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Division 25W April Newsletter

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Table of Contents


President’s First Message


Feeding Children One Day at a Time


My Experience at DCON 2016


Extending My Key Club Family


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President’s First Message Greetings fellow Key Clubbers, I am honored to serve as your president for the 2016-2017 school year. A successful year of service has been completed, which can be highlighted with the numerous awards we received at district convention. Jenks Key Club housed an Outstanding Treasurer, won the Platinum Single Service Project, placed two people in the quiz bowl and talent show, got recognized for distinguished website, claimed five scholarships, placed 8th best club in district, and received the honor of distinguished club. WOW. We are a wonderful club! I would like to continue this tradition of excellence for the upcoming year by addressing a few goals: strive to be the #1 club in the district, implement K-Kids in the intermediate schools, increase club membership and participation with avid volunteer activities and events, and further our Kfamily connections! These goals can only be achieved with YOUR help, so this year I challenge you to augment and bring out your inner-volunteeringloving-self to help change this world one step at a time. If you would like to get more involved in Jenks Key Club this year, be sure to pick up a board member application from Mrs. Langley’s room starting May 5th. Here’s to the best year Jenks Key Club has ever seen! Your President,

Hardi Patel Hardi Patel, Club President



Feeding Children One Day at a Time By: Dominique Savage Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a Christian non-profit organization that strives to go beyond just filling the stomachs of malnourished children. They also wish to open hope and faith within every child’s spirit and soul.  Jenks Key Club helped FMSC pack meals over the course of four days in eight two-hour sessions.  This particular event took place at Liberty Church in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, as they held their eighth year of participating in the mobilepack.  Our club was a part of the 1,014 volunteers that packed over 279,936 meals total.  This means that 766 kids in 70 different countries around the world can be fed with one meal a day for an entire year! The process of packing was broken down to an art form.  Before anyone started any job, every volunteer was required to wash their hands.  Those dealing with the food were required to wear gloves.  Jobs include people to do heavy lifting, people to fill the bags with proportioned ingredients, people to weigh the bags, people to seal the bags, people to pack the boxes full,

and people to label the boxes with stickers. The hand packaged and filled bags have their own special name, MannaPack.  The name was chosen to capture the meaning of FMSC’s mission, manna means food or something of value that provides nourishment unexpectedly of possible divine origin. Inside each bag is 6 meals/servings consisting of a formula of rice, soy, vitamins, and dehydrated vegetables.  This food blend is designed to save lives, improve the health, growth, and physical well-being of children in immediate danger of starvation.  Each bag is carefully measured to weighed between 380 and 400 grams. To produce a single meal, it costs less than 25 cents, and FMSC devotes more than 90% of total donations to feeding kids.  Once a station has filled and sealed 32 bags, the boxer can pack those bags into the box.  36 boxes make a flat.  

Also, FMSC welcomes both children and adults to pack, this allows for whole families to contribute. When packing, the atmosphere is not dull at all, it is joyful and exciting.  After a station has finished filling a box, the station then shouts and cheers to let everyone know they have finished.  In the end, FMSC also hopes that its volunteers feel like they have made a huge difference in someone’s life while having an enjoyable experience.


My Experience at DCON 2016 By: Kathryn Aung My experience at this year’s DCON was incredibly awesome. Learning more about KEY Club International, the Kiwanis family, the projects that we’ve partnered such as the Eliminate project, March of Dimes, Children’s Miracle Network, and many more ways to get involved was transformative. It’s a bit overwhelming to think that by just joining KEY Club makes you a part of an organization that’s doing so much around the world. I was thrilled to see all the good work that we've been doing, sometimes without actually knowing it and to be there to celebrate my club’s achievement. I’ve never been more proud of being in the mighty district of Texas-Oklahoma and to be a part of KEY Club, specifically Jenks KEY Club! It was awe-inspiring to excited t learn about the different versions of KEY Club such as K-Kids for primary school children; Aktion Clubs for adults living with disabilities and CKI clubs for university students, which I am most o find out and there’s no doubt that I will join the CKI family and continue to build my home, school and community.


Forums were fun and informational as well. I highly recommend anyone who wants to know about Kiwanis to attend “K-family Konnections” forum during DCON. Guest speaker Houston Kraft and the message about choosing love was inspiring. It is truly my pleasure to be a part of Kiwanis family, to be a part of something greater than myself but also to know that I am able to make an impact and that my efforts can make a difference. My greatest pleasure was the relationships and the times I had with my fellow Key Clubbers during the DCON, especially with the seniors who I am deeply going to miss once they graduate. Besides the numerous awards and recognitions we received, the 0.1% of the memories that will stay with me are the beautiful times I enjoyed with them. By attending DCON, I was inspired and motivated to choose love, to get more involved, to be a servant leader, to make a difference, and to continue the good work we’ve been doing. I’m greatly satisfied with my decision to attend DCON and I’m looking forward to next year’s DCON with exuberance. To anyone thinking about going to next year’s DCON, you will definitely enjoy it!

Extending My Key Club Family By: Anu Thomas Key Club has been the biggest influence in high school career, from being a general member my freshman year to being the secretary of the club senior year, has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. It has been the one club I have always considered family and thinking about having to leave that family makes me sad, but I have happily decided that Key Club won’t end for me in high school. I love Key Club so much that in order to keep my key club family close, I want to start a Circle K at ORU. When I first learned about Circle K it was at DCON of my junior year in high school and although I had been considering colleges then, I hadn’t even considered joining, or even creating a Circle K. Now after being

admitted to my dream school, being more than ready to graduate and going to my last DCON (a weekend full of mixed emotions) I realized that leaving the Key Club family is not something I am prepared for, which is what sparked my idea for starting a Circle K. I’m still in the process of choosing my class schedule at ORU and finding friends who are attending, but as soon as I get adjusted on campus my hope is that I can connect with a group of people, hopefully those who have had exposure to Key Club, so that we can work together to create a Circle K and register as an official campus club, as well as an official Circle K Club for district and international.

I’m still researching the process and all the steps needed in order to have a Circle K but I definitely plan on bringing all my friends together and starting a club that can be as much as a family as Key Club was to me in high school. I want the Circle K to be a group of wonderful people who love to hang out and volunteer and make a difference in our community, because that is what Key Club is all about! I also think it is incredibly important to continue those K- Family connections, and to continue to build upon them. I am quite sad that I will be dispersing from my current Key Club family, but I know that every single one of them will always have a heart for volunteering, helping and for making a change in their communities no matter where they go, and we can thank Key Club for that!


MAY EVENTS Eliminate Week! May 2-6 Board Member applications due May 11 Board Member Interviews May 11-18 Trash Bash- email special projects for more information! ( May 14 Graduation! May 16 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! May 23



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Jenks 25W April Newsletter  

Jenks 25W April Newsletter