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I could not be more thrilled that you have decided to commit to the 30 day Jens

Daily Grind Challenge! Get ready to really change

the way look, feel and think about your personal health and fitness! I encourage you to stay very interactive with your progress on Jens Daily Grind Facebook page for the next 30 days. You will be amazed at how helpful it is to share with others who are doing the same thing you are. Remember, we are a team!! My success is YOUR success, so Let’s get on the GRIND! Overview: Long term sustainable health, mental wellness and a deeper selfconnection is truly the essence of Jens Daily Grind. This plan is an allinclusive 4 week road map to help you find a life of fitness. The most important part of this plan is commitment, continue working an you will see results. The Jens Daily Grind challenge is not difficult, but it does take a continuous and consistent effort to succeed. This plan will only work if you are committed and determined to stick with the program for the full 4 weeks. It will be extremely helpful if you have a laptop, as you will be referring to the GRIND a few times a day. If you have a GYMBOSS timer, your golden!... if not, no worries‌ I will email you the tabata timer video from youtube. Small hand weights, a yoga mat, jumprope and medicine ball will come in handy also if you have them.

Below are the elements of the challenge: Nutrition: Diet is the most important piece of the weight loss puzzle. This plan contains nutritional guide lines for you to follow. It also contains a sample meal plan and a few select recipes. It is highly recommended that you keep a food journal to track your progress. Physical activity: The basic goal is to be active every day with a rest day on Sunday!  All it takes is 30 minutes..( does NOT include the warm up or cool down, so keep that in mind). Follow the Grind each day and push yourself to YOUR max! Everyone is different, therefore certain exercises may need to be modified and that’s ok! Feel free to chat it up on the Grind and if you need modifications—ask! PS.. If you can afford the extra time to do MORE cardio at least 3 times per week, it will only help your results! Motivation: Inspiration is the key to any life change. If you aren’t motivated you won’t complete the plan. I am committed to keeping you motivated. Short of slapping the french fries out of your hand, we will do everything I can do help you succeed. However, motivation is largely an internal phenomenon. Find your passion! Find your inspiration and revisit it DAILY! Meditation:

Setting the tone for your day is crucial … each and every day! As soon as you wake up you will practice a 5-10 minute meditation in effort to begin your day with a positive mindset. If you are new to meditation and don’t quite know what to do, don’t worry!, I will email you all 2 new meditations per week for ideas and inspiration. Feel free to make it your own or simply follow the video  Yoga: Each night before you go to bed, you will practice a quick 5-10 minute Yoga routine. The postures will be simple and you will focus on breathing and de-stressing your mind for a restful sleep. Those of you who have difficulty sleeping may find this VERY helpful! I would also recommend a cup of green tea as a night cap.

Are you ready?? Lets get on the GRIND!!

30 Day Challenge  

Welcome to the 30 day Jens Daily Grind Challenge.

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