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Jenil Malavia, Masters in Design, DA-IICT.

Bad Designs At A Glimpse

Hero Honda Activa has the fuel tank designed beneath the seat! What this does: * Every-time you ought to get down, not only you if there’s anyone else accompanying you also has too. * This makes it difficult when you are accompanied by senior citizens or when the person at the back is loaded with things to handle. * In instances where there are huge vehicles queued up this contributes to waste of time! If you compare with the fuel tank design of a Motorbike it is very user friendly!

Jenil Malavia, Masters in Design, DA-IICT.

Way you Fuel for CNG

When you fuel your car with CNG; the bad part is you need to open up the entire bonnet. This turns out to be a bad design; you never give the user a glimpse of the underlying machineries in order to fuel your car! There might be some reasons for having the design; specifically having the CNG filling there itself, but to open up the bonnet each time welcomes the notion of a bad design. With slew of technologies in today’s world there should be smart ways to handle things! Apparently it should be more like the way we fuel our car with petrol.

Jenil Malavia, Masters in Design, DA-IICT.


Adding more essence to the idea of Bad design, here again the bonnet is the centre of discussion. Earlier it was the case for CNG, but unfortunately NANO seems to play dangerously they open the bonnet to fuel with PETROL. The stress is once upon to keep things simple! They should have the normal approach just as the rest of the cars. Should have a slot elsewhere, but why the bonnet?

Bad Design Practises  

Change the way we fuel our vehicles

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