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Early Childhood Family Education ECFE Class Catalog

Registration begins August 10 at 8:00 a.m. A program of Community Education Services For more information call 952-226-0952


CONTENTS Early Childhood Contacts

Welcome to ECFE.......................................................................................... 3


ECFE............................................................................................................. 4

Julie Miller 952-226-0952 fax 952-226-0949

Edgewood School.......................................................................................... 5 Registration Information................................................................................ 6

Infants & Toddlers...................................................................................... 7-8

Circle of Friends Preschool

Two’s and Three’s......................................................................................... 8

Jenna Johnson

Preschoolers............................................................................................ 9-10

952-226-0956 fax 952-226-0949

Multi-Age Classes................................................................................... 10-12

ECFE Calendar............................................................................................ 12

Early Childhood Screening

Circle of Friends Preschool.................................................................... 13-14

Deb Tribby 952-226-0975 fax 952-226-0935 Early Childhood Special Education

Community Education.................................................................................. 15

Special Events at Edgewood

Rachele Gunter 952-226-0980 fax 952-226-0981

Boo Dash Family Event October 13 10:00-11:30

Early Learning Coordinator

Becca Richardson 952-226-0908


Environmental Education Celebration Family Event May 2, 2019




Gingerbread Family Event & Winter Gear Drive December 1 10:00-11:30

End of Year Celebration May 28, 2019 4:30-6:00

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WELCOME to ECFE Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to explore our catalog to learn more about the programs and services we offer to hundreds of lifelong learners in our district. This is an exciting time to be part of Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools (PLSAS)! Our district is growing rapidly. Thanks to voter approval of PLSAS’ two school funding requests last fall, construction projects are underway to accommodate our increasing enrollment. Through 2020, you will notice renovations and additions taking place throughout the district, as well as construction of a new elementary school and new Bridges Area Learning Center. To stay up-to-date on all of our projects, you can check out our dedicated web page that includes a construction phasing plan, building designs, stakeholder input process, FAQs and more. The following page will be updated frequently: .

Teri Staloch, Ed. D Superintendent Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools

We are grateful to our community for making this investment to help ensure all learners have the spaces, staff and materials they need to succeed. Be well, Teri Staloch, Ed. D. Superintendent

Dear Early Learning Families, Welcome to a new school year! We are very excited to share our new programming catalog with you. New this year, you have the option to register for Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions at the start of the year. You may still register seasonally if you prefer. Also new this year are slightly adjusted class times, more preschool-aged class options, additional Lunch Bunch sections, and a class specifically dedicated to families of young children with special needs. Research shows family engagement in school supports positive educational and developmental outcomes. At its foundation, ECFE programs begin to build the family-school relationship, create opportunities to build your network of support, and start your littlest learners on a positive educational journey. We can’t wait to partner with you this year and hope to see you soon!

Becca Richardson Early Learning Coordinator

All the Best, Becca For more information call 952-226-0952



Early Childhood Family Education ECFE is a program that strengthens families with young children through play, education and support.

Did you Know?

ECFE is not just for parents! All special grown-ups are invited to particpate in ECFE! Grandparents, nannies, aunts and uncles all enjoy and participate in classes.

Parent/Caregiver Perks: -

Support and encouragement in your role as a parent or caregiver Current research-based information on child development Peer connection: We are in this together! Community connections: Awareness of community resources and support services - Dedicated time together with your special little one

Child Benefits:

- Forming friendships - School readiness support - Dedicated time together with your special grown-up


Class Sliding Fees ECFE uses a sliding-fee scale based upon your household’s annual gross income. Scholarships are available for families who live in Prior Lake-Savage Area School District. Family Income Year Long Fall/Spring Winter $100,001+ $312 $108 $96 $80,001-$100,000 $260 $90 $80 $60,001-$80,000 $208 $72 $64 $40,001-$60,000 $130 $45 $40 $20,001-$40,000 $104 $36 $32 $0-$20,000 $29 $10 $9 Sibling Care $156 $54 $48 Sibling Care for CoF students before/after preschool is $10 for F/W/S & $54 Year

Sibling Care

Childcare is available during most classes for siblings from 7 weeks to age 5. A child under 7 weeks old may stay with their parent. Register for sibling care at the same time you register for a class. This cost is a family fee, not an individual fee per child.


Visit us online at

Edgewood School ECFE

Early Childhood Family Education is the first connection between families and the school district. ECFE is a program unique to Minnesota and is offered in over 300 school districts throughout the state. The mission of ECFE is to support and strengthen families - the first and most important teacher in a young child’s life.

Early Childhood Screening

Minnesota law requires early childhood screening for all children before they begin kindergarten. The purpose of the screening is to check all areas of a child’s development. Make an early childhood screening appointment after your child’s 3rd birthday. Call today for an appointment: 952-226-0975 or email

Circle of Friends Preschool

Circle of Friends is a Prior Lake-Savage Area School District’s 4-Star Rated, ESTEM preschool. We offer half-day and full-day classes in traditional or nature-based settings for 3, 4 and 5 year old children. Please see page 13 & 14 for more information.

Early Childhood Special Education

Do you have questions or concerns about your child’s development regarding behavior, communication, learning or social skills? Please call 952-226-0980 for more information.

Early Learning Advisory Council

The Early Learning Advisory Council assists with planning, promoting and supporting all early childhood prgrams. The council’s primary goal is to serve as an advocate of the early learning community, representing what is best for children, families, programs and the community. Representatives from Edgewood, Grainwood, Glendale and Jeffers Pond serve together. Learn more here: Facebook: Early Learning Advisory Council Instagram: elac_advisory Twitter: @ELAC_advisory

La ola del lago - Spanish Immersion School

At La ola del lago Spanish Immersion School (“Wave of the Lake”) the K-4 immersion classrooms are similiar to traditional classrooms, except all instruction from the homeroom teacher is in Spanish. Immersion teachers cover the same curriculum and hold the same rigorous academic standards for success as our teachers who teach in traditional English elementary schools. La ola del lago will add a grade each year until it is its own K-5 elementary. For more information, call Richie Kucinski, Director de La ola del lago, at 952-226-0903 .

Think Small - ParentPowered Texts

Have fun and boost your child’s learning. When you sign up for texts, you will receive three texts each week: Fun facts and tips to icrease motor skills, improve language and health development. Free and easy signup at

For more information call 952-226-0952


Registration Information / FAQ Registration begins for all classes on August 10 at 8:00 a.m.

Location of Classes

Edgewood School 5304 Westwood Dr SE, Prior Lake Big round blue building in the northwest corner of the campus. NOT Westwood Elementary. See page 2 for a picture of our building.

If a class is full, complete online registration so your

enrollment request is on our witing list. We look at the number of people on waiting lists to determine if class sections can be added.

What do I need on the first day of class?

How do I register?

Online: Discounts cannot be redeemed online. In-Person: Visit Edgewood School’s main office MonFri between 8:00 and 1:00. **You now may register for all 3 sessions at one-time.

Does an adult need to attend?

Yes. ECFE classes require particpation from an adult caregiver (parent, grandparent, nanny, etc.).

What are the age requirements?

Children must meet the age requirements within the first week of class unless otherwise specified in the description.

Registration Limitation

Each child can participate in one age-specific class per session. This limitation does not apply to multi-age classes.

Class Separation Explanation

Non-separating: Parent educators support interations in the classroom. Gradually separating: Grown-ups and parent educators begin the separation process slowly, being sensitive to the readiness of the children. Flexibly separating: Parents and teachers decide separation timing together based upon the needs of the group. Separating: Children spend time with their teacher while grown-ups gather with a parent educator for part of the class. Do I need to live in school district 719 to attend? We welcome all Minnesota families. Scholarships are limited to in-district residents.


Waiting Lists

Bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate (First class only) and current immunization records to the office. You may also fax them to 952-226-0949 or email them, Most clinics will fax records to our office if requested. If your child is behind in immunizations, catch up at; Scott County Public Health Valley Green Work Force Center 792 Canterbury Rd S, Shakopee 952-496-8555 (by appointment only)

Can I register after the class has started? Registrations will be accepted until a class has filled. Fees will be prorated. Register early to avoid cancelled classes due to low enrollment.

What if my class is cancelled?

A class may need to be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. If this is the case, families will be notified by phone or email one week before class is scheduled to begin. Families affected will receive a full refund.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations two weeks prior to the first day of class will receive a full refund, minus a $10 processing fee. Cancellations once classes have started are subject to a $35 processing fee and class fees will be prorated if we are able to fill the opening.

UCare Health Plan Member Discount

UCare members may be eligible for a discount on ECFE classes. The child must be on UCare at the time of registration and for the duration of the class. Due to the discount, you must register in person.

Visit us online at


Oh Baby! (Birth - 12 months) Non-separating

Build a community with your parenting peers within our comfortable, supportive environment. While playing, singing and relaxing with your babies, parents will share stories about their baby’s growth and development while discussing strategies for developing healthy babies with a licensed parent educator.

Course # 1-baby-WA 2-baby-WA 3-baby-WA 1-baby-TP 2-baby-TP 3-baby-TP

Session Fall Winter Spring Fall Winter Spring

Day Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

Time 9:00-10:15 9:00-10:15 9:00-10:15 5:30-6:45 5:30-6:45 5:30-6:45

E-STEM Explorations (12-24 months)

Teacher Trina Trina Trina Trina Trina Trina

Room 101 101 101 101 101 101



Toddlers are natural investigators and this class is designed to bring out the best of their new found abilities. Weekly age-appropriate explorations will allow them to discover new things in their world and give you a chance to learn more about how environmental education, science, technology, engineering and math (E-STEM) can be easily incorporated into your toddler’s day. Parents/caregivers will investigate topics surrounding E-STEM learning and loose part play.

Course # 1-estem-F 2-estem-F 3-estem-F

Session Fall Winter Spring

Day Friday Friday Friday

Time 9:00-10:15 9:00-10:15 9:00-10:15

Teacher Michelle/Trina Michelle/Trina Michelle/Trina

Room 101 101 101

One’s (12-23 months) Non-separating

The world is a “one-derland” of fun when you are one. Everything is new and exciting, and all experiences offer opportunities to learn. Join this class for helpful strategies to support the transition from baby to toddler from a licensed parent educator, children’s teacher and a group of your peers.

Course # YR-one-T 1-one-M 2-one-M 3-one-M

Session Year Long Fall Winter Spring

Day Tuesday Monday Monday Monday

Time 9:00-10:15 11:00-12:15 11:00-12:15 11:00-12:15

For more information call 952-226-0952

Teacher Michelle/Rochelle Trina/Rochelle Trina/Rochelle Trina/Rochelle


Room 101 101 101 101

One’s and Two’s (18-32 months) Gradually-separating

These busy-body babes eagerly experience the world around them with all of their senses, while still desiring a strong connection with their grown-ups to feel secure. Come make connections with others while bonding with your child in a gradually separating and engaging environment. Enjoy the support of a licensed parent educator and children’s teacher in this fun and friendly class.

Course # 1-onetwo-TP 2-onetwo-TP 3-onetwo-TP

Session Fall Winter Spring

Day Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

Time 5:30-6:45 5:30-6:45 5:30-6:45

Teacher Becki/Rochelle Becki/Rochelle Becki/Rochelle

Room 121 121 121

Toddler Lunch Bunch (18-30 months) Non-separating

Come join us each Friday for time to play, eat lunch and share stories and songs with other families of little ones. Pack a picnic for your toddler and meet old and new friends at Edgewood each week for our brand new class offering designed with toddlers in mind.

Course # 1-tlb-F 2-tlb-F 3-tlb-F

Session Fall Winter Spring

Day Friday Friday Friday

Time 11:00-12:15 11:00-12:15 11:00-12:15

Teacher Michelle/Trina Michelle/Trina Michelle/Trina

Room 101 101 101

TWO’S AND THREE’S Two’s (24-35 months) Flexible-separating

In this class there will be time for parents and children to interact/spend time/play together and time for parents to discuss a variety of topics with a parent educator while children socialize under the care of an early childhood teacher.

Course # YR-two-M 1-two-T 2-two-T 3-two-T

Session Year Long Fall Winter Spring


Day Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

Time 9:00-10:15 11:00-12:15 11:00-12:15 11:00-12:15

Teacher Trina/Rochelle Michelle/Rochelle Michelle/Rochelle Michelle/Rochelle

Room 101 101 101 101

Visit us online at

Two’s and Three’s (24-47 months) Separating

In this class there will be time for parents and children to interact/spend time/play together and time for parents to discuss a variety of topics with a parent educator while children socialize under the care of an early childhood teacher.

Course # 1-twoth-W 2-twoth-W 3-twoth-W 1-twoth-Th 2-twoth-Th 3-twoth-Th

Session Fall Winter Spring Fall Winter Spring

Day Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Thursday

Time 11:00-12:15 11:00-12:15 11:00-12:15 9:00-10:15 9:00-10:15 9:00-10:15

Teacher Trina/Rochelle Trina/Rochelle Trina/Rochelle Michelle/Rochelle Michelle/Rochelle Michelle/Rochelle

Room 101 101 101 101 101 101

PRESCHOOLERS Littlest Lakers Club (2 - 3.5 years) Non-separating

Interested in the Little Lakers Club but not quite ready for a separating class? This ECFE class offers a project appproach to learning; introducing your littlest laker to new experiences through guided, hands-on activities.

Course # 1-LtLC-F 2-LtLC-F 3-LtLC-F

Session Fall Winter Spring

Day Friday Friday Friday

Time 9:00-10:15 9:00-10:15 9:00-10:15

Teacher Rochelle Rochelle Rochelle

Room 121 121 121

Little Lakers Club (2.5 - 5 years) Separating

If you are currently caring for a curious kid, join the club! This ECFE class offers a project approach to learning, introducing your little laker to a new experiences through guided, hands-on activities. Each unique project will provide opportunities for interaction, communication and skill-building. While children are investigating, creating and discovering, parents and cargivers will have time to get together and discuss their own interests, whether it be the challenges and celebrations of raising a 21st century student or engaging in a community driven project of their own with the support of a licensed parent educator.

Course # 1-LLC-F 2-LLC-F 3-LLC-F

Session Fall Winter Spring

Day Friday Friday Friday

Time 11:00-12:15 11:00-12:15 11:00-12:15

For more information call 952-226-0952

Teacher Becki/Rochelle Becki/Rochelle Becki/Rochelle


Room 121 121 121

Circle of Friends Lunch Bunch - STUDENTS ONLY Circle of Friends morning or afternoon students at Edgewood School

Children will gather to eat lunch with our early childhood staff, then engage in interesting projects and enrichment activities designed to reinforce skills and knowledge they are learning in preschool. This class is designed for CoF morning or afternoon students on any day that they attend preschool. **Parents MUST send a lunch to school with their student.


Session Year Long Year Long Year Long Year Long Year Long

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Time 11:30-1:00 11:30-1:00 11:30-1:00 11:30-1:00 11:30-1:00

Teacher Diane Diane Diane Diane Diane

Room 121 152 121 152 113

Preschool Extension (3 - 5 years) *child only Non-separating

Not ready for the traditional preschool experience? Would you like some time to run errands? This is the perfect class for your preschooler and you. Your child will have a shortened preschool experience all the while having access to all the school readiness skills that are taught in a traditional preschool setting. This is a child only class with parents dropping-off and picking-up like a traditional preschool class here at Edgewood. Parents must attend the first class to receive important information. NO SIBCARE AVAILABLE

Course # 1-pse-F 2-pse-F 3-pse-F

Session Fall Winter Spring

Day Friday Friday Friday

Time 1:15-2:45 1:15-2:45 1:15-2:45

Teacher Trina/Rochelle Trina/Rochelle Trina/Rochelle

Room 126 126 126

Preschool Express (3 - 5 years) Separating

If family circumstances have prevented your child from participating in a traditional preschool experience, this unique evening class might be just right for you. Specifically designed for children ages 3 to 5, Preschool Express provides a year-long opportunity for children to practice school readiness skills and for the adults in their lives to prepare for the transition to kindergarten. We’ll take a gentle approach to separation, with time for parent-child interaction in the fall and winter, and tapering off to independent preschool experience in the spring. All the while, we’ll be working on building self-confidence in the classroom setting, pre-literacy and emerging math and science knowledge, social and emotional competence and speech and language development.

Course # YR-pe-MP

Session Year Long

Day Monday

Time 5:30-6:45

Teacher Becki/Diane

Room 121


Community Outreach Pike Lake Marsh - Village Commons

This free weekly class is offered to families residing in the Pike Lake Marsh and Village Commons apartment and townhome communities. For more information contact Michelle Prosen at 952-226-0954. 10 Visit us online at

Dad’s Class (0 - 5 years) Non-separating

Dad, this is your chance to enjoy some quality time with your children without having to clean up the mess. Explore, take risks and engage in active play together. A licensed early childhood teacher and parent educator will be on hand to answer questions and support you in your important role.

Course # 1-dad-MP 2-dad-MP 3-dad-MP

Session Fall Winter Spring

Day Monday Monday Monday

Time 5:30-6:45 5:30-6:45 5:30-6:45

Teacher Kim C/Rochelle Kim C/Rochelle Kim C/Rochelle

Room 152 152 152

The Heart and Science of Parenting (1 - 5 years) Separating

Science has something to say about how children grow and develop, but there’s definitely an art to creative parenting. Here’s your chance to meet up with other parents/caregivers to discuss what’s trending in research and explore what might work in your household. While you’re investigating evidence-based strategies for boosting your child’s physical, emotional and social competence, your little ones will play and discover with a licensed early childhood teacher and staff. Don’t forget to register your Circle of Friends preschooler if they will be joining us after their school day. **Sibling care is available for your infant from 6 weeks to 1 year.

Course # YR-hsp-Th

Session Year Long

Day Thursday

Time 11:00-12:15

Teacher Michelle/Rochelle

Room 101

Here and There with ECFE (0 - 5 years)

Best suited for children 2 - 5; younger siblings may attend at parent’s discretion Non-separating

Monday mornings have just become prime time for exploring! Join other families of curious kids as we travel here and there and do this and that. Our projects and destinations will be determined by the group, combining time in our environmental learning space with various field trips to support participant interest. **Fees may be charged at field trip venues. NO SIBCARE AVAILABLE

Class Location: McColl Pond ELC - 13550 Dakota Ave S, Savage Course # 1-htecfe-M 2-htecfe-M 3-htecfe-M

Session Fall Winter Spring

Day Monday Monday Monday

Time 9:45-11:00 9:45-11:00 9:45-11:00

Teacher Michelle Michelle Michelle

Play and Move (2 - 5 years) Non-separating

Our motor room is the perfect setting for this action packed class, filled with opportunities for children to strengthen their gross motor skills, whole body coordination and balance, all the while practicing taking turns, sharing and playing in a group setting. A variety of activities and equipment will be introduced by our expereinced early childhood teacher to make sure both you and your little mover have lots of fun as you play and move together.

Course # 1-pam-W 2-pam-W 3-pam-W

Session Fall Winter Spring

Day Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

Time 9:00-10:15 9:00-10:15 9:00-10:15

For more information call 952-226-0952

Teacher Rochelle Rochelle Rochelle 11

Room 138 138 138

Special Families with Special Needs (0 - 5 years) Separating

Appointments, paperwok, therapies, treatments. You know you’re busy; we know you deserve this time to refuel! Make ECFE your weekly opportunity to connect with other parents of children with extra needs to share stories, resources, challenges and successes. Conversations may at times be supplemented with visits from guest speakers, as group interest and need dictates. While grown-ups meet, children will be cared for by our experienced teachers and assistants in a safe and developmentally appropriate classroom setting. As with all ECFE classes, scholarships are available and no one will be turned away due to an inability to pay.

Course # 1-sfsn-MP 2-sfsn-MP 3-sfsn-MP

Session Fall Winter Spring

Day Monday Monday Monday

Time 5:30-6:45 5:30-6:45 5:30-6:45

Teacher Michelle/Kim G Michelle/Kim G Michelle/Kim G

Room 126 126 126

ECFE 2018-2019 Calendar

October 13 - Boo Dash December 1 - Gingerbread Event May 2 - Environmental Education May 28 - End of Year Celebration

12 Visit us online at

PRESCHOOL Circle of Friends Preschool 4 Star Rated Program An E-STEM School Why Choose Circle of Friends Preschool? • Nature or traditional preschool programming options • Half-day and full-day preschool options • Preschool programming offered at multiple convenient locations • Circle of Friends Preschool is the district’s preschool program. Learning goals and outcomes are aligned with district kindergarten readiness expectations in a developmentally appropriate, child-centered manner. We’re Proud of our 4-Star Parent Aware Rating! Parent Aware ratings are based on demonstrated use of practices that best prepare children for kindergarten. Circle of Friends Preschool has been awarded the highest ranking possible, identifying us as a high quality early education program. Preschool Options Circle of Friends Preschool offers classes for children 3, 4 and 5 years old. Children must be 3 years old and toilet trained by September 1, 2018 to participate. Our classes range from 2 to 5 days a week, and include both half-day and full-day options. Both options provide the same curriculum outcomes and include environmental education in outdoor classroom spaces. Curriculum Our preschool curriculum focuses on social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative development with strong emphasis on pre-math and pre-literacy skills. It is aligned with Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools’ elementary curriculum standards, and state and national early childhood standards, which ensures a strong start in school for all children. Enrollment for 2018-2019 At this time, there are limited openings for the 2018-2019 school year. Information can be found on our webpage:

For more information call 952-226-0956


PRESCHOOL Enrollment for 2019-2020 Registration for the 2019-2020 school year will begin on February 1, 2019. If you would like to receive registration information, call our preschool office at 952-226-0956 in December to ensure you are on our mailing list. Mark your calendar for the upcoming preschool visitation opportunities before registration begins.

Peek Into Preschool You and your preschooler are invited to visit Circle of Friends Preschool classrooms during our Peek into Preschool events. You will have the opportunity to learn about our program options and spend time with our licensed preschool teachers. Locations: Jeffers Pond: 4 year old full-day nature classes Grainwood: 4 year old full-day traditional classes Glendale: 4 year old half-day nature classes Edgewood: 3 & 4 half-day and 3 year old full-day classes January 7, 5:00-6:30 at Edgewood Other locations dates and times TBD. No need to register.

Tour and Talk For an adult-only visit to our program, join one of these Tour and Talk presentations at Edgewood School. Dates and Times: December 5, 10:00 a.m.

December 17, 12:00 p.m.

January 10, 3:00 p.m.

January 29, 5:00 p.m.

February 13, 10:00 a.m.

March 13, 10:00 a.m.

April 10, 10:00 a.m.

May 8, 10:00 a.m.

No need to register. For more information about out preschool program, visit our webpage:

14 Visit us online at

Community Education If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Drawing Workshop with Young Rembrandts (Ages 3.5-6) Young artists and early readers will explore the world of Laura Numeroff in this workshop full of art and reading. Students will create wonderful drawings and bring their favorite stories to life by combining creativity and imagination! Children must be accompanied by a caregiver. #2556X Saturdays, Oct. 6-Nov. 10 9:00-10:00am (no class Oct. 20) 5 Sessions $59 TOMS Room TBD Young Rembrandts Instructor

Color Encounter Art Class with Kidcreate Studio (18 months-6 yrs) Give your young artist an opportunity to explore the wonderful world of art. Your child will enjoy learning about primary and secondary colors while getting messy with lots of ooey, gooey sensory play. Each class will involve a sensory encounter and an art project designed to lay the foundation for a lifelong love of art. Children must be accompanied by a caregiver. #2708 Saturdays Nov 3-Dec 1 10:30-11:30am (No class Nov 24) 4 Sessions $59 TOMS Art Room Kidcreate Studio Instructor

Puddle Stompers (Ages 3-5) Play outside, and have a licensed teacher help guide your exploration and get you thinking about questions and solutions related to the plants, snow and critters that will be your toys and learning tools. Art, reading, science, basic life skills, and math all collide in the natural world. Dress to be outside everyday (rain boots, winter gear, etc)! Unless the weather is unsafe you will spend time outside each class. #2908H Tuesdays, Sept. 25-Oct. 30 4:15-5:15pm 6 Sessions $65 McColl Pond ELC Cottonwood Room Instructor: Licensed Teacher, Amanda (Sterna) McNearney

Fall Community Fest Free Fun for All Ages! Food, Live music, Over 200 non-profit organizations and businesses, family scavenger hunt, and more. Sponsored by PLSAS Community Education, Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce & Savage Chamber of Commerce. Monday, September 17th 6:00-8:30 pm Prior Lake High School Music Together (Ages Newborn – 6 years with parent or Guardian) Sing, dance, play, learn! Music Together is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed music and movement classes for infants, toddlers, preschoolers— and the grown-ups who love them. Experience delightful ways to interact musically with your children that are designed to encourage their overall development—their cognitive, verbal, physical, social, emotional AND music development. The rich music environment in class, full of opportunities for experimentation and play, will help your child grow into a confident, lifelong music maker. Infants under eight months attend free with paid sibling. Free trial classes are offered on September 13th and 17th. #2904 Mondays, Sept 24-Nov 26 10:15-11 am & 11:15-12:00 Prior Lake Public Library -ORThursdays, Sept 27-Dec 6 (no class on Nov 22) 9:30-10:15 am & 10:30-11:15 am* Savage Senior Living at Fen Pointe

*The 10:30 class is a “Generations” class which is a mixed-age parent/ child class with the added benefit of having residents of Savage Senior Living participating. Music Together Cost: $143 for the first registered child, $99 for each additional sibling 8 months or over. A mandatory $43 materials fee will be collected on the first day of class

For more information call 952-226-0080

May I Have your Attention, Please (Adults) Tips for parents to help themselves and children stay focused and get motivated! Lack of motivation and organization, procrastination, impulsive behavior and not listening are common parental complaints particularly when ADHD is involved. Attention issues result in high frustration levels and keep individuals from achieving their full potential. Identify the different types of attention, how they impact learning and performance as well as practical strategies to improve attention skills. There will be time for Q&A. #PIN9.25.18 Tuesday, Sept. 25 6:30-8:45pm PLHS Lecture Hall $10/Person or $15/Pair Instructors: Cindy Lea & Rich Frieder

Halloween Party- Ages 1-12 Enjoy games, prizes, inflatables, treats, costume contests, a haunted house, and more! Parent supervision is required for children under 9. Saturday, October 27 2:30-5:00 Twin Oaks Middle School $5 (infants and adults are free)


EDGEWOOD SCHOOL 5304 Westwood Dr. SE Prior Lake, MN 55372 952-226-0950

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 30 Prior Lake, MN

New for 2018-2019 *Adjusted Class Times

*More 3-5 Year Old Class Options

*Lunch Bunch for AM and PM CoF Classes

*Register for the ENTIRE Year

Here and There with ECFE (0 - 5 years) (Page 11)

Best suited for children 2 - 5; younger siblings may attend at parent’s discretion Non-separating Monday mornings have just become prime time for exploring! Join other families of curious kids as we travel here and there and do this and that. Our projects and destinations will be determined by the group, combining time in our environmental learning space with various field trips to support participant interest. **Fees may be charged at field trip venues. NO SIBCARE AVAILABLE

Class Location: McColl Pond ELC - 13550 Dakota Ave S, Savage

ECFE Catalog 2018-2019 - Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools  
ECFE Catalog 2018-2019 - Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools