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The Trojan Talk Jenks High School February 2017



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President’s Message Greetings, Thank you all for participating in “The BIG Event.” We were able to donate hundreds of hours to the community and truly make an impact. Congratulations to our new officers for 2017-2018! They will be attending DCON from April 21st-24th to receive officer training and assure Jenks Key Club another wonderful year of service. Our March general meeting will be on March 9th at 7:15 AM or 2:45 PM. Please attend either one for one point and to learn more about upcoming projects. Seniors--if you would like to wear a Key Club cowl at graduation, please remember to remain in good standing and have one of the highest point counts by May 1st. We only have ten cowls to distribute to general members so make sure you are submitting your hours on time! Keep reading for more information. Yours in service, President Hardi Patel

Hardi Patel


LTG Training By: Kathryn Aung Hello Key Clubbers, I am your new Lieutenant Governor (LTG) -Elect and I am excited to be working with all of you and with our Kiwanis Family (K- Family). Wild and interesting: that’s the two words that came to my mind when I think of my first experience with next year’s District Board. I went to LTG training last weekend in Irving, Texas; and it was just a blast. I got to meet our awesome District Staff (shout out to Dianna, Kennie, Leia, Sophia and Chris!), and our new District Board. I learned my responsibilities as a LTG, the duties of each club officer, and made new friends. On the first day of the training, we had a weird time at the Subway, where we had to run across the streets to get back to the hotel before we were late to the first meeting and learned about some fun and confusing parliamentary procedures. Oh and of course, the picnic game was really fun; someone said they’ll bring salt to the picnic and the salt bae meme flashes in my mind. From Nolan giving a speech about trying to do some spy moves involving an ice machine to Mikey talking about hippopotamus to Mr. Nieman’s fear of pigeons, every minute of the public speaking practice was interesting and amusing. I think the most memorable activity was the Key Club Jeopardy, where they tested us about all that we’ve learned during the training, and what we knew about our K- Family. We were divided in 3 teams; and Team 3 made history by scoring the lowest possible score of -9900. So were the review test on Kahoot and other bonding games and activities on Saturday night.


All in all, I learned so much more about Key Club from our district administrators, regional advisors and the District Staff- and I am reminded of how much they are willing to help all of us succeed and I’m grateful to be included into this family of terrific servant leaders. I am also reminded of the amount of hard work and effort our each of our club officers work to serve their club. Trust me- they do so much more than show up to meetings and socials, they provide you with the best high school experience you ever could have. When I learned about the duties and responsibilities of each respective positions, I’m so gratified for everything that our current LTG and club officers are doing (shout out to Angela, Hardi, Dominique, Anitesh, Taylor, Cing and Rejoice, Ruthie and the Webmasters: on behalf of all the members, thank you so much; we love you!). That weekend rekindled my passion for service and leadership and most importantly: my passion to spread the core values of Key Club. I am ecstatic to continue to build on the legacy of the previous Key leaders and look forward to achieving new goals with my incoming club officers, LTG elects, and the K- Family.

The Big Event By: Emily Turner Right around the time the flowers are blooming and spring is approaching, Jenks Key Club participates in a day called the Big Event. For Jenks high school, this falls on a Friday where students don't have class due to student/teacher conferences for enrollment next year. On this day, lots of service activities are planned all around the community, and students are able to choose a variety of activities to participate in that day. It’s an all-around rewarding day for all who are involved, and here's why. The Big Event has a positive impact on the community, on students’ view of community service, it expands your mind and shows you new interests you might have, you get to connect with people in your community and make unique friendships, and you get to improve your teamwork skills with your fellow key club members. With a large amount of students in Jenks Key Club, we are able to have lots of volunteers go out and serve on the day of the Big Event. The activities range from planting gardens, volunteering at dog shelters, helping at a nursing home, volunteering at a food bank or school, and working with children. Lots of different types of organizations get volunteers for the day to help get things done because of the amount of people that like to participate. This is why the big service day has a positive impact on the community, because when students are all out volunteering together, they can get a lot of things accomplished. One of the best things you can do as a student in high school is discover different activities you like, because it helps to give you an idea of the type of person you might want to be someday, where you would want to be involved, different career ideas, etc. And, many students seem to have a hard time finding a place to volunteer where they feel like they enjoy what they are doing. The big day of service helps accomplish both of these things through the large variety of service activities offered all day. This gives you a chance to try out volunteering at lots of different places throughout the day that you might not have heard about or had the opportunity to serve at otherwise.

Last year, I helped out at the Grace Living Center prom and became friends with one of the residents there. She is very sweet, her name is Esther, and I still visit her during the year some when I can. Had it not been for the opportunity to serve there, I never would have met her. Finally, the Big Service day contributes to a stronger Key Club because you and your peers have to work together and establish good team skills. You get the opportunity throughout the day to work actively as a team with your other key club members to get things done. You get to encourage each other as you work and get to know each other better as well. As one Key Club group, it’s important that everyone can get along and work together so that we can get a lot of things done, and this gives you the chance to get better at working with others to get something accomplished. The Big Service day can also inspire members to become more actively involved in their Key Club group. Last year at the big event was when I personally was inspired to become a board member (which I have been grateful to have the opportunity of this year). In conclusion, the Big Event is an important day of service that we participate in annually as a key club and it has a great impact. The Big Event helps the community, has the power to open your mind to new activities and things that you enjoy, helps you meet new people and make unique connections you wouldn't have otherwise, and inspires key club members to be further involved in their service organizations and work better as a team with their peers. The Big Event will remain an active and special day of service in Jenks Key Club for many years to come.




Key Club- Strong Leaders in the Making By: Lily Tennekoon As District Convention (DCON) is fast approaching, I began thinking about all of the outstanding student and adult leaders that make the event possible. Student leaders are a crucial part of Key Club’s foundation; running the individual school’s clubs, participating in DCON, and spreading the volunteer initiative throughout the community are among the many things Key Club leaders do. Throughout my time as a Board Member for Jenks Key Club, and an officer in other clubs, I have witnessed good leaders and, well, not-so good leaders. What constitutes an individual as a good leader or a bad leader? Good leaders uphold certain aspects and qualities that people look up to and respect. A good leader has a purpose. They stand for what they believe in and they work for their cause. Their purpose is what they are passionate about. If a leader pursues what they are passionate about, others will follow. If a leader is not firm in their beliefs, others will not be either. A good leader makes the choice for the common good. That choice can be hard most of the time, but they carry out each option and do what is ultimately right. A good leader is someone you can respect who also respects you. Having mutual respect is key to building lasting, positive relationships within an organization. A good leader is ambitious and pushes others to work hard as well.


Having the drive to accomplish whatever is put in the middle of their path shows they are dedicated and willing to struggle to achieve the best results. A good leader helps- they should be someone you trust to confide in when you have a problem. They should make sure things are organized and focused, while simultaneously motivating and cultivating the passion and learning. Finally, a good leader does not lead by force or fear. They are not in extreme control, they delegate. A leader encourages and builds strengths rather than stimulating weaknesses. People want a leader, not a dictator. They want a person they are proud to be working with- a person who’s footsteps will leave a meaningful legacy for others to follow in. As you can see, many ideals go into forming a good leader. In summary, a leader is someone you respect. Someone who is able to make the right choice even when times are tough. Someone who is passionate. In Key Club, a leader is all of those and more. A leader pledges to uphold all of the objects of Key Club International. A leader serves their school and community. A Key Club leader inspires others. A leader is anyone who sets their mind out to be one. A leader is you and a leader is me.

February Social By: Elenista Lamb Key Club is a wonderful organization that has the ability to celebrate diversity within its members who often go out of their way to enrich their community through volunteerism. For the month of February, Jenks Key Club decided to have a movie night in honor of Black History Month. The Help is a film that gives its audience a fresh and emotional insight into the lives of the maids in the fictional, racially divided Jackson, Mississippi, who pours their life into the family they work for. They cook, clean, sometimes even care for the children more than the parents, and most of all they stay quiet even when insults are thrown their way because they are all just trying to survive. 
 There all the members were, huddled within the planetarium of our school. Some having never seen the film and others having already experienced all the laughs and tears that the film brought for its audience, but one thing for sure: all were excited to watch the acclaimed film. The cast of acclaimed actresses brought the story to life through their varying aspects of the time period of racial division. There were plenty of laughter to go around, especially with Octavia Spencer's Academy Award winning performance as the feisty and determined Minny Jackson. It was her large personality that could fill the entire room when she recalled the many stories she has stored within her lifetime of serving the neighboring families that had the ability to bring the audience into the very moment.

Academy Award winning actress, Viola Davis' performance as the thoughtful and experienced Abileen Clark who has been brought down by the pain that has shadowed her life, but have the heart to constantly give love towards those she cares deeply about. To round up the all-star cast is another Academy Award winning actress, Emma Stone giving the performance as Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan, a Southern-raised college graduate who desires more from life than marrying off to a well-off suitor and living the life many of her childhood friends wishes for. Through her ambition, Skeeter wishes to become an author, a career choice that many teased her for and yet she strived forward resulting in the completion of her novel, the Help that opened the eyes of many Jackson citizens through the many helps that contributed their experiences along with Minny and Abileen. Films such as the Help allows us to have a small, but impactful glimpse of the time
 period where diversity was not celebrated, but feared and it serves as a reminder. It's organization such as Key Club where students are encouraged to bond with each other through their love of helping the community and it should only thrive forward from there on.


CONGRATULATIONS to Naomi Curtis For being the February Board Member of the Month!


Philip Salazar Shaw For being the February General Member of the Month!


“Delivering” at the Hospital By:William Chao The pager beeped. “Looks like we’ve got another job,” exclaimed Maurice. “Where at?” I inquired. Maurice’s expression grew grim as he read his pager. “We have a morgue job. There’s a dead body to deliver in the emergency room.” I managed to reply an “Okay” before we started to head towards the elevator. The elevator ride down was silent; we were both contemplating what sort of body we would have to deliver to the morgue. Maurice broke the silence, “Have you ever seen a dead body before?” “No, have you?” “Nah, this is the first one I’ve had. I passed on the last job because it was a dead baby.” The morgue was located essentially, in the “basement” of the hospital. The door to it was metal and resembled one like a bank safes’. A strong gust of cold air threw our conscience off-balance as we entered. The room had a sterile smell, but our minds played tricks on us so the room immediately smelled stagnant but not foul. The stretchers were all covered with sheets making it difficult to identify which were unoccupied. None of the stretchers had bodies with feet sticking out with tags like the movies. I made little movement once we entered. Maurice took the lead and lifted one of the sheets covering a stretcher. Shouting and flinching instinctively, “Oh my gosh!”, he quickly covered up the body. Maurice and I were both in a state of shock; him in a greater one. In unison, we grabbed aside a stretcher and removed the cover. Thankfully, it was empty.

We couldn’t stand another second there, so we rushed out the door with the stretcher, slamming it behind us (which was probably not a good idea). The thought of having to touch a cold, lifeless, dead body made me dread every step towards the emergency room. By the time we arrived, there was a crowd of people waiting for us. Apparently, the patient had died sometime that morning and was waiting for transport since then. Awaiting us was a petite, elderly (pronounced dead) African American woman who immediately reminded me of the mummies in the “Mummy” movie series starring Brendan Fraser. Reluctant to touch the body, I waited for further instruction. Maurice and a nurse lifted the body up and I slid a sliding sheet under to ease maneuverability. We covered up the lifeless body and like a funeral procession, we marched like the body back to the morgue professionally. Volunteering at the St. John’s Medical Center had its perks; free food, CPR training, self-defense training, robotic-assisted surgery tours, ambulance tours, hospital police assistance, and patient and hospital staff interaction. I strongly encouraged those who are interested in the medical field to volunteer at a hospital or shadow hospital employees some time. If you’re lucky enough to be assigned to the patient transport unit, you’ll have the opportunity to tour and access the entire hospital and maybe deliver a body or two!




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