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November 2012


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Exclusive review of the wombats gig at Belladrum Tartan Heart festival

Plus an interview with the band and talk of a new album

Also highlights from the rest of Bella and a closeup on Beverly Knight who performed there

And Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball tour review with exclusive photos and tour gossip

And lots more in this week’s Music Madness

CONTENTS PAGE Page 2: A review of the Wombats’ gig at The Belladrum Tartan Heart festival

Page 3: A close-up profile on The Wombats and interview

Page 4: A cover of all Page 5: Lady Gaga Born the highlights at Bellad- This Way Ball tour rum music festival and Beverly Knight review

Page 6: A review of new releases Page 7: A guide to Scotland’s hot music

The Wombats At Belladrum The wombats gig at Belladrum was unbelievable. It is such a simple thing to say but in all honesty there is no good other way to start off this review.

The whole set was just perfection and honestly, I can’t praise the boys enough. Certainly, I’m not ashamed to admit that I was dancing and singing (screaming) every lyric.

If you don’t know who The Wombats are, you are not forgiven. Since the release of their first album: ‘The Wombats proudly present: A guide to love, loss and desperation’ in 2007, they have been well on their way to world domination. The indie rock band from Liverpool have been gaining rapid popularity over in the states and have just finished up their tour over there in support of their second album ‘The Wombats proudly present: This modern glitch’. So for a quick background check, the boys are Murph (lead vocals and guitar), Dan (backing vocals and drums) and Tord (backing vocals and guitar). They also all seem capable of playing keyboards and synths. Murph writes all the songs himself and has recieved critical acclaim for his lyrical depth, particularly for the song ‘Anti-D’ in which he talks openly about his struggle with depression. Now moving onto the actual gig. The Bats were headlining on the Friday night of Belladrum on the main stage and as crowds and crowds gathered waiting for a sign of life on the stage, the anticipati-

But of course it was their enore of ‘Anti-D’ and ‘Let’s dance to Joy Division’ that had the crowd going reaaly wild. “Let’s Fu**ing do this!” Murph sshouted into the microphone before the familiar starter chords of ‘Joy Division’ echoed out. Whether it’s your kind of music or not, I can honestly say The Wombats are one of the acts that EVERYONE should see live. Even the boys have said they’re more of a live band thatn a studio band. And on was growing and growing. Finally as soon as they come on stage you know there was a sharp sound of music and the why: They were born to be there. boys appeared on stage and burst into music. The show was kicked off nicely with ‘Our Perfect Disease’ off their second album and then launched into an older hit ‘Kill the director’. The set was nicely mixed with old and new songs and there wasn’t one that failed to get the crowd dancing and singing along. Each song came with high energy and enthusiasm. And that is one of the reasons as to why The Wombats are such a good choice to see live: Despite the years of touring and playing the same songs over and over, they never lose the spark or excitement and it always seems like they’re playing each song for the very first time, just for you.

A Profile:

The Wombats

Before the gig the guys of The Wombats (Well Murph and Dan) were nice enough to pop along to the fairtrade tent and be interviewed by their fans.

nice critiques of the band for everyone to see on a huge board behind them.

But their best gig was suporting the Red hot chilli peppers because they And what exclusives the fans got! In fact thought the crowd wouldn’t like them if you’re desperte for a new album from but according to Murph, they went these Liverpudlians then don’t worry. “apesh*t”. They are planning on releasing one October next year to coincide with their 10-year anniversary. Yes 10. In fact they have already recorded some songs! And as humble as ever they had no problems when it came to discussing their worst gigs.

that he had tried haggis for the first time which is ironically his last name.. Clearly the crowd were not hard to please. And the guys were even nice enough to have their picture taken with fan at the end of the interview session.

And if you’re interested in the hobbies To keep up-to-date with The wombats’ they have you can always find Murph on latest news follow them on twitter and the golf course. He says he would love Facebook. to play on Loch Lomand but you “need a letter from god”. And Murph has also recently quit smoking. He got a cheer when he told the crowd that one. Twitter: @thewombats

FYI it was in America during an election and people were texting in some not-so- Dan got a cheer when he announced


OTHER HIGHLIGHTS! Call me prejudice, but I’m going to start off with Beverly Knight. Yes I may be a huge fan off hers. But that doesn’t mean tht I wasn’t willing to be critical off her gig. Unfortunately, there was very little to be critical off.

Other highlights included Travis who headlined on the main stage on the Saturday. Obviously they played their classic songs like ‘Why does it always rain on me’ and ‘Turn’ as well as newer hits. But the best part of their performance The British soul singer really did wow was undoubtedly their entrance. Other the crowds at Belladrum when her time stage acts take note. Think ‘Chariots Of came. Saturday, mainstages and the Fire’ and the slow motion running scene crowd was relatively quiet. Beverly was on the beach. It was quite an entrance late starting and no one seemed that and made an instant impression on the enthusiastic. But as soon as she came audience. on and started singing people gradual- Other acts were ‘We Are Scientists’, ‘The ly swarmed from everywhere. South’ (think size 10) and ‘Frightened Rabbit’ who despite doing a memorable gig, rubbed some of their fans up the wrong way when they didn’t show up for their pre-show interview.

Her voice, which literally can give pople chills (I’m a witness) was stunning and it so much better than hearing it on T.V. She did her classic songs like ‘Made it back’ and well liked modern hit ‘Keep this fire burning’ but it was her tribute to Donna Summer and Whitney Houston, in the form off ‘Bad girls’ and ‘It’s not right but it’s ok’ that was the surprise highlight of the act. She was completely fantastic and definetely proved herself to the crowds and made soul a real winner at the festival!

There was also new music in ‘The Black Isle Brewery Grassroots Stage’ which was a promise of great things for the future of the industry. ‘To Kill A King’ gave a fantastic performance with a haunting combination of rock/pop and chilling lyrics. Another act who impressed was Nina Nesbit (who is rumoured to be dating Ed Sheeran), who was solo on stage accompanied only by a guitar and her beautiful, pitch-perfect voice. Now I know when people think of music festivals they always think of ‘T In The Park’, ‘The V Festival’ or ‘Glastonbury’ but Belladrum should not be overlooked.

It really is a fantastin little festival. For one thing, the size. It’s not so big that you have to trek for miles just to find the toilets but it’s not so small that you have to wear a surgeon’s mask for fear of catching diseases. I mean, look at this year’s ‘T In The Park’, and the mud fiasco. Who really wants to have to walk in wellies, knee-deep in mud for hours? This festival really is a perfect size and is a humble price for the weekend. It will cost you little over £100 for a weekend ticket which is pretty damn good by today’s standards. Most festivals will cost in the range £200- £300 nowadays. So next year, when you’re looking for a festival to go to for some fun times and good memories, don’t underestimate Belladrum. Because truly, the Tartan Heart Festival right up in the Highlands of Scotland, puts the heart back in to music. To keep up with Belladrum and the lineup for this year, you can go to their official website:

Lady Gaga: The Born This Way Ball and drive around in their fancy cars. There is something sincere inthe way she talks. She seems to genuinely care about her fans and what they do with their lives.

She really empowers her fans and the message she sends them is a positive and optimistic one that regardless of your taste in music, should not be ignored by anyone.

The songs of course were all her classic hits and and a majority of her ‘Born This Way’ album.

Her influence was no more proved than when she did an emotional cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and a boy in the front row proceeded to cry.

The dance sequences were amazing, the costumes, the singing (she has an incredLady Gaga doesn’t need an introduction. ible voice), the set of the stage (a giant She is one of the biggest ‘pop’ stars of all castle) and the story of the tour (she is an time and unless you’ve been living under alien invading planet earth and people a rock, you will know she is on a massive are trying to kill her) was all great. world tour right now. But it was her interaction with the audiThe Born This Way Ball world tour isn’t ence that made the evening unique. a typical tour by any means. And not just because of her trademark ‘crazy’ cosShe pulled members of the audience up tumes or outlandish on-stage behaviour on stage with her on a whim. She took (apparently she smoke a joint of cannibis presents for them and one lucky girl even in Amsterdam), but just because of her got Gaga and the whole stadium singing seemingly endless ability to not care what happy birthday to her. people think of her. It truly was an incredible experience. Going to a Gaga concert is unlike anything I’ve seen in my life. She is so open with her fans. She teaches them to be themselves and treat everyone equally. But it is not the preachy slop that a lot of celebrities do these days. You know, constantly trying to get you to donat to a cause or to do something that involves giving away your hard-earned money while they live in their big houses

And the amazing thing is is that there were a lotof older people there which shows her appeal across the generations. She knows how to please a crowd. For her encore she did ‘Edge Of Glory’ and then as everyone was leaving she surprised them with ‘Marry The Night’. And on ‘Marry The Night’ she made the night of a few fans when she pulled them up onstage and taught them the dance moves. Saying this was a phenomonal gig doesn’t quite cut it. It really was immense.

Twitter: @ladygaga Facebook:

Reviews And Future Releases Brand new feature!

All tween girls stand by. Taylor Swift’s new album ‘RED’ is out. And honestly it’s pretty good! Her new sound shows a new maturity and her music is more relatable to women now rather than heartbroken teenagers.

The 2006 ‘X-Factor’ winner is back with her third album ‘Glassheart’. With darker lyrics and some more dance/pop/ rock tunes than usual, Leona has regained her place as one of Britain’s best and most successful singers.

The Texan lady who won the first ever ‘American Idol’ way back in 2003, is finally releasing her compilation album 10 years after her very first album was put out. And it reminds everyone how many hits this successful singer has had.

Verdict: A great mix of country and pop with honest lyrics and beats that make you want to dance.

Verdict: Leona has come out of her comfort zone with this record and has pulled out all the stops for creating a new sound.

Verdict: Kelly has one of the greatest voices of our generation and combines all her rock/pop gems beautifully.

Stand-out tracks: ‘We are never ever getting back together’, ‘Sad beautiful tragic’, ‘22’, ‘Red’ and ‘I knew you were trouble’.

Stand-out tracks: ‘Trouble’, ‘Unlove me’, ‘Lovebird’, ‘Stop the clocks’, ‘Favourite scar’ and ‘When it hurts’.

Stand-out tracks: They’re all hits but obviously ‘Since u been gone’, ‘My life would suck without you’ and ‘Stronger’.

Rating: Some make you dance Rating: The more demure Rating: A must have collection and some make you cry, so it’s sound suits Leona’s astounding of huge sing-along tracks from a 7/10. voice, so it’s an 8/10 . the last decade, so it’s a 10/10.

Gig Hotspots In Scotland d Think you have to travel to London to see the best gigs? Think again! Scotland is full of great venues for gigs and here are just a few options down below: Venue: Ironworks Location: 122B Academy Street, Inverness, Invernesshire IV1 1LX. What’s great about it: It was purposefully built for live music so it has a professional team working there to make sure every gig goes off without a hitch and it is rapidly growing popular with musical acts. Who plays: In the past, acts like The Wombats, Kasabian, Biffy Clyro and Babyshambles have played there as well as new acts just breaking onto the scene. What else: It also provides other entertainment such as comedy and boxing nights.

Venue: King Tut’s Wah Wah tent Location: 272a St. Vincent’s Street, Glasgow G2 5RL. What’s great about it: Since being set up in 1990, it still hasn’t lost its appeal and cotinues to be one of the most famous and celebrated music venues in the world. Last year it was named the ‘Britain’s best small venue’ by NME magazine and is recognized as supporting new acts and has helped launch careers of some of the biggest acts today. Who plays: Oasis (who were signed there), My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Florence and the machine, Radiohead and Paolo Nutini to name a few. What else: They also have a restaurant for when you get peckish and even have an online shop where you can buy merchandise.

Venue: The Tunnels Location: Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen AB10 1BF What’s great about it: It has only been open since 2005 but has already become one of the biggest music venues in Scotland and prides itself on Helping give new acts a chance to showcase their talents as well as having some of the most popular music acts around. It provides acts with all different genres, including hip-hop, soul and funk. Who plays: Some amazing acts have played here but just to mention a few: Kate Nash, The Kooks, Frank Turner and Enter Shikari. What else: As well as holding gigs, they also have private functions. This can be anything from a birthday party to a work party and they provide food and drink. It is very intimate and cosy.

What to look out for in next week’s issue: A quick preview

A follow-up to the ‘Gig Hotspots’ feature as we take a behind the scenes look at the music venues and how they run and choose acts to come and play. Also an exclusive interview with 3 secret gig reviewers to find out how they rate them. We reveal Rihanna’s plans for her ‘Diamonds’ world tour, what home comforts she takes on the road with her and her diva demands. A new feature starting from next week’s issue which gives a fan’s review of music. The first will be a review of The Killer’s new album ‘Battle Born’. More new music reviews. Think you’re a music buff? Test youself with our new weekly music quiz feature starting next week. Plus lots more...

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