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1. A customer finds that DB2 Alphablox is running out of memory due to DB2 Alphablox cubes using large amounts of memory. The customer does not want to restructure the application. Which two of the following actions should the customer take to correct this? (Select Two Answers) A. Limit the size of the in-memory cache for each cube. B. Install a second instance of Alphablox on the same machine. C. Decrease the memory capacity of the computer in which DB2 Alphablox runs. D. Limit the number of Alphablox applications running at one time via the Alphablox Administration panel. E. Select the Dynamic (Members loaded into memory as needed) option and change the Dynamic Member Cache Settings. Answer: AE 2. A customer desires to customize and personalize the appearance of Alphablox components on their web pages based on a user's profile.

Many aspects of the user's profile are already stored in various locations.

To pull these together, the customer is considering using Alphablox's support for custom properties. Which of the following is the correct statement based on this situation? A. DB2 Alphablox does not currently support the consolidation of user properties from various locations due to the current RepositoryBlox interface limitations. B. The customer will need to purchase another product, such as WebSphere Information Integrator, to pull together various profile settings stored in the various locations for each user. C. If the customer is using LDAP-based User Manager or other external user manager (such as NTLM) that has its own editor, the customer can select between External Repository and Local Repository under Property Name on the Alphablox Admin Pages Custom Properties section. D. If the customer configures DB2 Alphablox to use a relational database as the Alphablox Repository storage mechanism, this type of activity can successfully be accomplished within the Custom Properties area on the Alphablox Admin Pages without additional data movement from the various locations. Answer: C 3. A customer has a large number of relational databases.

Alphablox supports relational database

connection pooling using the Application Server Data Source adapter.

In order to take advantage of this

feature within Alphablox, the customer must choose from a list of Application Servers to install Alphablox into for this feature to be available. Which of the following options list Application Servers that can use this Data Source adapter? A. WebLogic and WebSphere Application Server B. WebLogic, WebSphere Application Server, and JBoss C. WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, and WebSphere Application Server D. WebSphere Portal Server, WebSphere Application Server, Apache Tomcat, and WebLogic    

Answer: A 4. Which of the following statements will help a customer who is new to web applications evaluate the integration options provided by Alphablox for user management? A. Alphablox provides three out-of-the-box solutions for security and personalization: Alphablox Repository-based User Manager, LDAP-based User Manager, and an NTLM User Manager. B. Alphablox provides two out-of-the-box solutions for security and personalization: Alphablox Repository-based User Manager and LDAP-based User Manager. C. Users, groups, and roles are accessible programmatically through the server-side RepositoryBlox API. D. Users and roles are accessible programmatically through the server-side RepositoryBlox API. Answer: B 5. A customer currently has data in a relational database. The end users require the ability to drill up and drill down to a desired level of detail within the data.

So, Alphablox administrator will review the data to

see if it is fit for use with the built-in Alphablox Cube Engine. In order to use the relational data with the Alphablox Cube Engine, the data needs to be in which of the following? (Select Three Answers) A. A single table B. A star schema C. A snowflake schema D. A stored procedure E. A set of multiple fact tables representing a single cube F. a set of non-related tables in a relational database Answer: ABC 6. Alphablox is certified to run on certain versions of the Linux operating system.

However, there are

certain limitations that must be recognized when using this operating system with Alphablox.

Which of the

following statements are correct limitations imposed on Alphablox under the Linux operating system? (Select Three Answers) A. 64-bit Linux systems are not currently supported by Alphablox. B. Alphablox running on Linux on z-Series hardware has a known memory size limitation. C. The X11 libraries must be installed on the Linux system for Alphablox to start up correctly. D. BEA WebLogic application servers are not currently supported by Alphablox on Linux servers. E. Linux on Intel x86 processors are required as a certified environment for Alphablox. F. Microsoft OLEDB is currently not ported to Linux which prevents access to Microsoft Analysis Services as a data source for Alphablox when running on Linux. Answer: CDF 7. It is important to use version labels in the Alphablox application's source control system in order to do which of the following?    

A. Establish a name for the project. B. Check out a file for modification. C. Check in new or modified source files. D. Recreate a deployed version of the application. Answer: D 8. A customer is using the Alphablox database repository on their production server and wants to schedule regular, automatic backups for the repository. Which of the following tools should be recommended to the customer to accomplish this goal? A. The DB2 Alphablox content manager. B. The DB2 Alphablox Administration web pages. C. The native database's backup/recovery tools. D. The DB2 Alphablox repository conversion utility. Answer: C 9. Which of the following Alphablox EAR files must be installed on the application server in order to use Alphablox? A. AlphabloxAdmin B. AlphabloxServer C. ApplicationStudio D. AlphabloxPlatform Answer: D 10. A customer is upgrading a production standalone, file-based repository installation of DB2 Alphablox to a horizontal cluster configuration.

What basic steps need to be performed to preserve existing

applications and configuration settings? A. Copy the repository and applications to the lead cluster server node. B. Convert the repository to a database and redeploy all web applications to the cluster. C. Add the standalone server as a cluster node and the repository and applications will be shared. D. Point all DB2 Alphablox servers at the existing file-based repository and redeploy all web applications to the cluster. Answer: B 11. Performance testing tools such as Rational Robot and LoadRunner can be used to test Alphablox performance using which of the following? A. JavaScript B. Java C. HTTP D. HTML    

Answer: C 12. Which of the following is the best way to ensure successful migration of applications from a test environment to a production environment? A. Make sure the production server has the latest versions of all software. B. Make sure the test server has the latest versions of all software. C. Keep the test and production servers at the same software levels. D. Keep the test and production servers at different software levels. Answer: C 13. Which of the following formats can be used to deploy an Alphablox application into WebSphere application server? A. EAR file B. JAR file C. XML file D. HTML file Answer: A 14. An application server serving Alphablox applications is running out of memory. What is the best way to solve this problem? A. Install more disk space on the server. B. Indicate to retrieve only part of the metadata to the Blox. C. Change the report query to include fewer members in the results. D. Change the JVM settings on the Application Server to allocate more memory to the application. Answer: D 15. Once a data source has been defined in Alphablox, where can the settings quickly be tested to ensure the connection is configured properly? A. By using the client tools provided by the database vendor. B. From the data source administration page. Select the Test Data Source button. C. From the application administration page. Select the Test Data Source button. D. From the Blox Sampler application.

Select a data source to use in the examples.

Answer: B 16. When Alphablox is deployed to a WebSphere cluster, which step needs to be taken after the Alphablox installer is successfully run? A. Run the Cluster Configuration Tool. B. Deploy the AlphabloxServer.ear file to each node. C. Deploy the AlphabloxPlatform.ear file to each node. D. Run the Alphablox Cluster Manager from the Alphablox Admin pages.    

Answer: C 17. After installing Alphablox on a Tomcat server that uses IIS for authentication, what is the correct order for starting up the servers the first time? A. IIS should be started first, then Alphablox, and finally Tomcat. B. Tomcat should be started first, then Alphablox which automatically starts IIS. C. IIS should be started first, then Alphablox which automatically starts Tomcat. D. Alphablox should be started first, which automatically starts Tomcat. Once Alphablox has started completely, IIS should be started. Answer: D 18. When is it absolutely necessary to use a database repository for Alphablox? A. When the application is using bookmarks B. When Alphablox is deployed on Websphere Portal C. When Alphablox is deployed to more than 100 users D. When Alphablox is deployed in a clustered environment Answer: D 19. For an installation of Alphablox in a WebSphere Portal environment, on which server instance should Alphablox be installed? A. On the Portal server instance B. On the WebSphere server instance C. On a separate server running only Websphere D. On a separate WebSphere server in the instance Answer: A 20. Alphablox is installed in an environment that uses ActiveDirectory to authenticate users to the applications.

Users also need to be created in Alphablox to complete the authentication process. The

best way to keep the users in sync between Alphablox and ActiveDirectory is to do which of the following? A. Enable the Automatically Generate User Accounts option on the Alphablox server. B. Disable authentication on the Alphablox server and only authorize the user in ActiveDirectory. C. Set up a process where user accounts are created in ActiveDirectory and in Alphablox prior to giving access to the user. D. Develop a process in the applications to automatically add the user to the Alphablox repository the first time a user logs in. Answer: A 21. A customer has installed Alphablox on a WebSphere Application server. the customer configures Alphablox to use DB2 JDBC drivers only.

During the initial installation,

Now, the customer needs to connect to

an Oracle database through Alphablox. How does the customer add the additional JDBC drivers to the    

Alphablox server? A. Add the additional driver to the application server /lib/ext folder. B. Re-run the Alphablox installer to add the additional JDBC driver. C. Add the additional driver path to the batch file. D. Install the additional driver on the server. Answer: A 22. When installing Alphablox into a WebSphere Portal server, what important step needs to be taken during installation? A. Select the directory where the PortalServer is installed, typically /PortalServer. B. Select the server name that runs WebSphere Portal, typically WebSphere_Portal. C. Select WebSphere Portal when prompted for the application server. D. Select a database repository. Answer: B 23. How can a DataBlox use a relational connection pool? A. Enable the connection pool option in the General section of the Alphablox Admin pages. B. Create a data source in the Alphablox Admin pages using the Application Server Data Source data adapter. C. Create a data source in the Alphablox Admin pages using the Connection Pool Data Source data adapter. D. Create a relational data source in the Alphablox Admin pages and select the connection pool option. Answer: B 24. By default, how are members ordered in a dimension? A. Alphabetically. B. Using the DataBlox sort attribute. C. By the dimension table's primary key. D. In the order they appear in the database. Answer: A 25. A developer has selected the "Import Cube Definition" option in order to keep the Alphablox cubing engine and Cube Views cube definitions in sync.

When this option is used, when will the Alphablox cubing

engine's cube definitions be updated? A. Based on a timer independent from MQT updates. B. When the underlying Cube Views MQTs are updated by DB2. C. Before each query if the Cube Views definition has changed. D. When the Alphablox cube is started or rebuilt regardless of any actual changes. Answer: D    

26. The cube refresh interval set in the cubing administration UI should be set using which of the following criteria? A. The size of the cube cache. B. The types of MDX queries against the cube. C. How often data is loaded into the warehouse. D. How often users are performing cube queries. Answer: C 27. Dynamic member caching has been enabled on a DB2 Alphablox cube to reduce VM memory consumption. Which factor(s) must now be considered to determine cube capacity? A. Available memory. B. Available disk space. C. Available memory and disk space. D. Available disk space and processor speed. Answer: C 28. An analyst wants to add the SSN of all customers to the customer dimension, how can this be accomplished? A. Add SSN to the fact table. B. Define a SSN attribute on the customer dimension. C. Create another level in the customer dimension for the SSN. D. Define another dimension containing the SSN and join to the customer dimension. Answer: B 29. In a snowflake design, what does a dimension table contain? A. Unnormalized levels. B. Joins to more than one fact table. C. Foreign key to other dimension tables. D. Many to many relationships to other tables. Answer: C 30. A customer wants to dynamically create cubes without using the cubing administration UI. these cubes should be created by importing Cube Views metadata.

Which of the following addresses the

customer's requirement? A. Use AdminBlox to programmatically define the cubes. B. Use RepositoryBlox to add additional cube definitions to Alphablox repository. C. It is not possible to create cubes based on CubeViews outside of the admin UI. D. AdminBlox can be used to start and stop cubes programmatically but not create them. Answer: A    


31. When determining the amount of memory required for cube member storage, which of the following must be taken into consideration for each member? A. The data type of the member. B. The length of the member names. C. The language of the member names. D. The number of parents of each member. Answer: B 32. Which of the following will restrict the amount of data returned by MDX queries against the cubing engine? A. Reduce the maximum rows or columns in the cube's relational data source definition. B. Reduce the maximum rows or columns in the DB2 Alphablox cube data source definition. C. Add a CELLLIMIT clause to the MDX query. D. Add a ROWLIMIT clause to the MDX query. Answer: B 33. Star schemas required by the DB2 Alphablox Cube Server consist of which of the following? A. Joined fact tables joined to dimension tables. B. Fact table with a one to many relationship to dimension tables. C. Fact table with a many to one relationship to the dimension tables. D. Fact tables joined to dimension tables, where the level for each dimension is normalized. Answer: C 34. Given that the direct descendants of [Time].[1999] are Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4, how will the following MDX query layout the members on the column axis? SELECT CrossJoin({[Products].[Product Name].[E], [Products].[Product Name].[F]}, [Time].[1999].Children) ON COLUMNS, {[Sales], [Cost], [Profit]} ON ROWS FROM [DB2AlphabloxCube] A. A single row consisting of the products E, F, Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4, resulting in six columns. B. A row for products E and F and a row for Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 for each product, resulting in eight columns. C. A row for products E and F and a row for TIME, Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 for each product, resulting in four columns. D. A row for products E and F, a row for 1999, and a row for Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 for each product and year, resulting in four columns. Answer: B 35. For some dimensions in a cube, the 'All' level should NOT be provided for which of the following reasons? A. It only applies to the time dimension.    

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