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More Than Me Voluntourism Business Outline Beyond voluntourism… The social entrepreneur package Liberia is well positioned to create a thriving tourism industry. Now with the political climate much more stable, it can now open for business to tourists to show off its lively culture, fascinating history, beautiful landscape and native Liberian English tongue that make the country a desirable destination or the world traveler. The potential for tourism in Liberia is great. The More Than Me (MTM) organization is uniquely positioned to offer the tourist with a unique way to volunteer. This program would not be just another voluntourism program, where the only thing a volunteer really learns, is how to take pretty pictures with poor children. This is not poverty tourism. This is a chance to really learn what it takes to build a sustainable organization that is going to make lasting change. There will be programs that will be attractive to the highly motivated social entrepreneurs as well as the culturally curious retired world traveler. Unique offerings of the program -

Learning’s don’t start when you get to Liberia, volunteers will start learning how to be a social entrepreneur before they even set foot on Liberian soil. Duration of trip: between 2 - 4 weeks o

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Fundraising  Provide potential volunteers with fundraising support tool kit  How to videos and manuals to help get volunteers ready and motivated to raise money  Development team will provide support to volunteers to make sure that they reach their goal  Students - get to add $10K funds raised to resume Get to know one of the girls before you arrive - Become a pen pal with a MTM student! Choose the type of volunteerism you would like to do while in Liberia  Tutoring – help the girls with their homework  Create your own workshop – submit a proposal syllabus for a personal development, life skills, financial literacy, technology, etc.  Social Entrepreneurship – help out with building the micro businesses 3 day trip to Robertsport with an opportunity to learn how to surf!  Stay in the Kwepunah retreat – Learn about the surf community there Possible day trips to visit other organizations in town  Liberty & Justice  UN compounds and facilities  Government agencies Meet high profile Liberians  Leymah Gbowee  Kimmie Weeks  Chid Liberty End of trip presentations

 

A video recorded end of trip event where all volunteers will give a presentation and All videos will be posted to the website and volunteers will be given a video link to use for their own or publishing purposes

Marketing In order to determine the best marketing strategy, the MTM development, and campus outreach coordinator will need to work closely with the business development coordinator to Potential marketing strategies   

Work with university study abroad offices Market to high school students Partner with relevant established organizations for cross promoting

Targeting:  

MTM established network Build off of the MTM momentum and launch new voluntourism

Financials Estimated Gross Revenue

Estimated Costs

Group 1

Group 2

At a cost of $10,000 each 3 groups of 10

Group 3

    

Flight costs - $1,800 each x 30 = $54,000 In country Transportation - $150 each = $4,500 Food - $300 each = $9,000 Housing - $400 each = $12,000 Other extraneous costs - $300 each = $9,000

= $300,000 Total Estimated Costs = $88,000

Estimated Net Revenue $212,000

Micro Enterprises Once back on the ground in Liberia, I plan to conduct a lot of research into what local talent and materials naturally live in Liberia. From there, incorporate the micro business into the curriculum for the girls, or serve as afterschool programs. Some ideas include:      

Childs clothing line High quality decorative throw blankets Scarves Jams, preserves, Chocolate Stationary

*Timeline for implementation will be estimated once the decision for the type of microenterprise has been made.

More Than Me Business Plan Outline  


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