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Early Childhood Family Education

ECFE Programs


Ages Birth - Kindergarten ECFE Session 3 - Spring 2017 (February 27 - May 26)

ECFE Registration Schedule Session 3 (Spring): Registration begins January 17 Summer: Registration begins May 2 REGISTRATION OPENS ONLINE AT 8:00 A.M. A program of Community Education Services

CONTACTS Early Childhood Programs

Rebecca Richardson, Early Learning Coordinator 952-226-0908 Richie Kucinski, Director of Spanish Immersion and Early Learning 952-226-0903

ECFE & Preschool Jenna Johnson, Secretary 952-226-0950 / fax: 952-226-0949

Early Childhood Screening Deb Tribby, Secretary 952-226-0975 / fax: 952-226-0935

Early Childhood Special Education Rachele Gunter, Secretary 952-226-0980 / fax: 952-226-0981

WELCOME Welcome to Early Childhood Family Education! Here at Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools, we pride ourselves on being a destination for outstanding education, innovation and collaboration. And we know that with you as your child’s most important teacher, Dr. Teri Staloch, Superintendent education begins at home. Our ECFE Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools staff is here to support you and help strengthen families by offering a wide range of opportunities for children ages birth to kindergarten.

This is a time of unprecedented growth in our district. New housing developments, combined with families moving into existing homes within our boundaries, can be attributed to our largest increases in student enrollment growth. Because of this growth, we have established a Facilities Task Force that will create facilities plan design options that address this growth and space needs. Our hope is that – as parents of our youngest learners – you will stay engaged with us throughout this planning process.  

You can find more information on our website: and on social media:, and @isd719 on Instagram.

Our mission is to educate all learners—including our youngest—and to help them reach their full potential. We know you will find an ECFE program that is right for you and your early learner!



Welcome to Edgewood..................................3 Welcome to ECFE..........................................4 Calendar-at-a-Glance....................................5 FAQ...............................................................5 Infant Classes & Toddler Classes...................6 2 to 3 Year-Old Classes..................................7 Specialty Classes....................................... 7-9 Community Education.................................. 10 What Happens at Edgewood........................ 11 Circle of Friends Preschool......................... 12 Registration Form................................... 13-14 Schedule At-a-Glance.................................. 15

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Welcome to Edgewood Rebecca Richardson, Early Learning Coordinator

Hello and welcome to Prior Lake-Savage Area School’s Early Childhood Programming! It is often said that parenting is the toughest job one can hold, yet it can also be the most fulfilling. In PLSAS Early Childhood Programs, we strongly believe that the most effective, impactful learning and development occurs during 0-5 years of age. We are here to support you throughout these wondrous early years of your child’s life with a variety of programming tailored to meet your family’s unique needs. New baby? Look to ECFE for parent and child classes to gain a network of learning, support, and socialization. On-the-go toddler? Join a separating ECFE class where your little one can burn off some energy while you discuss helpful parenting strategies targeted to your child’s development. Three year olds should sign up for onsite Early Childhood screening to support kindergarten readiness. Approaching school age? Your 3-5 year old will benefit from the inquiry-based learning of our E-STEM Circle of Friends Preschool program in half and extended day classes. Developmental questions or concerns? Our Early Childhood Special Education programming can tailor services specific to the needs of your child in order to best prepare them for kindergarten. In all PLSAS Early Childhood Programs, you will discover a safe, nurturing environment in which to learn and grow. Our goal is to make these first school experiences supportive and positive for all community members. Welcome to Edgewood School, we are glad you are here and look forward to learning and growing together!

Richie Kucinski, Director of Spanish Immersion and Early Learning

Welcome to Edgewood School, home to early learning and La ola del lago Spanish Immersion. Edgewood has some of the most caring and talented staff, parents and students. Your child and family could not have selected a more positive school district with dedicated and passionate teachers and staff. At Edgewood School, all stakeholders of our school community are deeply committed to creating meaningful learning experiences for our most important asset – our students. At Edgewood School, we are passionate about helping each and every student learn and grow. We are committed to providing each child a safe and nurturing environment that fosters creativity, play, and innovation. Our overarching goal is that all students, families, employees, and community members – everyone who walks through our doors – feel an overwhelming sense of belonging. I would encourage you to “like” our Edgewood School Facebook page and follow along on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news, announcements, educational resources, as well as catch a glimpse of our phenomenal staff and students. • Facebook: • Twitter: @RKucinski • Please Follow (and please contribute) to our Edgewood hashtag: #EWExcellence If there is anything I can help you out with over the course of the school year, or if you have any questions, I am always happy to hear from you. I can be reached at or 952.226.0903. We look forward to your next visit.

For more information, call 952-226-0950


Welcome to ECFE ECFE is a Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools Community Education Program that strengthens families with young children through play, education, and support.

Did you know?

ECFE is not just for parents! All special grown-ups are invited to participate in ECFE! Grandparents, nannies, aunts & uncles all enjoy and participate in classes.

Parent/Caregiver Perks: • • • • •

Support & encouragement in your role as a parent or caregiver Current, research-based information on child development Peer connections: We are in this together Community connections: Awareness of community resources and support services Dedicated time together with your special little one

Child Benefits • • • • •

Forming friendships Identity development School readiness support Discovery, exploration, and creation Dedicated time together with your special grown-up


Class Sliding Fees ECFE uses a sliding-fee scale based upon your household’s annual gross income. Scholarships are available for families who live in the Prior Lake-Savage Area School District.

Annual Income

Class Fee Scale (11-weeks)

$0-20,000 $20,000-40,000 $40,000-60,000 $60,000-80,000 $80,000-100,000 $100,000+ SIBLING CARE

$12 $44 $55 $88 $110 $132 $66

Sibling Care

Childcare is available during most classes for siblings from seven weeks to age five. A child under seven weeks old may stay with their parent in class. Register for sibling care at the same time you register for a class. This cost is a family fee, not an individual fee per child. This breaks down to a small fee of $6 per class period. 4

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Calendar At-A-Glance

ECFE Frequently Asked Questions Location of Classes Edgewood School 5304 WestWood Drive SE, Prior Lake How do I register? Online: Discounts cannot be redeemed online. In-Person: Visit Edgewood School’s main office MonFri between 8:30 and 3:30 p.m. Bring your completed registration form with a check or exact cash. Does an adult need to attend? Yes. ECFE classes require participation from an adult caregiver (parent, grandparent, nanny, etc.). What Are the Age Requirements? Children must meet the age requirements within the first week of class. Registration Limitations Each child can participate in one age-specific class per session. This limitation does not apply to Specialty classes. Class Separation Explanation • Non-separating classes: Parent educators support interactions in the classroom. • Gradually separating classes: Grown-ups and parent educators begin the separation process slowly, being sensitive to the readiness of the children. • Separating classes: Children spend time with their teacher while grown-ups gather with a parent educator for part of the class. Do I Need To Live In School District 719 To Attend? We welcome ALL Minnesota families. Scholarships are limited to in-district residents.

Waiting Lists If a class is full, complete online registration so your enrollment request is on our waiting list. We look at the number of people on waiting lists to determine if class sections can be added. What do I need on the first day of class? Bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate and current immunization records to the office. Most clinics will fax immunizations directly to our office if requested. Fax: 952-226-0949, Attn: ECFE. If your child is behind in immunizations, catch up at: Scott County Public Health: Valley Green Work Force Center 792 Canterbury Road South, Shakopee 952-496-8555 (By appointment only.) Can I Register After the Class Has Started? Registrations will be accepted until a class has filled. Register early to avoid canceled classes due to low enrollment. What If My Class Is Canceled? A class may need to be canceled due to insufficient enrollment. If this is the case, families will be notified by phone or by email one week before class is scheduled to begin. Families affected will receive a full refund. Cancelation Policy Cancelations two weeks prior to the first day of class will receive a full refund, minus a $10 processing fee. Cancelations once classes have started are subject to a $35 processing fee and class fees will be prorated if we are able to fill the opening. UCare Health Plan Member Discount: UCare members may be eligible for a discount on ECFE classes. The child must be on UCare at the time of registration and throughout the duration of the class. Due to the discount, you must register in person.

For more information, call 952-226-0950



Our Baby Love classes are FREE! Join a Baby Love class today!

Baby Love!

0-5 months, Non-separating This FREE, non-separating class offers baby bonding time within a comfortable, supportive environment in a community of your mama peers. A licensed parent educator will support your ride on the “New-Baby Roller Coaster”! Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, each child is unique and so is this season of your life. Course # 3-05a-F 3-011a-T

Ages 0-5 months 0-11 months

Class Day Friday Tuesday

Class Time 8:30-10:00 5:30-7:00

Parent Educator Joy Michelle

Oh Baby!

6-11 months, Non-separating Join a supportive community of Mama’s enjoying baby & peer bonding supported by a licensed parent educator. Commune, release frustration, and celebrate each other as you realize all the greatness you have to offer in parenthood. Course # 3-0611a-T 3-0611b-W 3-011a-T

Ages 6-11 months 6-11 months 0-11 months

Class Day Tuesday Wednesday Tuesday

Class Time 10:30-12:00 8:30-10:00 5:30-7:00

Parent Educator Joy Michelle Michelle


*12-23 months, Non-separating The world is a “one-derland” of fun when you are one! Everything is new and exciting, and all experiences offer opportunities to learn. Join this non-separating class for helpful strategies to support the transition from baby to toddler from a licensed parent educator, children’s teacher and a group of your peers. *Thursday evening’s class is a combine “1 Fun” and “1, 2 Play with You” class for children ages 12-32 months and is non-separating. Course # 3-1223Fun-M 3-1223Fun-W 3-1232Fun-Th

Ages 12-23 months 12-23 months *12-32 months

Class Day Monday Wednesday Thursday

Class Time 8:30-10:00 10:30-12:00 5:30-7:00

Parent Educator Michelle Michelle Kim C

Teacher Rochelle Rochelle Kim C

1, 2 Play With You!

18-32 months, Gradually separating These busy-body-babes eagerly experience the world around them with all of their senses, while still desiring a strong connection with their grown-ups to feel secure. Come make connections with others while bonding with your child in a gradually separating and engaging environment.  Enjoy the support of a licensed parent educator and children’s teacher in this fun & friendly class. *Thursday evening’s class is a combine “1 Fun” and “1, 2 Play with You” class for children ages 12-32 months and is non-separating. Course # 3-1832Play-M 3-1832Play-Th 3-1232Fun-Th 6

Ages 18-32 months 12-32 months *12-32 months

Class Day Monday Thursday Thursday

Class Time 10:30-12:00 8:30-10:00 5:30-7:00

Parent Educator Michelle Joy Kim C

Teacher Rochelle Rochelle Kim C

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TWOS & THREES 2, 3 Look at Me!

2-3 years, Separating For twos and threes, the world is their stage and we are the players. Come explore, engage, and learn about our great big world along with your child. In this gradually separating class, your toddler will feel supported and secure while developing identity and sense of self. A licensed parent educator and children’s teacher, along with your peers, will support your navigation through the growing independence of your child. Course # 3-23Look-Th 3-23Look-F


Class Day

Class Time

2-3 years 2-3 years

Thursday Friday

5:30-7:00 10:30-12:00

Parent Educator Becki Joy

Teacher Sarah Sarah

2, 3 Look at Me - Naturally!

2-3 years, Separating Everything you love about our traditional ECFE class, with an extra dose of Vitamin N! Nature explorations during parent-child play and learning will connect children and grown-ups with the wonderful world around them, whether we are indoors or out. After time together, adults will separate for a chance to share stories and strategies, while your little learners continue to investigate with our early childhood staff. Course # 3-23LookN-T


Class Day

Class Time

Parent Educator


2-3 years





SPECIALTY Village Commons Community Outreach

This free weekly class is offered to families residing in the Village Commons apartment and townhome community, and takes place in the Community Room. For more information, contact Becki Fonder at 952.226.0933.

Family Connections

Infant to 5 years, Non-separating In this class families connect with one another to share the joys and concerns about raising a child with special needs. This supportive program provides a safe, non-threatening atmosphere for sharing and understanding life’s changes and feelings related to raising a child with special needs. Siblings of all ages are welcome to attend with their family. Course # 3s-06FC-W

Ages 0-6 years

Class Day Wednesday

Class Time 5:00-6:30

Parent Educator Joy

For more information, call 952-226-0950

Teacher Kim G


SPECIALTY My Nanny and Me

1-4 years, Non-separating ECFE invites nannies and the little ones in their care to a weekly playdate at Edgewood School. Connect with other caregivers and share a fun-filled morning of play and learning. You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to form friendships, trade tips, and make messes you don’t have to clean up! Course # 3s-14Nanny-Th


Class Day

Class Time

1-4 years



Parent Educator/ Teacher Michelle


12-23 months Non-Separating 3-5 years Separating In these 11-week E-Stem focused classes, grown-ups and children will explore together in an environment supporting the development of 21st century thinking skills. Learn and grow through inquiry, investigation, and discovery. While children continue discovery with their teacher, grown-ups will meet with the parent educator to discuss ESTEM future-ready learning and how to extend learning at home. Class may meet off site for field trip sessions.

Course # 3s-1223Spy-T 3s-35Spy-Th

Ages 12-23 months 3-5 years

Class Day Tuesday Thursday

Class Time 8:30-10:00 5:30-7:00

Parent Educator Joy Michelle

Teacher Trina Rochelle

Nature After the Nap

0-5 years, Non-separating Nature After the Nap is for families to come play and learn in our outdoor nature play area, playground and indoor classroom with a licensed early childhood teacher. You and your children will have an opportunity to meet and interact with other children and parents in a relaxed, child-focused nature environment. Come explore ECFE in this late afternoon class before settling in at home for the evening. Course # 3s-05Nap-T

Ages 0-5 years

Class Day Tuesday

Class Time 4:00-5:30

Parent Educator/Teacher Trina

Multiples: Twins, Triplets & More

Infant to 5 years Expecting or already have twins, triplets, or more? Join this separating class for families of multiples. Gain insight and support from those “in the same boat”. During separation time, discuss and celebrate the nuances of life with multiples while your little ones enjoy engaging, child-centered time with a licensed early childhood educator. Course # 3s-05Mult-Th


Ages 0-5 years

Class Day Thursday

Class Time 10:30-12:00

Parent Educator Michelle

Teacher Rochelle

Visit us online at

SPECIALTY Preschool & Beyond

3-5 years, Separating Together we’ll discover the seven essential life skills every child needs. What are the challenges? What are the opportunities? Celebrate your 3-5 year-old’s accomplishments in Preschool & Beyond. Course # 3s-35PRE-T

Ages 3-5 years

Class Day Tuesday

Class Time 5:30-7:00

Parent Educator Joy

Teacher Kim C

Dad’s Class

Infant to 5 years, Non-separating Dads, this is your time to enjoy quality time with your kiddo/s. Explore, take risks, and engage in active play together. A licensed parent educator will be on hand to encourage positive family fun! Course # 3s-05DAD-T

Ages 0-5 years

Class Day Tuesday

Class Time 6:00-7:30

Parent Educator/Teacher Trina

Out & About with ECFE

Non-Separating Let us plan excursions that will broaden your child’s horizons and help build new friendships with others. Join us to explore new places while we are Out & About! Register each person individually. NOTE: Participants are responsible for transporting themselves to and from our field trip sites. FEES: $8.50/adult $17/child 3 yrs & older $8/child 2 yrs old $0/child 1 yr and under Course #: 3s-OutAbout Date




Description Encounter a vast array of sea creatures including sharks, rays and tropical fish, walk through an ocean tunnel, and reach out to a sea star in the Touchpool Experience. Come explore interactive exhibits featuring building, simple machines, optics, sensors, and more!

Address Mall of America 120 E Broadway Bloomington



Sea Life – MOA



The Works Museum



Richardson Nature Center/ Hyland Play Area


School district naturalist Sue Mohn will introduce us to resident raptors, reptiles, and amphibians, then lead us to the Nature Exploration Area where you can explore, climb, dig and build a fort.



Whispering Oaks Alpacas


Visit a small family owned farm that has both Suri and Huacaya alpacas.

21851 Calmor Ave. Prior Lake


Wozupi is an organic farm committed to growing food in a way that nourishes the earth, the community, and people’s minds and bodies. Children ages 1 and up will feed the chickens and plant something they can take home to their own gardens.

2041 140th St. NW Prior Lake


Nature preschool teacher Trina Olson will be our guide us as we build forts from sticks, climb on rocks and stumps, balance on logs, engineer water dams and create sand sculptures.

17100 Station Trl Farmington




Wozupi Tribal Gardens


Fawn Crossing Nature Play, Whitetail Woods Regional Park



For more information, call 952-226-0950

9740 Grand Ave. Bloomington 8737 East Bush Lake Road, Bloomington, MN 55438


Community Education has a wide range of classes for youth to adults. Please visit our website at for listing of all of classes. If you currently do not receive a catalog and would like to, please email us at to be added to our mailing list.

Youth Programs Daddy Daughter Dance (Girls Ages 12 and under with an adult) The dance is all about you, but it wouldn’t be the same without your perfect date. Invite your dad, uncle, grandpa, older adult brother, or a favorite family friend as your escort. Dress up if you think it is fun and you’re looking for an excuse, or wear whatever you want for dancing and twirling. Silver Sound Entertainment will help set the tone for the evening with plenty of family friendly songs and dances. Every girl will receive a favor. Light snacks and punch are included in the ticket price. Capture the moment with professional photos of you and your date, available for purchase. Various LED products will also be available for purchase. Saturday, February 18 6:30-9:00 p.m. PLHS Commons $35/Couple $15/Each Additional Girl Basketball with Skyhawks (Ages 4-6) The essentials of basketball are introduced in a fun and safe environment with lots of encouragement. Learn balance, body movement, hand/eye coordination, and skill development through a series of sport-specific games tailored to your age group. Emphasis is placed on individual ball handling, shooting and concepts of the game. The weekly class consists of fun, skill building drills, a new basketball concept of the week and concludes most weeks with a controlled scrimmage. The goals are to improve basketball development, create general fitness and to teach important life lessons. #2669A Saturdays, March 25-April 22 9:00-9:30am 5 Sessions $55 #2669B Saturdays, March 25-April 22 9:45-10:45am 5 Sessions $69 #2669C Saturdays, March 25-April 22 11:00am-Noon 5 Sessions $69 TOMS Gym Skyhawks Instructor


Beasts and Bugs with Mad Science (Ages 3-5) Have you ever wanted to be a biologist, entomologist or paleontologist? These are just some of the Mad Science scientists you will become while learning about bugs, sea life, dinosaurs and animals. Enjoy hands on fun and ageappropriate experiments as you explore a different theme each week in this fun-packed preschool series. #2501H Sat., March 25-April 15 10:00-10:45am TOMS Room TBD 4 Sessions $59 Mad Science Instructor Puddle Stompers (Ages 3-5) Just because you’re little, doesn’t mean you can’t explore the outdoors! In fact, you probably already do! Play outside, and have a licensed teacher help guide your exploration and get you thinking about questions and solutions related to the plants, snow and critters that will be your toys and learning tools. Art, reading, science, basic life skills, and math all collide in the natural world. Dress to be outside everyday (rain boots, winter gear, etc)! Unless the weather is unsafe you will spend time outside each class. #2908H1 Weds., Jan. 25-March 1 12:30-1:30pm #2908H2 Weds., April 26-May 31 12:30-1:30pm McColl Pond ELC 6 Sessions $79 Instructor: Licensed ISD 719 Teacher, Anna Dutke

Adults/Family Programs Do Dads: Hairstyling for Dads (Ages 4+ with Adult) Monday, January 30 6-8 pm Twin Oaks Middle School Cost is $49/pair $15/additional child Freezer to Crock Pot Meals Saturday, February 4 8:30 am to 2 pm Twin Oaks Middle School Cost is $135/All supplies included

Contact Community Education at 952.226.0080 for more information, or visit to register.

What Happens at Edgewood School Early Childhood Screening Minnesota law requires early childhood screening for all children before they begin kindergarten. The purpose of the screening is to check all areas of a child’s development. Make an Early Childhood Screening appointment after your child’s third birthday. Call today for an appointment: 952-226-0975 or email

Early Childhood Special Education

La ola del lago Spanish Immersion School At La ola del lago Spanish Immersion School (“Wave of the Lake”), the K-2 immersion classrooms are similar to traditional classrooms, except all instruction from the homeroom teacher is in the Spanish language. Immersion teachers cover the same curriculum and hold the same rigorous academic standards for success as our teachers who teach in traditional English elementary schools. La ola del lago will add a grade each year until it is its own K-5 elementary school. For more information, call Richie Kucinski, Director de La ola del lago, at 952-226-0903.

Edgewood School Advisory Council Do you have questions or concerns about your child’s development regarding behavior, communication, learning or social skills? Edgewood School can help. Please call 952-226-0980 for more information.

Circle of Friends Preschool Circle of Friends is the Prior Lake-Savage Area School District’s 4-Star Rated, E-STEM preschool. We offer half-day and full-day classes in a traditional or nature-based setting for 3, 4, and 5 year old children. See page 12 for more information about Circle of Friends Preschool.

The Edgewood Advisory Council assists with planning, promotion and support of all Early Childhood programs. Its primary goal is to serve as an ad­vocate of the Early Learning community, represent­ing what is best for children, families, programs and the community. Representatives serve together from Edgewood, Grainwood, and Jeffers Pond.  Learn more here:

Minnesota Department of Education The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) hosts a website for parents. This interactive site provides resources on child development, parent education, consumer safety and links to other trusted sites. Check it out and bookmark it as a favorite:

For more information, call 952-226-0950


PRESCHOOL Circle of Friends Preschool

4 Star Rated Program

An E-STEM School Why Choose Circle of Friends Preschool? • Nature or traditional preschool programming options • Half-day and full-day preschool options • Preschool programming offered at multiple convenient locations • Circle of Friends Preschool is the district preschool program. Learning goals and outcomes are aligned with district kindergarten readiness expectations in a developmentally appropriate, childcentered manner. We’re Proud of our 4-Star Parent Aware Rating! Parent Aware ratings are based on demonstrated use of practices that best prepare children for kindergarten. Circle of Friends Preschool has been awarded the highest ranking possible, identifying us as a high quality early education program. Preschool Options Circle of Friends offers preschool classes for children 3, 4 and 5 years old. Children must be 3 years old and toilet trained by September 1, 2017 to participate. Our classes range from 2 to 5 days a week, and include both half-day and full-day options. Both options provide the same curriculum outcomes and include environmental education in outdoor classroom spaces. Curriculum Our preschool curriculum focuses on social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative development with strong emphasis on pre-math and pre-literacy skills. It is aligned with Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools’ elementary curriculum standards, and state and national early childhood standards, which ensures a strong start in school for all children. Registration for 2017-2018 Coming Soon! Registration for the 2017-2018 school year will begin on February 1, 2017. Call our office to ensure you are on our mailing list to receive a preschool registration packet.

Preschool Visit Opportunities

Peek Into Preschool You and your preschooler are invited to visit Circle of Friends Preschool classrooms during our Peek into Preschool events. You will have an opportunity to learn about our program options and spend time with our licensed preschool teachers. Locations: Jeffers Pond houses 4 year old, full-day nature classes, Grainwood houses 4 year old, full-day traditional classes, and Edgewood houses all half-day and 3 year old full-day classes. No need to register. • January 9 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at Edgewood • January 14 from 10:00-11:30 a.m. at Edgewood • January 9 from 6:15-7:00 p.m. at Grainwood • January 9 from 6:30 - 7:15 p.m. at Jeffers Pond Tour & Talk For an adult only visit to our program, join one of our Tour & Talk presentations at Edgewood School. No need to register. • November 29 from 10:00-11:00 a.m. • February 2 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. • December 5 from 5:00-6:00 p.m. • February 16 from 10:00-11:00 a.m. • January 20 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Circle of Friends Preschool’s Website For more information about our preschool program, visit our webpage at 12

Visit us online at

ECFE CLASS REGISTRATION ECFE REGISTRATION ECFE CLASS CLASS REGISTRATION Child Information and Class Selection Child Information and Class Selection


Registering Parent/Guardian Name: ______________________________________Parent Date of Birth: ____________ Registering Parent/Guardian Name: ______________________________________Parent Date of Birth: ____________ Address: _____________________________________________ City: _______________________ Zip: ____________ Address: _____________________________________________ City: _______________________ Zip: ____________ Phone: (h) _________________________ (c) _____________________________ (w) ___________________________ Phone: (h) _________________________ (c) _____________________________ (w) ___________________________ Email(s): __________________________________________________________________________________________ Email(s): __________________________________________________________________________________________ IS A SCHOLARSHIP NEEDED:  Yes  No Child’s “UCare” Member ID #: _______________ (if applicable) IS A SCHOLARSHIP NEEDED:  Yes  No Child’s “UCare” Member ID #: _______________ (if applicable) CHILD #1 – REGISTRATION INFORMATION: CHILD #1 – REGISTRATION INFORMATION: FULL Legal Name: ___________________________________________ M  F  Birth Date: ____________ FULL Legal Name: ___________________________________________ M  F  Birth Date: ____________ Course ID#: _____________ Course Name: _____________________________________________________________ Course ID#: _____________ Course Name: _____________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian(s) Attending Class with child - Name: _____________________________________  Male  Female Parent/Guardian(s) Attending Class with child - Name: _____________________________________  Male  Female Name: _____________________________________  Male  Female Name: _____________________________________  Male  Female Special Needs/Allergies/ Food restrictions: _____________________________________________________________ Special Needs/Allergies/ Food restrictions: _____________________________________________________________ IS SIBLING CARE NEEDED FOR THIS CLASS:  Yes  No IS SIBLING THIS CLASS:  Yes  No Sibling CareCARE Child:NEEDED Name &FOR Birthdate _______________________________________________________________ Sibling Care Child: Name & Birthdate _______________________________________________________________ Sibling Care Child: Name & Birthdate _______________________________________________________________ Sibling Care Child: Name & Birthdate _______________________________________________________________

CHILD #2 – REGISTRATION INFORMATION: CHILD #2 – REGISTRATION INFORMATION: FULL Legal Name: ___________________________________________ M  F  Birth Date: ____________ FULL Legal Name: ___________________________________________ M  F  Birth Date: ____________ Course ID#: _____________ Course Name: _____________________________________________________________ Course ID#: _____________ Course Name: _____________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian(s) Attending Class with child - Name: _____________________________________  Male  Female Parent/Guardian(s) Attending Class with child - Name: _____________________________________  Male  Female Name: _____________________________________  Male  Female Name: _____________________________________  Male  Female Special Needs/Allergies/ Food restrictions: _____________________________________________________________ Special Needs/Allergies/ Food restrictions: _____________________________________________________________ IS SIBLING CARE NEEDED FOR THIS CLASS:  Yes  No IS SIBLING CARE NEEDED FOR THIS CLASS:  Yes  No Sibling Care Child: Name & Birthdate _______________________________________________________________ Sibling Care Child: Name & Birthdate _______________________________________________________________ Sibling Care Child: Name & Birthdate _______________________________________________________________ Sibling Care Child: Name & Birthdate _______________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Write one check per class made payable to ISD 719. Write one check per class made payable to ISD 719. Bring or mail registration form to: Edgewood School-ECFE, 5304 WestWood Dr. SE, Prior Lake, MN 55372 Bring or mail registration form to: Edgewood School-ECFE, 5304 WestWood Dr. SE, Prior Lake, MN 55372

CONTINUED ON BACK SIDE  CONTINUED ON BACK SIDE  For more information, call 952-226-0950


To help our program and the Minnesota Department of Education analyze and plan future programs, we are requesting information about your family that is similar to the information gathered for students enrolling in kindergarten through 12th grade. All information will always be handled and protected by state and federal education data privacy laws. The goal is to use this information to evaluate the effectiveness of programs to ensure students achieve ongoing school and lifelong success


Classroom Volunteer Advisory Council



 Yes  No


 Mother

 Guardian – Female

 Foster Father

 Foster Mother

 Other Relative – Male

 Guardian – Male

 Other Relative – Female

RACE - Check all that apply:  American Indian  Asian  Black/African American  Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander  White

ETHNICITY: Hispanic/Latino:  Yes  No Primary Language:__________________________________________ Do you need Interpreter Assistance:  Yes  No

EDUCATION BACKGROUND - Check One  Nothing beyond eighth grade  Some High School, no diploma  High School Diploma  Some College, but no degree  Associate’s Degree  Bachelor’s Degree  Master’s Degree  Doctoral Degree

EMPLOYMENT STATUS - Check One  Employed more than 25 hrs/week  Employed less than 25 hrs/week  Unemployed, seeking employment  Unemployed, not seeking employment



Visit us online at

ECFE Schedule-At-A-Glance Monday

8:30-10:00 1 Fun

(12-23 mo) Non-Separating Michelle/Rochelle/Mo Rm 101


8:30-10:00 I Spy

(12-23 mo) Non-Separating Joy/Trina/Sheri Rm 101

Wednesday 8:30-10:00 Oh Baby

(6-11 mo) Non-Separating Michelle/Rachel Rm 101


8:30-10:00 1-2 Play with Me

(18-32 mo) Grad-Separating Joy/Rochelle/Sheri Rm 101

Friday 8:30-10:00 Baby Love

(0-5 mo) Non-Separating Joy/Mo Rm 101

9:00-10:00 Nanny & Me

(1-4 yr) Non-Separating Michelle Rm 126

10:30-12:00 1-2 Play w/ Me

(18-32 mo) Grad-Separating Michelle/Rochelle/Mo Rm 101

10:30-12:00 Oh Baby

(6-11 mo) Non-Separating Joy/Sheri Rm 101

10:30-12:00 1 Fun

(12-23 mo) Non-Separating


Rm 101

10:30-12:00 Multiples

Separation based on ages Michelle/Rochelle/Sheri Rm TBD

10:30-12:00 2-3 Look - Naturally

(0-5 yr) Non Separating Trina/Sheri Rm 126

Michelle Off-Site Fieldtrips

5:00-6:30 Outreach Village Commons

(See page 7 for details) Michelle/Becki/Mary

5:00-6:30 Family Connections

(0-6 yr) Non-Separating Joy/Kim G/Nancy Rm 126

5:30-7:00 Preschool & Beyond

5:30-7:00 1 Fun/1, 2 Play‌ (12-32 mo) Non-Separating Kim C/Mary Rm 101

5:30-7:00 2-3 Look at Me

(3-5 yr) Separating Joy/Kim C/Brenda Rm 152

(2-3 yr) Separating Becki/Sarah/Nancy Rm 113

5:30-7:00 Baby Love/Oh Baby

5:30-7:00 I-Spy

(0-11 mo) Non-Separating Michelle/Kim T Rm 101

6:00-7:30 Dad's Class

(0-5 yr) Non Separating Trina/Sheri Rm 126

(2-3 yr) Separating Joy/Sarah/Mo Rm 126

Out & About w/ ECFE (See page 9 for details)

(2-3 yr) Separating Michelle/Trina/Rachel Rm 126

4:00-5:00 Nature After the Nap

10:30-12:00 2-3 Look at Me

(3-5 yr) Separating Michelle/Rochelle/Brenda Rm 126

ECFE REGISTRATION DATES Online registration opens at 8:00 a.m. Session 3: January 17 Summer: May 2

For more information, call 952-226-0950


EDGEWOOD SCHOOL 5304 West Wood Dr. SE Prior Lake, MN 55372 952-226-0950

FREE “Baby Love” Baby Love is a nonseparating class that offers baby bonding time within a comfortable, supportive environment in a community of your mama peers. A licensed parent educator will support your ride on the “New-Baby Roller Coaster!” Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, each child is unique and so is this season of your life.

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 30 Prior Lake, MN

NEW ECFE Classes Join in the fun! ► Dad’s Class ► Multiples - Twins, Triplets & More ► My Nanny & Me ► Nature After the Nap ► Out & About with ECFE ► Preschool & Beyond

(See page 6 for more information about infant classes)

Visit us online at

Prior Lake-Savage ECFE Catalog - Spring 2017  
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