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Strong Joints With Quality Solder Tip When it comes to joining two or more metals, mechanics regularly use various methods like soldering, welding and brazing. Soldering technique is commonly used for joints in plumbing, electronics and even jewelry making.

Needless to say the quality of soldered links will affect the strength, capacity and stability of the pipe or wire or even instrument that is being soldered. The amount of solder material used, the solder joint surface, the soldering joint position and even the contact angle can directly affect the quality of the final joint. Pin holes or icicles instantly signal a faulty solder joint while satisfactory joints tend to have a shining surface with a shape like a mountain.

This is primarily due to the skill of the mechanic, but even the kind of soldering iron tip used matters a lot. Generally, solder tips come in round, square, cone or U shape and fineness varies from extremely sharp to blunt. These specifications affect both the heat flow capability and transfer of heat and ultimately, the quality of solder joint!

Furthermore, experienced solder mechanics offer some useful pointers like opting for a large dimension solder tip with a short length gives better results for most soldering jobs. Wetting the

solder tip also helps to maximize the transfer of heat over a larger area between the solder and the tip.

So where do you turn for quality soldering tips? Global manufacturer, Leisto Industrial Co. Ltd. offers a comprehensive array of various brands like Haiker, Weller, Ersa, JBC, Apollo, Meiko, Tsustsumi and Unix that are suitable for all kinds of soldering pencils, guns, irons, stations and robots. Customers can specify the model number and approximate quantity required and will receive a competitive quotation at the very earliest!

Then again, the soldering iron tip required may not always conform to standard sizes. Leisto Industrial accepts custom-made orders of any shape or size as required that is not available in the regular range

Quality gains precedence always - Lesito Industrial has rich industry experience and uses latest technology to manufacture superior and durable soldering iron tips at the most cost-effective prices. Suppliers can especially take advantage of the viable price structures.

In fact, it is this combination of top quality and customization which has enabled Leisto Industrial to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of soldering tips and other equipment backed by steady trust and support of both distributors and customers. Little wonder then that it can proudly boast of an incredible 99% customer satisfaction rate!

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