As a board member, I form part of the connection between service organizations, officers, and general members. I have the wonderful opportunity to communicate to club members the awesome options we have to offer. I feel an intense amount of pride when I make a post and people start signing up.

Applying for a board member position seemed just like such a natural progression for me. It was an opportunity that sounded fun and important, so I decided to go for it. To now know that people recognize me for this position is just a tiny bit mind-blowing. My job is all about telling people about service opportunities (faith based, specifically) and then sending them off to do the work. Sometimes the sheer manpower that our club has amazes me. We have around 500 members, and so many of them are willing to participate in improving our community. That number is just astounding. I feel that I have grown so much as a person since taking on this position. I would encourage anyone who wants to get more involved to absolutely do so. The position may seem like a lot, but the importance of the work is so gratifying.



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