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Voodoo Lily

Amorphophallus bulbifer Enthralling foliage plant never fails to get attention. Flowers smelling rank, foliage is huge, stems fleshy and hollow make this a novelty; but it is a unique, useful garden plant.

Ultimate Height: Normally about 36 inches but I’ve had them reach 6 feet. In shade, they tend to be taller too. Many in the trade are seed grown in India, so leaf shape, size and coloration can vary.

Flowering Time: Flowers emerge in late May but are either insignificant, ugly or fascinating depending on your taste.

Special Care: No special care when established. Find a place with good drainage & in light shade. I have a bulb that weighed about 12 pounds when I planted it years ago. Some years it emerges, some years it doesn’t. Can get foliage damage from Japanese beetles. Gardening Tips: Distinctive in foliage and habit. Great to plant on a bank where you can see the ‘stems’. Select a place with good winter drainage. Suggested Combinations: Great with low groundcovers where contrast in forms is enhanced.

Foliage: Spectacular, burgundy spotted ‘stems’ arise in late May. Over the years, as bulbs mature, these ‘stems’ get thick as your wrist. And multiple leaves emerge from one bulb. Leaves look great through July but wither away by fall. Growth Rate: Medium to fast. According to Aroid specialist, this will thrive into the Mid-west & zone 6.

Voodoo lily  
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