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  School  Farm  Coordinator                    August,  2016       The  Delta  School   Wilson,  Arkansas     The  Delta  School  is  a  newly  founded  progressive  prek-­‐12  independent  school  in  The   Mississippi  Delta,  just  40  minutes  from  Memphis.       The  School  opened  its  first  class  of  students  in  August  2015.      The  Delta  School  provides  a  dynamically  balanced  education  for  curious  young  people  in   multi-­‐aged  classrooms.  With  regard  to  how  we  educate  students,  some  of  our  methods   have  been  around  for  centuries.  Others  spring  from  the  latest  breakthroughs  in  science  and   education.  As  a  teacher  at  The  Delta  School,  you  will  have  the  opportunity  to  be  a  member   of  a  founding  team  which  will  provide  you  the  freedom,  flexibility  and  encouragement  to  be   creative  lesson  designers,  meeting  the  needs  of  all  children.       This  position  is  unique  in  that  you  will  be  part  of  an  exciting  period  of  growth  and  renewal   in  Wilson.  The  entire  town  is  undergoing  a  renaissance  and  we  are  looking  for  people  who   feel  the  pulse  of  innovation  to  join  not  only  the  school,  but  also  the  growing  eclectic   community  of  young  entrepreneurs.    We  want  people  who  are  eager  to  make  a  significant   contribution  and  leave  a  creative  mark  on  the  school  and  the  town.  Please  visit  The  Delta   School  Facebook  page  to  learn  more  about  the  school.        Job  Description   The School Farm Coordinator is a full-time position that offers critical support to teachers and students to ensure that a school can maximize the educational potential of the school garden. This position will work in collaboration with the School Garden Educator to ensure maximum uses of all farm grown plants whether for food production, product production or scientific analysis. We have two large greenhouses connected by a classroom, as well a garden/farm space with raised beds and an orchard. We are looking for someone to help care for the plants and suggest new projects. Specific Duties: • •

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Oversees and coordinates students’ hands-on experiences in the garden (planting, tending, harvesting and cooking); Works closely with classroom teachers to develop lessons that support classroom teaching in a range of curriculum areas (science, social studies, mathematics, language arts, etc.) Teaches garden science classes, incorporating environmental science, biology, earth science and nutrition education as they relate to the garden; Builds involvement in and commitment to the school garden within the school community, including teachers, administrators, students, parents and community volunteers;

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Maintains the garden, coordinating volunteers and working with Wilson Gardens to maximize the school experience; Manage the school garden, plan and prepare for garden work activities, manage planting schedule, ensure availability of tools and other necessary materials; Attend school wide staff meetings; Coordinate community garden events to bring students, families, teachers and community members together; Coordinate school-wide garden events, in which students prepare and serve gardengrown salad for the entire school at lunch; Attend grade level meetings on a monthly basis for collaborations and core curriculum alignment; Monitor, document and report on all activities and extent of student and teacher participation; Desired Skills and Experience:

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Experience with youth aged 5-12 (outdoor group management experience preferred); Knowledge and skills in small-scale organic food production or home gardening; Knowledge of or interest in topics including vegetable gardening, botany, environmental science, health and nutrition, food systems, food access; Demonstrated ability to work with diverse populations including youth and adults; Ability to work independently and be flexible; Computer skills and project management skills.

To Apply     Please  send  a  resume,  a  list  of  three  professional  references,  a  statement  of  your   educational  philosophy  and  a  letter  stating  why  you  believe  you  are  a  good  match  for  The   Delta  School.        Send  your  material  via  email  to      

The Delta  School  strives  to  create  a  school  and  working  environment  that  is  affirming  and  inclusive.  The   Delta  School  respects  and  values  its  diversity  and  does  not  discriminate  on  the  basis  of  differences  in   age,  ethnicity,  family  structure,  national  origin,  physical  attributes,  race,  religion,  sexual  orientation  or   socioeconomic  background.  

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School Farm Coordinator  

Job description for a school farm educator

School Farm Coordinator  

Job description for a school farm educator