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What is Hotel Rating ď‚— In Simple meaning , hotel rating is used to

categorize hotels according to their quality of services. ď‚— Commonly, you all familiar with hotel

types of star. But yet people don't know why this hotel called 1 star and others are 2 3 or 5 star. Let me explain how hotel rating is given.

The Rating Process  Basically star rating is given on basis food service,

entertainment , view, room variation and other luxury amenities.

 The rating is given by self dependent groups , travel

websites , These groups are defining the hotels by their review given by the reviewers.

 It’s is facts that each organization has its own methods and

kind of services like in foreign countries , the hotel may be rated by the government agencies and it can vary differently.

ď‚— Typically which hotels are based on small budget and

operated by owner is recognized in 1-star hotel category. ď‚— Which restaurants are near to public place and serve

primary facility in a reasonable price then we can call it 1-star hotel is near to our house.. Got it?

ď‚— 2-star rating is given to those hotels which are

providing more than primary facility like in rooms have TV , Phone for customers flexibility. ď‚— In terms of, while you will not getting a convenience

service then it is called small restaurants and it will consider to be in 2-star hotel rating category.

 Its easy now to judge after viewing above 1 and 2-star

rating system that which hotels are providing more service than 2-star hotels is automatically come in to 3-star category.  Means which hotels are fulfill these type of service which are listed below then is called 3-star hotel  Reception service  Internet access in rooms  Heater, hair-dryer , ironing service etc. in rooms.  Sewing kit, shoe polish utensils, laundry service

ď‚— By observing kind of services such as beautifully

furnished rooms, restaurants, Doorman-service or valet parking, Spacious reception hall, fitness center and many more service provider hotels are rated as 4-star hotel.

ď‚— 5-star rating given to the hotel when luxury hotel

offering the highest level of personal and primary facility.

ď‚— When the superior hotel provide a additional facilities

in their room service and specially mystery guesting observation. There are so many restaurants is available 24-7 with high facility and luxurious equipment in rooms like quality linens, VCR, CD stereo, Jacuzzi tub and in-room video then it is definitely rated by 5-star rating.

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How to Hotel Rating is Given?  

Do you know that how hotel rating is given ? Lets me show you here I giving basic information of rating process of hotel.. If you like then...

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