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New kits just for you! Hard Hats Kit Big trucks, hard hats, workboots and gravel . . . enough to trigger any little boy’s imagination. 45" × 61¼" #A HARDHATS—$86

Backing included

Coming Up Roses Have fun piecing this simple summer wallhanging in fabrics by Benartex. It’s a gardener’s delight! Kit includes backing. 36½" × 54½" #EQ CMUPROS—$71

Iridescence Kit Dragonflies, drenched in vibrant colors and trimmed in metallic gold, seem to flitter across the fabric to add to the delight of the magical flowers. 50¾" × 63½" #A IRDSCENC—$90

Bath Ensemble Make this wallhanging and shower curtain in fabrics from Red Rooster. Kit includes backing for wall hanging. 23" × 31" #EQ BATHWH—$37 #EQ SHOWER—$68

Quick & Easy

Berry Patch Easy pieced blocks, striped sashing, and fabrics from RJR make decorating your bedroom a snap. 87¾" × 105"

Charlotte You will love strip piecing this quilt in garden fabrics by Benartex. Assembly is quick and easy. 61½" × 77½"


#EQ CHARLOT—$75.20

Editor’s Pick

Quick & Easy

Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $75 Stars in Bloom Create a dramatic flair in split stripe fabrics by Maywood. It’s easier than it looks! 71" × 86" #EQ STRBLM—$80.80


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Bonneville Make this easy throw using earth tone batiks from Robert Kaufman. 64" × 72" #EQ BONVILL—$76

Quilter’s Album Pre-printed blocks and border from Wilmington look like real appliqué! 653⁄8" × 653⁄8" #EQ ALBUM—$78

Backing included

Colorwheel Make this antique inspired little quilt for a wallhanging or table topper. Kit includes backing. 22½" × 22½"

Backing included

Dancing Squares Create this great contemporary quilt in fabrics from P&B Textiles. 62" × 72" #EQ DNCSQ—$79


Deco Park Bag Make these sophisticated and swanky bags for quilting or knitting projects, shopping, or going to the gym. Fabrics are from Robert Kaufman Handle included. 16" × 14" × 5"

Painted Posies Make four blocks, add sashing and borders, and you will have a new quilt to brighten your wall. Fabrics by Andover. Kit includes backing. 43" × 43" #EQ PNTPOSE—$98

Backing included

Green #EQ DECOGRN—$48 Wine #EQ DECOWIN—$48

Laminate Bag Set Make this sturdy lunch tote, with accessory bag and change purse to match. Kit includes zippers and swivel spring clip. #EQ ETLBAGS—$26

Elizabeth Ann Easy pieced snowball blocks and machine appliqué make this a fun quilt in soft floral fabrics by P&B Textiles. 58" × 66½" #EQ ELZBTHA—$68

Frolic Use prints by Moda to make this jaunty table topper accented with rickrack trim. Kit includes backing. 37½" × 37½" #JA FROLIC—$56

Jake’s Escalator You’ll have fun making this easy giant Jacob’s Ladder block in fabrics from Blank Quilting™. 80" × 80" #EQ JAKE—$95

Savannah An easy strip piecing method gives you two quilts for the price of one. Fabrics by Michael Miller. 51" × 68" #EQ SAVANNAH—$69

Poppies Enjoy summer colors all year round in these rich poppy prints from Clothworks. Kit includes backing. 55" × 55" #EQ POPPIES—$111

Prism You will enjoy making this quilt in a rainbow of colorful batiks by Benartex. 58" × 74" #EQ PRISM—$93

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Backing included

6>Ă€Âˆ>LÂ?iĂŠ-ĂŒ>Ă€ Make a reproduction of this antique quilt using Andover fabrics. Kit includes fabric for the top and binding. 95½" Ă— 95½" ›ĂŠ6,-/,pfÂŁxĂŽ

/ĂœÂˆĂ€Â?ˆ˜}ĂŠ/Ă€Âˆ>˜}Â?iĂƒ A great assortment of 1930s prints makes this traditional quilt a perfect addition to any home. 96" Ă— 96" ›ĂŠ/7, pf

-Ă•Â˜Â˜ĂžĂŠ/Ă€ÂˆÂœ Make a wallhanging or table runner in the whimsical style of Patrick Lose using fabrics from Robert Kaufman. Kit includes backing. 12" Ă— 32" ›ĂŠ-1


Designed by Marianne Fons

Flying Eagles Create a new version of an antique treasure for your own collection. 77" × 77" ›Ê  pf££ä



iÂ?ĂŒÂˆVĂŠ ÂœLLÂ?iĂƒĂŒÂœÂ˜iĂƒ Create beautiful interlacing knots and pieced cobblestone blocks. Fabrics by Northcott. 90" Ă— 114" ›ĂŠ / pfÂŁĂˆĂ“


ÂœĂŒÂ…ÂˆÂ˜}ĂŠ Ă•ĂŒĂŠ/Ă€Âˆ>˜}Â?iĂƒ Create an heirloom using our pre-cut kit. Saves you time—all you do is sew! 76" Ă— 99" ›ĂŠ "/ pfÂŁĂˆĂŽ

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Scrap Happy Easy techniques and a variety of fabrics make this quilt a fun, scrappy project! 90" × 90" ›Ê- ,**9pf£x{

Backing Backing included included

>˜˜iÀÊ >Ăž Decorate your picnic table with this patriotic runner made with fabrics from Andover. Kit includes backing. 28" Ă— 68" ›ĂŠ , 9pfÇn

6>Â?ˆ>Â˜ĂŒĂŠ >}Â?i Create this striking quilt for your own home or soldier using reproduction prints from Andover. 64" Ă— 80" ›ĂŠ6 pf£äÎ

-VĂ€ÂˆLLÂ?iĂƒĂŠ-ĂŒ>Ă€Ăƒ Create a neutral quilt that will go anywhere in these fun Patrick Lose fabrics by Robert Kaufman. 65" Ă— 65" › +ĂŠ- , -pfnĂ“

Backing included

Best Seller!



Cambridge Stars This quilt has the perfect gradations of black and white. Northcott’s Cambridge Square collection is used in this kit. Kit includes fabric for the top and binding. 96½" × 96½"

Cottage in May This cottage style quilt is just right for summer. Fabrics for the top and binding are from Maywood Studio's Cottage Romance collection. 95" × 109"



Elizabeth’s Garden You will love this garden fresh look. Kit contains the P&B Elizabeth Anne collection. Kit includes fabric for the top and binding. 58" × 58" #MJ ELZBTHG—$63

Fat Cats in the City Create this cute wallhanging with round cats using the Benartex Cat’s Amore collection. Kit includes fabric for the top, binding and backing. 41" × 41" #MJ FATCATS—$74

Fix It This quilt has everything you need for the carpenter in your life—hardwood floor, tools, nuts, and bolts. Kit includes fabric for the top and binding. 53½" × 67"

Irish Chain Try strip piecing with 1930’s prints to create this timeless pattern. Kit includes fabric for the top and binding. 79" × 99" #MJ IRISHCN—$141


Kinkame Neutral colors and hexagon blocks are featured in this wallhanging made from the European Taupe collection by Clothworks. Kit includes fabric for the top, binding and backing. 35½" × 36½"

Editor’s Pick

Blue Bouqet Clothworks fabrics in bright blue and sunny yellow are a great combination for this basket quilt. 54" × 54"



Backing included

Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $75 Veranda Sunrise Make this lovely table topper that’s perfect for summer entertaining. Fabrics by Maywood Studio. Kit includes backing. 42" × 42"

Watermelon & Shoofly Fun watermelon and Shoofly blocks will remind you of a summer picnic. Kits includes fabric for the top, binding and rickrack. 42" × 56"



Stony Creek Jinny Beyer’s collections from RJR make this quilt stunning. Kit includes fabric for the top and binding. 71½" × 71½" #MJ STONY—$150

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*ÂœÂŤĂ•Â?>Ă€ĂŠÂŽÂˆĂŒĂƒĂŠĂžÂœĂ•ĂŠĂœÂœÂ˜Â˝ĂŒĂŠĂœ>Â˜ĂŒĂŠĂŒÂœĂŠÂ“ÂˆĂƒĂƒt Order today! Supplies are limited!

ÂˆĂŒĂ€Ă•Ăƒ Make this quick and easy quilt using Jelly Rolls by Moda.You’ll want to make more than one! Includes backing. 46½" Ă— 60½"

>VÂŽÂˆĂŠĂ€ÂœĂƒĂŒ Dress up this friendly snow girl in buttons and bows with fabrics from Maywood Studio. Kit includes buttons and backing. 32" Ă— 56"

Froggies Enjoy making pinwheel blocks to complement cute frog prints by Exclusively Quilters. 52" × 59" ›," -pfÇ£

› /,1-pfĂˆÂ™Â°ĂˆĂ¤


ÂœĂŒÂ…iÀÊÂœÂœĂƒi Create a timeless quilt in Mother Goose prints that look like redwork. Fabrics by Red Rooster. 45" Ă— 45" ›+ĂŠ/,"-pfxÂŁ


Backing included

ĂŒÂ˝ĂƒĂŠÂˆÂ˜ĂŠĂŒÂ…iĂŠ-ĂŒ>Ă€Ăƒ Friendship Stars are fun to make in these bright prints. 3ž" Ă— 86½"

ÂœĂ€ĂƒÂˆÂ˜}ĂŠĂ€ÂœĂ•Â˜` This quilt with galloping horses and dog prints is sure to please any cowboy or cowgirl. Fabrics by Red Rooster. 53½" Ă— 83½"

Â?Â?ĂŠ“iĂ€ÂˆV>Â˜ĂŠÂˆĂ€Â? Girls of all ages will love this quilt made with bright red, white, and blue florals from Fabri-Quilt. 63" Ă— 81"

›+Ê -/,-pf£ÎÓ

›",- pfnĂˆ

Backing included

Â?ÂŤÂ…>ĂŠ Ă•``ˆiĂƒ Make a cozy quilt from Andover fabrics that help teach the alphabet and names of cute critters. Backing included. 52" Ă— 58"

"Â?`ĂŠ>V œ˜>Â?`Â˝ĂƒĂŠ>À“ Bring back fond memories of a favorite nursery rhyme in fabrics from Red Rooster. Children of all ages will love this charming quilt. 60" Ă— 45"

Meow Machine appliquĂŠ cute kitties in 1930s prints from Windham Fabrics. The bright colors are irresistible. Includes backing. 38" Ă— 38"

›+ĂŠ* pfÂ™Ăˆ

ʛ+ĂŠ"  pfĂˆĂŽ

›+Ê "7pfxÎ


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ÃÃi˜Ìˆ>ÞÊÀˆÃ… The fabrics used are subtle prints which allow the colors to do the work. Kit includes fabric for top and binding. 55¼" × 72¾" Õ̜Ãʛ* Ê1/"-pf™{ Elementsʛ* Ê  /-pf™{ Stonehengeʛ* Ê-/  pf™{

œ˜ŽiÞÊ/ÀœÕLi Create a quilt that’s as fun as a barrel of monkeys. Use clever strip piecing and the bright pinks and greens of Robert Kaufman fabrics. 76" × 100" ›+Ê"  9pf£Î™

Fall Best Seller!

œ}Ӝ Program fun into your little techie’s life with your special touch and fabrics by Andover. It’s sure to be a hit! 59" × 77" ›+Ê "-"pfÇ{

,ˆ`iʽi“Ê œÜLœÞà Any young cowboy would be delighted to receive this quilt made from Best of the West II fabrics by Blank Quilting™. 61" × 73"

>Ìˆ“œÀiʏLՓ Enjoy this beautiful appliqué quilt without taking a single appliqué stitch! Kit includes fabric for top and binding. 58¾" × 58¾"

ʛ+Ê, 7 pfnx

ʛ* Ê /",pfÇÇ

Safari Surprise Cute jungle animal prints by P&B Textiles are the center of attention in this classic quilt for kids. 71½" × 87½" ›+Ê-,pf™Î

/…iÊÀi>ÌÊ œÛiÀÊ1« Quilt as you go with beautiful Maywood fabrics and jumbo rickrack. Kit includes backing. 50" × 60"

Backing included

› "6 ,1*pf£xä

/>ŽiÊiÊœ“i Cute dogs in all sizes and shapes will appeal to kids and adults alike. Fabrics by Avlyn. 42½" × 61½" ›+Ê/ "pfÈx

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Best Seller!


œÃ“>ÌiõÕi This quilt is sure to fit in any home décor with its subtle colors and easy-topiece design. 55½" × 81"

œÕLiÊ7i``ˆ˜}Ê,ˆ˜}Ê*Ài‡ ÕÌÊ+ՈÌÊˆÌ Choose either the batik or the 1930s reproduction fabric pre-cut kit to make this classic 92" × 105" queen-size quilt. Batik Fabrics are from SewBatik. 1930s repro prints are from various companies. Kit includes pre-cut pieces for a queensize quilt and fabric for binding.

› "-/ -+1pf£äÈ

œÃܓÊ>˜i Learn to make hourglass units quickly and easily in soft prints by Andover Fabrics. 87" × 99" ›Ê - pf£Ón

Quick & Easy

£™ÎäÃÊ œÕLiÊ7i``ˆ˜}Ê,ˆ˜}Ê*Ài‡ ÕÌÊ+ՈÌÊˆÌ ›Îä- 7,pfÓ£x

>̈ŽÃÊ œÕLiÊ7i``ˆ˜}Ê,ˆ˜}Ê*Ài‡ ÕÌÊ+ՈÌÊˆÌ › 7,pfÓÎx

3-D Kit!

ÀiÃ`i˜Ê>À`i˜ This quilt is easy to make. Strip piecing and quick turn appliqué help you along. 83" × 101" › , , pf£Î™

>LÞÊ >À˜Þ>À` Create this child's quilt with cute little animals peeking out from 3-D doors in fabrics from Blank Quilting™. 58" × 58" ›  9 , 9, pf™x


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Àˆ“Ãœ˜Ê>˜`Ê œÛiÀ This traditional appliqué quilt features reproduction fabrics by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics. 50" × 50" ›Ê , 6,pfÇÎ

-Ì>ÀÊ,œÃiÌÌià Create a quilt with great contrast using red, black, and white fabrics from P&B Textiles. Use paper piecing for accurate blocks. 58" × 70"

Lilliana Make this medallion-style quilt with innovative pieced borders and trendy prints from Andover Fabrics. 91" × 91"

›,"- // -pf££Ç

›Ê pf£Óä

Foundation Piecing

Backing included

Fanciful Chickens Liven up your kitchen or nook with strutting roosters and clucking hens. Fabrics from Wilmington Prints. Backing included. 36½" × 36½" #FANCIFUL—$51

Catch of the Day No need to go fishin’—just net our “Catch of the Day.” This whimsical print collection features bears, creels, fish, and more. 50" × 74" #AF CATCH—$55

Chinese Fans Use foundation piecing to speed up the construction of this heirloom quilt. 87¾" × 87¾" #MA CHNSFAN—$199




Dinosaur Island Create a simple appliqué for the center, add bamboo blocks for a border, and you’ve made an unusual and spectacular quilt that’s perfect for adventurers of all ages. #B DINOISLD—$44

Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $75

Sweet Baby Kate Soft flannels and bright colors make this quilt ideal for instant smiles.

Jewels Table Runner Striking, autumn colors are combined with dramatic patterns in this table runner. 15" × 49"



Joanna’s Collection Sumptuous magnolias . . . sweeping palms . . . southern imagery . . . 58" × 82" #RR JOANNA—$108

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Machine Quilters’ NEW! Friend The Ultimate Stiletto. It has a coated tip that grabs and adjusts fabric as you stitch, prevents fabric from shifting at ends of seams, and guides fabric for a smooth seam. In additon coating helps prevent needle breakage.


-µÕ>ÀiÊ1«Ê,ՏiÀ A unique multifunctional ruler. Repositionable plastic triangle, that is included, aids in squaring up and trimming half-square triangle units faster and more accurately. This is also a 6" square ruler with ¼" grid and inch markings, labeled from both corners for easy measuring. Use ruler without the repositionable material to square up any block up to 6". *,ÇÇÈ£pf£{°™™


ÕÃÃÞÊ ÕÌÊ/i“«>Ìià A set of 5 square templates (size 2", 3", 4", 5", 6") designed for targeting a specific design on fabric. Quality transparent templates for rotary cutting, center mark for design positioning, and ¼" frosted seam allowance are all features that make this product unique and a must for the quilter. *ÇÇÈ{pf£n°™™

Shop our newest time-savers for quilters!

ÀˆVŽÃÊ/i“«>Ìi A quality laser cut clear template that helps you cut bricks easily and accurately from strips. Complete use instructions are printed on the bricks template.

Mariner’s Pincushion A lovely heirloom quality box with a Mariner's Star pincushion top. The round box provides plenty of space for storing pins for your project. *ÇÇΙpf£{°™™




Quilters Pattern Paper A quality, thick and reusable freezer paper that can aid in many quilting, sewing, and crafting projects. Use to create quilt patterns and reusable stencils for fabric painting. Additional great idea is to iron fabric to the pattern paper for ink-jet printing on fabric.

/…iÊ/…ˆ“LiÊ ÕÌÌiÀ Decorative replacement thread cutter for your sewing machine and serger. Cutter attaches to your machine with permanent tape. Cut thread quickly and easily with one hand! *ÇÇäÎpfΰ™™



Hand Quilter’s Friend The ultimate pliers with a stainless steel head. Designed with rubber tips that allow you to grab needles and pull them through thick layers of fabric, leather, and more. You will love the inside ridges for extra grip, the wire cutter, and the soft grip handles. *ÇÇxÓpf£Ó°™™


Փ>Ê/…Ài>`iÀ Makes threading machine needles a snap. This spring-loaded threader has an ergonomic soft grip handle that fits comfortably in the hand. An added feature is the LED light for better visibility.




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Fons & Porter Quilters’ Flat Head Pins 100 CT Our flat head pins lay flat against your fabric making sewing and pressing a breeze! Decorative metal tin contains 100 pins. FP7704— $ 9.99

Fons & Porter Magnetic Heart Pins Designed to keep two types of pins separated. Can be used for tacks, paper clips and other metal household items. FP7712—$5.99

Quilters Basting Safety Pin Assortment Use our basting pins to baste quilts quickly and easily! Will not rust or tarnish your fabric. Use larger pins for thick layers of fabric and batting. FP7720—$19.99

Fons & Porter Quilters’ Deco Thread Machine Needles Fit most home sewing machines and sergers. Change needles often. For best results, needles must be in perfect condition. Use with 30 wt. topstitching thread and heavier threads.

Fons & Porter Quilters’ Machine Piecing Needles Size 12 Fit most home sewing machines and sergers. Change needles often. For best results, needles must be in perfect condition. Use with a general purpose sewing thread such as a size 40 wt. or 50 wt.

Size 12 FP7731—$2.99 Size 14 FP7732—$2.99 Size 16 FP7733—$2.99


Fons & Porter Machine Quilting Grip Gloves— 1 pair Quilt and sew with ease. Finger and palm grips allow you to hold fabric securely and guide it where you want it to go. Reduce tension in neck and hands. Gloves are machine washable, 100% cotton yarn

Fons & Porter Heart Wrist Pincushion Designed with love, this wrist pincushion is perfect for machine quilters. Keeps all your pins and needles close at hand! FP7738—$3.99

Great gift!

Fons & Porter Keepsake Thread Cutter Pendant Perfect gift for quilters. Velveteen pouch included. Blade enclosed in pendant for safe use. Cut thread using any of the notches. 1⁄8" ribbon can be inserted in ring to hang around neck. FP7740—$19.99

Fons & Porter Quilters’ Safety Thimble This brass thimble is designed with an idented top to keep needle from slipping when hand quilting. Large FP7753—$1.99 Medium FP7754—$1.99 Small FP7755—$1.99

Small #FP7854—$3.49 Medium #FP7855—$3.49 Large #FP7856—$3.49

Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $75

Take Along Sewing Kit High quality tools are ideal for traveling. Make quick repairs or do hand piecing. Kit includes: blunt tipped metal scissors; 20 glass head pins; medium thimble; needle threader; 3 hand needles in sizes 7, 9 and 11; and travel size seam ripper. FP7769—$15.99

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Mechanical Pencil with refill—White Fine lead mechanical pencil. Marks wash out easily. Soft grip for added comfort. Strong ceramic 0.9MM white lead is specially formulated for fabric and made from water soluble dyes. FP7757—$12.99

Permanent Marker Set Set of three 0.5MM finetip permanent ink markers in black, brown and red. Markers are perfect for quilt labels, memory quilts, paper crafts and more. Ink is archival water-based pigment that will not smudge or bleed.

Fons & Porter Glue Stick Water soluble fabric glue stick. Narrow glue stick allows for a more precise application. Blue air-soluble ink shows where glue has been applied. Color fades as glue dries. Any remaining glue washes out.



Printed Treasures Label Kit Print custom labels using Fons & Porter’s unique designs and Printed Treasures printable cotton fabric sheets. Each packaged kit contains a CD with 12 label designs and 5 of the highest quality fabric sheets for inkjet printers. Designs include birthday, holiday, wedding, graduation and more. Complete instructions are included. FP7778—$24.99

Eraser Refill Eraser refill for mechanical pencil. FP7756—$3.99

Fons & Porter Fine Feathers Templates Six acrylic feather templates for feathers 1"-2½" are paired with 4" and 4½" circles to aid you in drawing the perfect feathers. See Marianne’s Fine Feathers book for more detailed instructions.

Fons & Porter Glue Stick Refill Refill for water soluble fabric glue stick. FP7776—$3.99

FP7763—$14.95 Fine Feathers book FFB-MF—$24.95

Refill—Lead Refill for mechanical pencil. Dark FP7758—5.99 Light FP7759—$5.99

Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $75

Fons & Porter Portable Ironing Pad FP7791—$21.99


Order Toll Free 1-866-729-9601

Fons & Porter Ergonomic Seam Ripper Ergonomically designed soft cushioned seam ripper is designed to fit the hand perfectly. Safety ball protects fabric when removing stitches. Hardened steel retains sharpness. Lessens stress on those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. FP7782—$4.99

Fons & Porter 120" Retractable Tape Measure Large, clear markings from 1⁄8" for quick and easy measuring.Yardage markings on reverse for easy fabric measuring and calculations. Polyester reinforced to minimize stretching. FP7780 —$14.99

Fons & Porter Pressing Sheet/Multi Purpose Non-stick and heat resistant. Protects pressing and work surfaces. Fusible webs and glues peel right off FP7792—$16.99

œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀÊ/>Li̜«Ê -i>“Ê,ˆ««iÀ Store by sewing machine for quick access and easy use. Safety ball protects fabric. Seam rippers can be removed from base and used by hand.

+ՈÌiÀýÊ-ÌÀˆ«Ê*ˆ˜ÃÉ/ˆ˜Ê Pail Organize strips of fabric using colored, pre-printed spring pins. *ÇÇnÇpf£x°™™

-VˆÃÜÀÃÊœVŽ Combination lock that is designed for most scissors. Soft Pliable shackle loops through finger holes to secure scissors. Perfect gift for any quilter or sewer.

Scissors Safety Sheath Fits most 5½" to 6½" scissors. *ÇnÎxpf£{°™™

"ÛiÀÊn¸Ê*Çn£äpfÈ°™™ 1˜`iÀÊn¸Ê*ÇnÓÈpfÈ°™™


{x““Ê,œÌ>ÀÞÊ ÕÌÌiÀÊ Safety Sheath *ÇnÎÇpf£{°™™

+ՈÌiÀýÊ*i˜VˆÊ/ˆ˜ Stores pencils and other small quilting notions. Has a removable tray for additional organization. *ÇÇnxpfÇ°™™

œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀÊ ,iÌÀ>VÌ>LiÊ/œœÊi>Å Use swivel hook to attach scissors, thread pendant, tape measure or other Fons & Porter tools. Clips to belt, pocket, waistband, or quilters’ tool necklace (#7883). Leash pulls out to 26" and retracts without pushing any buttons. Keeps tools close, without being in the way.

+ՈÌiÀýÊ*ÀœiVÌÊ*œÕV… 18" × 16" × 2". Heavy Duty vinyl pouch is large enough to hold your pattern, fabrics, and supplies for a quilt. Designed with a zippered top and an 8" × 5" inside pocket for storing tools and thread. *Çn££pf£Ó°™™


œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀÊ >ÀiÊ >LiÃ Quilt laundering and storing instructions designed to help protect your lovely gifts for generations. 100% cotton washable labels with care instructions recommended by Fons & Porter. 3 white with black print; 3 eggshell with sepia print.

+ՈÌiÀýÊ*ÀœiVÌÊ*œÕV…Ê with Handle 18" × 16" × 5". Heavy duty vinyl; tote with extra long straps with padded strap holder. Designed with a zippered top and a 8" × 5" inside pocket for storing tools and thread.



œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀÊ{¸Ê Snipping Scissors Extra sharp blades are terrific for snipping threads for embroidery and all types of needlework. They are also great for clipping jump threads for machine embroidery or for removing tiny stitches. s 0RECISION BLADES AND POINTS s 3OFT CUSHION HANDLE designed for comfort. *ÇnÓäpf£x°™™

/>Žiʏœ˜}Ê/…Ài>`Ê/ˆ˜ Tangle-free thread holder organizes up to four small spools of thread or three large spools. Ideal for classes or travel. Magnetic top for needle storage. *ÇnΙpf£{°™™

œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀÊ+ՈÌiÀÃ½Ê ,ˆ˜}Ê/…ˆ“Lip{VÌ This nifty thimble adjusts to fit your finger size. *ÇnnÓpf{°™™

Order Toll Free 1-866-729-9601


Fons & Porter Rotary Cutter 45mm Tungsten-carbon steel blade. Soft cushion handle rotary cutter. Convenient for both left and right handers. Easy-to-change blade replacement system. Safety lock secures blade. Light and heavy duty settings.

School House Special Price Pincushion Signature Fons & Porter design. Regular price $7.99 FP7871—$3.99


Fons & Porter Rotary Blade Refill 45mm Replacement for rotary cutter #7861. Maximum sharpness. Cuts fabric or paper.

Tomato Pincushion With attached emery filled strawberry that helps keep pins and needles clean and sharp. FP7872—$7.99


Flower Pincushion Divided petal and leaf sections make it easy to keep pins and needles separate. FP7870—$7.99

Strawberry Pincushion Discover the secret to long needle life—park your needles in this strawberry pincushion filled with emery to keep them sharp! FP7873—$5.99

Fons & Porter 8" × 14" Basic Rotary Cutting Ruler As quilters, we know what we like in a ruler. We think our Basic Cutting Ruler is the best one ever. We know you’ll find it a handy size to use for many rotary cutting tasks. The 14" length of this ruler makes it long enough to cut across fabric folded in fourths, but short enough to be easy to transport to workshops. We find the length great for subcutting strips into squares or other shapes without having to clear everything else off our cutting table! The 8" width makes it easy to cut wider strips and borders. We know you’ll enjoy the yellow ¼" grid that lets you quickly see that you have the ruler placed correctly for subcuts. The grid also makes it easier to find the correct 1⁄8" markings. Because we sometimes like to work with shapes other than squares and rectangles, we’ve also included angled lines for 30-, 45-, and 60-degree cuts. FPR7840—$21.99

Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $75

Fons & Porter Easy Diagonal Sets Ruler Ruler that does the math for you! Cut setting triangles for diagonally set quilts for blocks that finsih from3" to 12". Easy-tounderstand directions printed on ruler. Cut side setting triangles and corner setting triangles from strips rather than squares. FPR7842—$19.99

Fons & Porter Half & Quarter Ruler Ruler that does the math for you to make cutting triangles easy. Easy-tounderstand directions printed on ruler. Cut half-square and quartersquare triangles from the same width strips. Double Pinwheel block instructions included. FPR7843—$12.99

Fons & Porter Quarter Inch Seam Marker Mark ¼" sewing lines on patchwork pieces with this nifty set of tools. Quick and easy method for half-square triangles and hourglass units. Instructions for two patchwork blocks included. FPR7845—$12.99


Order Toll Free 1-866-729-9601

œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀʏވ˜}Ê iiÃiÊ,ՏiÀ Cut “goose” triangles and “sky” triangles for flying geese units from the same width strips. Ruler does the math for you. Easyto-understand directions printed on ruler. Flying geese units in finished sizes from 1" × 2" to 4" × 8". *,Çn{Èpf£Ó°™™


ˆ>“œ˜`Ê,ՏiÀ A specialty ruler designed by Liz Porter to cut precise 60-degree diamonds. All the directions for cutting 1" to 6" diamonds are distinctly printed on the clear acrylic ruler. Each ruler also includes an instruction sheet with detailed photography along with design suggestions using Fons & Porter's Hexagon (FPR7891) and Pyramid (FPR7894) companion rulers. Made in the USA by Omnigrid. *,Çn™äpf£n°™™

œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀÊiÝ>}œ˜Ê ,ՏiÀ This ruler designed by Liz Porter makes cutting hexagons and half-hexagons fast and easy. No mathematical skills are required! Cut 1" to 6" hexagons and 1" to 3" half-hexagons following the clear concise instructions printed directly on the ruler. Each ruler also includes an instruction sheet with detailed photography along with design suggestions using Fons & Porter's Hexagon (FPR7891) and Pyramid (FPR7894) companion rulers. Made in the USA by Omnigrid. *,Çn™£pf£È°™™

œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀÊ/Àˆ>˜}iÊ /Àˆ““iÀà Handy two-piece set of tools for trimming tips from triangles for more accurate patchwork. Easyto-understand directions printed on trimmers. May be used with any size fabric triangle. Non-slip back helps keep tools from slipping while using. *,Çn{ÇpfÇ°™™

œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀÊ ˆ˜`ˆ˜}Ê /œœ Use our binding tool to get a smooth finish for binding ends every time. *,Çn™ÓpfÇ°™™

œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀÊ ÀÞÃÌ>Ê >ÃÃÊi>`Ê*ˆ˜ÃÊ£7⁄8¸Ê

i>Àq£näÊVÌ A glass head pin that is designed to glide through fabric with ease. Extra long length with sharp tip. Heat resistant glass head. *ÇǙ{pf£™°™™ Special Price

œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀÊ*ÞÀ>“ˆ`Ê ,ՏiÀ Cutting equilateral triangles is easy using the Pyramid Ruler designed by Liz Porter. Clear concise directions for cutting 1" to 6" pyramids are printed directly on the ruler. Each ruler also includes an instruction sheet with detailed photography along with design suggestions using Fons & Porter's Hexagon (FPR7891) and Pyramid (FPR7894) companion rulers. Made in the USA by Omnigrid. *,Çn™{pf££°™™

œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀÊ ÀÞÃÌ>Ê >ÃÃÊi>`Ê*ˆ˜Ê ÃÜÀÌi`Ê œœÀÃÊ£Î⁄8” 180 top quality long 13⁄8" pins packed in a reusable decorative tin. Glass heads won’t melt. Regular price $18.99 *ÇǙxpf™°xä

œ˜ÃÊEÊ*œÀÌiÀÊ iÈ}˜Ê 7> The 60" × 72" size with 2" grid is perfect for home, travel, or class. Flannel allows you to arrange without pinning. Diagonal lines help align quilts with blocks set on point. Grommets along top for easy hanging. *ÇnÈäpfÓ{°™™

Order Toll Free 1-866-729-9601


CDs and DVDs Find hundreds of tips and techniques with these CDs and DVDs from Fons & Porter.

2009 Love of Quilting magazine collection A full year of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting on CD! Get all your favorite patterns, articles, tips, and techniques from 2009! #2009 CD—$19.97

2008 Love of Quilting magazine collection A full year of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting on CD! Get all your favorite patterns, articles, tips, and techniques from 2008!

2007 Love of Quilting magazine collection A full year of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting on CD! Get all your favorite patterns, articles, tips and techniques from 2007!

#2008 CD—$19.97

#2007 CD—$19.97

Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $75

Learn to Quilt Booklet and DVD Combination 2-hour DVD and 32-page booklet will teach you everything you need to know to make your first quilt. Makes a great gift for someone just learning to quilt, or use as a refresher. #SIPLQ0109—$6.99


Order Toll Free 1-866-729-9601

Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting TV Show on DVD! >V…ÊÃiÀˆiÃʈ˜VÕ`iÃÊ£ÎÊvՏÊi«ˆÃœ`iÃÊ>ÃÊÃii˜Êœ˜Ê* -

6 Ê-iÀˆiÃÊ£äää For a list of shows in the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting 1000 series click here! › 6 £äääpfә°™x

6 Ê-iÀˆiÃÊ£Îää For a list of shows in the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting 1300 series click here! › 6 £Îääpfә°™x

6 Ê-iÀˆiÃÊ££ää For a list of shows in the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting 1100 series click here! › 6 ££ääpfә°™x

6 Ê-iÀˆiÃÊ£{ää For a list of shows in the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting 1400 series click here! › 6 £{ääpfә°™x

6 Ê-iÀˆiÃÊ£Óää For a list of shows in the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting 1200 series click here! › 6 £Óääpfә°™x


6 Ê-iÀˆiÃÊ£xää For a list of shows in the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting 1500 series click here! › 6 £xääpfә°™x

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>Â˜ĂŒ>ĂƒĂŒÂˆVĂŠ >Ă€}>ÂˆÂ˜Ăƒt

50% OFF

Save up to 55% off

40% OFF

42% OFF 50% OFF

iÂ˜ÂˆĂ•ĂƒĂŠ7Â…ÂˆĂ˘ĂŠˆ`Ăƒ Just take a colorful “Baby Geniuses Grow Up!â€? panel, cut it up and mix with bright checks, wavy stripes and adorable animal prints.The result? A quilt that will provide hours of fun for your “little genius,â€? with opportunities to learn colors, numbers, letters, counting, and so much more. 49½" Ă— 61½"

1˜`iĂ€ĂŠĂŒÂ…iĂŠ ˆ}ĂŠ/ÂœÂŤ What’s more exciting for a child than a circus? A quilt made with Windham circus fabrics! 48" Ă— 48"

35% OFF

iiâ Northcott-Monarch’s bee prints are perfect for this honeycomb design quilt. 351⠄8" × 44"

› /"*pfÇÇ f{{°ää

Â&#x203A; <pf{Ă&#x2021; fĂ&#x17D;ä°ää

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a boogie in the bayou! This fun quilt features a panel packed with your favorite woodland friends having fun while dancing. Border complements the overall design. 36" Ă&#x2014; 39" *Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;ÂŤÂ?iĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x201C;LÂ&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;ii Â&#x203A; Ă&#x160;*,* ,/,pfxĂ&#x2C6; Ă&#x160;fĂ&#x201C;n°ää

,i`Ă&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x201C;LÂ&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;ii

Â&#x203A; Ă&#x160; 1-pf£ä£ fĂ&#x2C6;ä°Ă&#x2C6;ä

30% OFF

Â&#x203A; Ă&#x160;,

,/,pfxĂ&#x2C6; Ă&#x160;fĂ&#x201C;n°ää

Â?>VÂ&#x17D;LÂ&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;`Ă&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} Crows, stars, pinwheels and shirting prints are combined in this folk art throw. 60" Ă&#x2014; 72"

55% OFF

Ă&#x2022;LLÂ?i}Ă&#x2022;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC; Bubblegum in a dish.We love the fun colors of this stunning quilt. Kit includes almost 8 yards of fabric. 67" Ă&#x2014; 77½"

Â&#x203A;   , pfÂŁĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x2C6; fnn°Ă&#x201C;ä

Â&#x203A; 1  1pf£äÂ&#x2122; fĂ&#x2C6;ä°ää

20% OFF

Split Pea Soup Enjoy the freedom of casual piecing without matching seams.This technique is both quick and fun. 49" Ă&#x2014; 49" Â&#x203A;-*/* pfnn fĂ&#x2021;ä°{ä


Ă&#x20AC;>`Â?iĂ&#x160;-Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;} OFF The 1930â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Aunt Grace collection by Marcus Fabrics creates a soft and cuddly quilt suitable for either a girl or boy.The easy blocks blend together to create this unique design. 46" Ă&#x2014; 58" Â&#x203A; ,  -" pf£äx fĂ&#x2021;Ă&#x17D;°xä


OFF Love Letters With fabrics from the Love Letters collection by Clothworks, this quilt features panels with silhouettes of children helping hang the laundry. 32½" Ă&#x2014; 44½"

Â&#x203A; Ă&#x160; // ,-pfxx fĂ&#x17D;Ă&#x17D;°ää


Order Toll Free 1-866-729-9601

30% OFF 20% OFF

Cameron’s Quilt Mary Koval created the rich graphic quality of coverlets from the mid 1800s in fabric by Blank Quilting. 63" × 63"

30% OFF

Camo Frogs What boy wouldn’t want this cute, cuddly quilt made with A.E. Nathan fabrics. 42" × 42" #CAMOFROGS—$50 $35.00

#CAMERON—$110 $55.00

Quilt—#FEATHERY—$92 $64.40 Pillow—#FLORALPLW—$40 $28.00

College Bound Make this big block quilt in an afternoon using contemporary and stylish fabrics from Windham. 61" × 85"

#COLLEGE—$81 $48.60

30% OFF

Feathery Florals Quilt and Pillow Vivid, clear colors in these fabric by Henry Glass will help you enjoy a fresh-asspring feeling all year long. Quilt is 77½" × 77½". Pillow is 27½" × 27½".

40% OFF

40% OFF

30% OFF

Dino Sports Make a bright, fun quilt for a young dino fan. Fabrics by Northcott. 75" × 97" #DSPORT—$124 $86.80

43% OFF

Eden Andover’s beautiful butterfly fabrics are perfect for this quilt design. 72" × 84" #EDEN—$89 $50.00

30% OFF

Earthtones Bouquet This 26" × 26" mini quilt made from the Earthtone Bouquet fat quarter collection from Fabri-Quilt. #FQ-EARTH—$87 $52.20

48% OFF

Basket of Charms Our kit uses the Abstraction collection from Fabri-Quilt to make this beautiful basket of charms quilt.You will receive the fabric you need to make the top and binding for this 76" × 72" quilt.

Classic Neutral 59" × 69"

30% OFF

#FQ-NEURAL—$95 $66.50

#FQ-BASKET—$87 $45.00

Take Me Home Make this row quilt with traditional pieced blocks and fabrics from Fabri-Quilt. 55" × 79" #TAKEHOME—$102 $71.40

Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $75

30% OFF

French Floral A French color scheme is perfect for this table topper, small quilt, or wallhanging. 39" × 39" #FRNFLORAL—$65 $45.50

Order Toll Free 1-866-729-9601


30% OFF

Harmony 75" × 92"

30% OFF

›," 9pf££n fnÓ°Èä

…iÀÀÞÊ iˆ}…Ì Remember those wonderful aromas in Grandma’s kitchen? Take a step back in time with Cherry Picked by Stephanie Marrott. 50" × 50"

›7Ê  ,,9pf™Ó ÊfÈ{°{ä

44% OFF

1«Ê1«Ê>˜`ÊÜ>Þ Little aviators will love the airplane panel centered on this colorful quilt. Fun pinwheels accent the main panel for visual interest. 82" × 93"

› Ê1*79pf£Îx fÇx°ää

30% OFF

"`Ê ˜}ˆÃ…Ê,œÃi This quilt combines a little fussy cutting and fun block construction.The large floral and coordinating prints are from Andover Fabrics. 87½" × 101"

›" -pf£ÈÇÊÊ f££È°™ä

50% OFF

iˆÀœœ“Ê>À`i˜Ê*ˆœÜà Marie Osmond’s Heirloom Garden collection by Quilting Treasures is featured in these beautiful pillows. Kit contains enough fabric to make all three pillows. Kit includes patterns. › ,""*pfxx fÓÇ°xä

30% OFF

/ˆ“iÊvœÀÊ/i``ˆi Fabrics by Fabri-Quilt are featured in this churn dash and pinwheel baby quilt. 37½" × 49"


 pfxÈ fΙ°Óä

30% OFF

œÀˆ½ÃÊ*>ޅœÕÃi Make a special quilt for a special baby. Red Rooster has the perfect novelty print for the easy elongated star blocks. 41½" × 51½"

20% OFF

Seams of Opal A fun assortment of fabrics is used to create this vibrant Log Cabin quilt. 74" × 74"

›"*pf£äÓ fn£°Èä

› ",pfÇÎ fx£°£ä


OFF Meadowsweet Easy piecing, simple appliqué, and rich fabrics by Andover are a great combination for this bed quilt. 103" × 103"

›  "7-7/pf£nä f£ää°ää

20% OFF

"Vi>˜Ê Àiiâi This easily-constructed quilt features light and breezy fabrics from Michael Miller. It’s reminiscent of a day at the beach. 74" × 90" ›"  pf££™ f™x°ää

50% OFF

ؽÌÊÌÊ,œ“>˜ÌˆV Kit includes fabric for quilt top and binding. 54" × 54"

› ‡," / pfÇÓÊÊfÎÈ°ää


"ÕÌʜvÊ̅iÊ ÕiÊÊ OFF Andover fabrics bring a sophisticated, yet traditional look to this combination of Churn Dash and Pinwheel blocks. 37½" × 49" ›"1/" 1 pfx{ÊÊf{ΰÓä


Order Toll Free 1-866-729-9601

30% OFF 40% OFF

40% OFF

30% OFF

Paisley Parade Classic Neutral fabrics from Fabric-Quilt work together in this easy-to-piece quilt. 54" × 66"

Zoo Parade Flannel 35½" × 40½" #ZOOPARADE—$69 $48.30

#PARADE—$72 $50.00

Nine Patch Square Dance Wonderful shirtings, and colorful nineteenth century prints make this scrappy quilt dance. Kit features the Farmhouse Blues 2 collection from Windham Fabrics to make this 53" × 53" quilt.

Rootin Tootin Cowboy This quilt is sure to please that little cowboy! Fabrics are from Maywood Studio. 65" × 97" #ROOTIN—$94 $55.00

#WF-SDNCE—$65 $39.00

40% OFF

Parisian Paisley Create the look of strip piecing without the work. You’ll have this quilt done in no time.This kit contains Quilting Treasures’ Parisian Paisley collection. 88" × 105"

20% OFF

Playdate Create a quick quilt using fabrics by Thimbleberries for RJR Fabrics. 51" × 59" #PLAYDATE—$49 $39.20

30% OFF

Primarily Stars This quilt features scrappy fabrics in primary colors. 63" × 81"

#PRIMARILY—$103 $72.10

#PARISIAN—$131 $78.60

44% OFF

Stripes and Stars Make this easy-to-piece quilt with fabrics by Cosmo Cricket for Andover Fabrics. 82" × 100"

#S AND S—$135 $75.00

20% OFF

30% OFF

Pinwheel Play Easy Pinwheel blocks in a neat setting with the Anna’s Garden collection by Red Rooster Fabric. 67" × 97" #PIN PLAY—$93 $65.10

Pinwheel Pastels Make this quilt with appealing candy colors and soft pastel fabrics by Lyndhurst Studio. 55" × 64"

#PPASTEL—$90 $72.00

Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $75

30% OFF

Princess Pillow Make this big pillow for a little princess. Fabrics by Clothworks. 21" × 21" (23" × 23" including prairie points) #PRINCESS—$32 $22.40

40% OFF

Silk Pinwheels Looking for an adventure in your fabric journey? Make this fun and beautiful quilt with silk! 40" × 48" #SILK—$141 $84.60

Order Toll Free 1-866-729-9601




Vibrant machine-embroidered roses are sure to delight as they grow among scrappy pinwheels. Starter kit includes bright batiks in similar colors for rose backgrounds and Grandma’s Roses 1 multi-format CD with 20 embroidery designs from OESD. Makes a wall-size: 36" × 36". ›+ £ä-*äÓpfǙ°™™


A pastel blizzard twists and turns across this easy-tosew quilt. Kit includes beautiful batiks by Robert Kaufman. Available in a 40" × 40" wall size. Kit fabrics will be similar to those shown. Pattern included with the kit. Kit includes fabric for the top and binding. ›+£ääÓä£pf{{°™™


>ÌÊ >«ÊˆÌ

Trendy fabrics make a hip baby quilt that pieces together quickly for a fast finish. Fabrics from Amy Butler’s Love collection for Westminster Fibers are included in the kit. Makes a crib-size: 48" × 48".

Charming quilt of four cute kitties has simple three-dimensional appliqué. This classic QM pattern is updated with Spring Fever fabric by Me and My Sister for Moda Fabrics. Makes a crib size: 41" × 41".


>««ÞÊœÞÊ >ÞÃÊ7>Ê Kit

Make this fun and simple holiday quilt featuring large blocks with big holly leaves and berries. Kit includes beautiful Artisan Batiks by Robert Kaufman. 51" × 51" ›+䙣ÓäÓpfș°™™



Order Toll Free 1-866-729-9601

Summer Flutter Kit

Hummingbirds flutter across this easy-to-piece quilt. Kit includes contemporary red and teal fabrics from Michael Miller Fabrics. (Embroidery designs not included.) Makes a throw-size: 53½" × 59½". ›+ £ä-*ä£pfș°™™


Machine embroider these adorable little people from many nations around blue and green batiks to make this earthfriendly quilt. Kit includes Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman and Little People 1 multi-format CD with 20 embroidery designs from OESD. Makes a crib or wall-size: 37" × 51". ›+ £ä-*äÎpf££™°™™

Summer Siesta Kit œœÃʘÊ/…iÊœÀiÃÌʈÌ

Adorable owls in vibrant colors will charm anyone you know on this oh-sosimply pieced crib-size quilt. Kit includes saturated tone-on-tones and owl print from Robert Kaufman. Makes a cribsize: 55" × 55" ›+£ää{äÎpfÈ{°™™

Simple piecing and trimming makes these blocks a breeze to bring sunshine and flowers indoors. Fabric in this kit is Frolic by Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics. ›+£ääÈä£pf£x™°™™

Petit Jardin Kit

Diminutive flowers in pink and white lift their little faces toward a drink. Foundation-pieced blocks look hard but sew easily! Kit includes similar scrappy fabrics (buttons not included). Makes a wallsize: 18" × 21". ›+£ää{äÓpfә°™™

Order Toll Free 1-866-729-9601








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Fons and Porter Summer 2010 Catalog  

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Fons and Porter Summer 2010 Catalog  

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