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Shaping Products

The Old Man And The Sea -Ernest Hemingway

Project On Writing & Presentation Skills

Jenil Malavia M.Des 201114004

“The Old Man & The Sea� by Ernest Hemingway is one of its kind. A very well composed with essence & moral of its own. Taking this into consideration we had to design the book in a way that the story is reflected, in the newly innovated face that the book would get.

Target group : Primary Kids

With this intent a research was done to identify products that would serve the purpose, importantly convey the moral. When you think of a book, its very often that people would read it again, but wat is more crucial is what does the book say to you. So rather than putting more efforts for the kids to stroll through pages of book convey them in a pleasant way. There are many aspects for consideration that you come across when you design products i.e cost, materials etc. however the idea remains to make minimal use of the resources and come up with a decent but yet a sustainable product that tailors to your predefined theme.

Old Man And The Sea  

A book “Old & Man The Sea” by Ernest Hemingway, to be communicated as an entirely different marketing product for the targeted audience.