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President’s Message Hello hello! Happy 2017! New year, more service! I want us to start this year off strong by continuing to provide excellent service through our multitudinous service projects. If you want more information about project locations and times, visit jenkskeyclub.org. Remember to remain in good standing by collecting 12 points each month. Our January general meeting will be on January 12th at 7:15 AM or 2:45 PM. Please attend either one for one point and to learn more about upcoming projects. Seniors--if you would like to wear a Key Club cowl at graduation, please remember to remain in good standing and have one of the highest point counts by May 1st. We only have ten cowls to distribute to general members so make sure you are submitting your hours on time! Keep reading for more information. Yours in service, President Hardi Patel

Hardi Patel Hardi Patel, Club President


Bouse Fur House By: Dominique Savage

Initially, my AP Language and Composition teacher announced to the class that we should start a volunteer project to enrich our lives beyond just learning in a classroom setting. My peers and I brainstormed ideas of projects that could be created in order to give back to our Oklahoman community. By the end of that period we had a whole list of possibilities to choose from; the volunteer opportunities ranged from giving attention to animals at a shelter to visiting a retirement home to baking goods for either the firemen or local shops unique along Jenks Main Street. In the end, my English class and another teamed up to volunteer two different projects. The project that I decided to participate in went to Bouse Fur House, a full service dog, cat, and pet care boarding and daycare facility. The goal of Bouse Fur House is to loving take care of animals so it becomes the animal's second home. My friends and I wanted to carry out Bouse Fur House’s mission and help the happy environment by giving our attention to the animals and love on them just as they are loved on at their home.


On Saturday, December 17th, from 1PM to 3PM, my group was divided to attend to the big dogs and the small dogs separately. A few of us took the big dogs outside to get some fresh air, play, and run around. It was satisfying how much they enjoyed seeing new people available to play with them. We took them back inside where about four to five big dogs could play indoors per room. Later, I went into the room with small dogs where about five dogs liked to be close to a person and sit in their lap ready to be pet. All together, the dogs did not have to compete for affection with so many volunteers. Even though this was a project specialized for our English class, one thing really stood out: Almost every person that volunteer at Bouse Fur House was a Key Club member. Key Club has instilled passion for volunteering in each and everyone of its members, which made this project successful. The most prominent thing about Key Club is the difference it has made in our lives; because we would rather volunteer our time, so that we could make the dogs happy and loved in the absence of their owners, than partake in other activities for a Saturday morning. Not only was it the people who volunteered that were Key Clubbers, but almost every person belonged to Key Club who took the initiative to call various places to see if they were interested in volunteer help. This goes to show that the people of this club have the potential to be great leaders in anything they decide to do.


New Years Eve Present By: Don Nuam Here at Key Club, there are countless projects a person can join that best fit their schedule and personality. Whether it be taking care of animals at Pet Pals, shelving books at one of the libraries in Tulsa County, organizing the food pantry at the Food Bank, or assisting a teacher at one of the Jenks district schools, the list goes on and on. Not to be biased or anything, but as someone who is in charge of Kids to Kids: West, one of the elementary schools in our district, working with a bunch of enthusiastic little kids is by far the most rewarding yet fun project of them all. At K2K: West, members can sign up for a teacher(or teachers as some do) to organize the classroom, grade papers, or anything the teacher needs extra help with. They can choose to go once a week, twice a week, or however many days they can, right after school for an hour. A few nontraditional activities if they get lucky to do involve reading to kids, helping them with their assignments, and getting a share of their holiday party foods! Unlike any other projects, if you choose to volunteer at West Elementary, or any of the K2K’s you get the chance to meet new people and build long lasting relationships with them at the same time since you have to volunteer regularly.


If I had not volunteered at West, I would not have met Ms. Wood, who is a counselor at the school and now one of my favorite people in the world. I was able to meet her when I began to organize the project my junior year and she had helped guide me every step of the way. I have known her for two years and have continued to work with her for Key Club. If not the teacher, you are bound to love the kids. They are curious, adorable, and always ready to learn. At first they will wonder what you are doing in their classroom and study you for a bit, but they will warm up to you the more you volunteer and then pester you with questions and stories. But teaching them how quarters work and how to write a cohesive sentence is part of the fun. The staff is great, the kids are great, the work is not arduous, and sometimes you get cupcake! Volunteer Hack: If you volunteer on Fridays, that’s when they have the holiday parties so you might also get a candy or two.

December Social By: Elenista Lam The holidays were almost here. School was almost over and everybody’s energy seemed to all magically increase because we all only had two more dreadful days of finals to push through. The knowledge of being able to actually sleep for more than four or five hours a night gives everybody a sigh of relief. It was all going to come to a stop, allowing students to get some well-deserved rest. For the month of December, our Key Club decided to have a ice skating social, which is only appropriate due to the holiday season. Lucky for us, every year Tulsa hosts a “Winterfest” in downtown giving everybody the chance to do some holiday festivities with their family and friends. After all, that’s what the holidays is all about. With the ever changing weather patterns of Oklahoma, it was only perfect that it was actually cold when it came to the night of social. Some preferred the safety of dry land along with their delicious cups of hot cocoa and some decided to venture towards the slippery sheet of ice. The rink began to fill up with seasoned skaters and beginners who were just trying to survive until they reach their starting point: the exit, in this case. Laughters wonderfully combined with the visible puffs of breaths, it was almost too easy to forget about how the wind stung with every blow.

As some students clung onto the railing of safety, the mumbles of how unamusing it is to watch little children skate circles around them. Many took out their phones to capture the beautiful moments with their friends, the blue and white lights twinkling against pitch black sky. The only thing that would make the moment even more pictureperfect would be snow, unfortunately that did not occur, but that did not stop our Key Clubbers from enjoying every moment at the social. Just like every other monthly socials, it was the time we got to spend together that truly matters. Whether it’s the collective groans when anybody mentioned the word “finals”, the excited chatters about holiday plans, or the easily agreeable plan to sleep until we can sleep no more. As a senior, moments like this is bittersweet because you know that this may be the last time you can spend doing such holiday festivities with close friends at such ease. However, it does encourage you to treasure small moments like such and truly enjoying yourself in the moment.


Partners With Purpose By: Matthew Lugibihl Partners with Purpose had an exciting December and was instrumental in furthering its goal of bringing together students with and without disabilities. The club maintains a healthy Lunch Buddy program where members are paired with a student with special needs. These members are to serve as loyal companions that sacrifice a little comfort to befriend their differently abled peers. There are usually several tables at which they stay, and they are always welcoming new people. While it is a learned skill, members are developing the ability to navigate these conversations and scenarios to help in the critical effort of including students with special needs into the larger Jenks Trojan community. Personal conversations remove many of the generalizations that limit the agency of students. Understanding them as unique individuals with preferences and personalities is one of the foundational goals of Partners with Purpose. For Christmas time we decided to celebrate the holiday in a unique way. We made hot chocolate stocking stuffers! Members planned and purchased all of the necessary supplies, and then on the designated advisory we all gathered to serve those with special needs by helping them make this fun gift. Each student was allotted a stocking to decorate, and our fellow peers took advantage of this opportunity to express themselves creatively.


While some simply wrote their name, other’s used elegant calligraphy and pictures drawn with a glittery paste. The volunteers were wonderful in facilitating this and conversing with their fellow peers. Next was time to fill the stockings. Individuals were led up, if able, to select what could go in their stocking. There were multiple types of hot chocolate mix, a variety of marshmallow shapes, sizes, colors, and even flavors, and other tasty assortments included cookies and a candy canes. If the student were not able the partner could retrieve the supplies for the students. The goal is to empower the students with choice and decisions when they are not traditionally given the opportunity to have much control over what they do. This happens in not only their creative expression in their stocking decoration but also in what they wanted to put in their stocking. Partners with Purpose in this way uniquely helps to give them these opportunities as well as train able-bodied students to understand disability and remove the stigmas that limit people and divide the Jenks High School community. Partners with Purpose is excited to plan more outings for our members and their partners. Prospective events include a board game day in advisory as well as the group attendance of a basketball game.

Key Club Favorites By: Sana Shaikh To me, Key Club is undoubtedly the best youth leadership and service group! Not only do we help the community and society, but also we create bonds with our fellow volunteers. There are many favorites things about Key Club, here are some of them. One main idea that truly makes Key Club special is the idea of collaboration. Collaboration not only helps create new ideas, but it assists in friend making. It helps one see different perspectives of others and learn so much; It’s absolutely better than working alone. We get meet new friends and create fantastic memories! Key Club in general is a group that never stops giving to the community and it’s the largest studentled organization, not just nationally, but internationally. We all also build our leadership skills and never stop giving up. When I was in middle school, I was constantly hearing about Key Club and all the fun activities that were occurring in the Club. It truly sparked my interest in the club, and I am so thankful that I signed up for this opportunity. My favorite things about Key Club is that it helped my selfconfidence grow, and I learned how to take action whenever something needs to be done.

I also love the amount of fundraising we do for our community, whether it is for UNICEF, or the Jenks Food Bank, or the other organizations we raise money for. Not only is it a great help to our surrounding society, but it opens our minds and hearts. Lastly, I would like to touch on the most important and favorite thing to me about Key Club, which is the amount of diversity that this club withholds. It adds a comforting feeling to not just me, but to others who feel left out or feel like they don’t fit in. It gives them a place to feel comfortable. It helps others learn from each other and helps to understanding. It increases cooperation, collaboration, and lastly, productivity. With the new year ahead of us, there are so many new opportunities of service and helping others. This will be extremely encouraging to volunteers, and I am absolutely sure that new projects will appear. Let’s all strive this year to be a community of unity and to inspire others to do good! Being apart of Key Club has not only helped build connections with others, and to gain new experiences, but the most important thing is that we are giving back to the community and helping individuals.


CONGRATULATIONS to Janet Hong For being the December Board Member of the Month!


Ciin Dim For being the December General Member of the Month!


Jenks Key Club’s Winter Clothing Drive By: Emily Turner This past month, the Wright Elementary Board held a warm winter clothing drive for the school Hawthorne Elementary. Over forty students gathered coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and books for children from ages kindergarten through sixth grade. Because it was the holiday season, we incorporated Key Club's annual ‘key angels’ into the drive. Printed keys, with an individual list of needed items for a boy or girl of a certain age, were picked up by students. Hawthorne Elementary is an elementary located in north Tulsa and is attended by over three hundred students. During the winter months unfortunately, attendance at the school is down. One of the main reasons for this, is because the school does not have bus transportation, meaning many kids walk to school. In the winter this is an even bigger problem because many kids cannot walk to school since they don't have warm coats or proper winter attire, which is why attendance drops. Some kids who do continue to walk to school throughout the winter, sometimes show up in sandals, shorts, or without coats. It would be understandably harder for a student to concentrate on school work and learning throughout the day if they walk a couple miles to school in the cold, and feel cold at school throughout the day.

Jenks Key club was very fortunate to have an opportunity to work with Hawthorne Elementary and gather coats, hats, gloves and books for the students. It has helped provide more students with warm items that fit which will help them be able to come to school every day and learn. Jenks key club’s motto is, “caring- our way of life”. This project has been an example of that motto by allowing students from our school to participate in supporting students across our community. This past month has been successful with the coat clothing drive project and we hope to have more successful projects in 2017.



New Years Resolutions By: Sanjeev Musuvathy

I, like the majority of high school students, find myself jam packed with activities and schoolwork that leaves my free time to a minimal. Unfortunately, by taking those extra Advanced Placement courses as well as becoming active in other clubs, my volunteering time has taken a steep decline. Now, the majority of the population likes to set out a New Year’s resolution every single year, and just like most I usually end up eating cake and not exercising come midJanuary, but I actually plan on following through on mine this year. My New Year’s resolution for Key Club specifically is a twofold. First, I plan on diverting time and energy to ensure that I will be able to volunteer far more often than I have been. Of course, this will take copious amounts of effort, however the great societal benefits from dedicating time to volunteering definitively outweigh that extra time that needs to be invested. Second, I plan on trying many more projects this year. The majority of the time, my volunteering has been centered on a few projects. From volunteering at the Math and Science center’s tutoring times, to volunteering at the Eastern Oklahoma Food Bank and the Jenks Food Bank, I sometimes feel my volunteering sources are too limited.

Those sources of volunteer hours happen to be the only ones I do (other than the occasional debate tournament volunteering). Next semester, I would like to branch out, trying many different projects. Projects like the Aquarium, the hospital, and Kids to Kids programs at various elementary schools seem extremely interesting. I think every member of Key Club should create their own New Year’s resolution, if not for giving a better ideology and direction for the club as a whole, but also by improving our ability, as a club, to get out there and volunteer. By trying to branch out and go to different projects, and thus garner new experiences, we can help those who are rarely helped. Far too many projects don’t get the volunteers that such projects merit, but by trying to go to new projects, we can fill those volunteer gaps! And everyone is busy, but as the great philosopher Socrates once said “Beware the barrenness of a busy life”. I know there’s a good chance we will all end up collapsing on most of our New Year’s resolutions within a week, but let’s try to make our Key Club resolutions stick!




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