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Jennifer H C Lee Industrial Designer

Design for urban space: Walli Chair In cooperation with Van Gogh Designs and The Wood Co-op, the design intension is to create a piece of furniture with dual functionality for a small urban space utilizing current technology of CNC with 3D modeling program to plan each step of the process. The design intend to make it a sofa that has functions to utilize small space to its maximum. Also, a sofa that can be easily taken apart for transportation. *A simple slotting system that allows easy rotation of back cushions, it offers variation of possible seating postures for the user. *The seat can be quickly disassembled for easy moving, simply by stacking the cushions and unbolting the legs. Recyclable Materials: Plywood: Douglas fir, Baltic birch Fabric: 100% Organic Wool Metals: Aluminum,Steel alloys Target group are age between 25-35 who live in urban areas. Design direction keywords: Simple, ambiguous, muilti-purpose,adaptable,interactive. Features:-Multifunctional surface & backrests accommodating individual /dual seating -Removable upholstery.-RTA flat pack shipping.

This project was co-designed with 2 other students together from brainstorm to final prototype. My concentration was 3D render in Solidwork, made sewing pattern from drawing measurement, then fabricated of the final upholstry.

Design for soft product: Laptop Backpack The project aim to learn the design process of designing for soft products. By designing a laptop backpack that is for daily commuting purposes I gained knowledge of fabric variations, density, pattern fabrication, and I made prototypes with paper model , 1st mock up model, had it fixed to become the final model.

Features: 2 main compartments: Padded Laptop compartment for books and things

Main front pocket make plenty of room for documents, cameras, wallet. 2 hidden pockets on side privide easy access when wear only one strap on shoulder. Front bottom hidden pocket allows storing of valued things .

Simple color separates the different hidden compartments underneath. Slopping angle prevents rain staying on fabric surface.

Design for Disaster: RAHA-Home for Central Africa Looking to achieve and surpass the idea that a shelter is “a roof over their heads� for third world countries that does not have permanent shelter to call home because of wars, displacement, and government corruption and natural disasters. Proposing a budget of $5000 Canadian dollars and 400 Square feet space our team was to build a temporary shelter for Chad, Central Africa that assembles on site and last 3 to 5 years.

To eliminate poverty first begins with teaching the important of planning for the future being health to able to provide for their families. With clean water and safe shelters which helps promote social bond and lighting helps promote education longer working hours to increase family income. With shelters that support, a family and community can slowly change their bleak situations into a positive self sustaining productive community.

Team project of 4. My concentration was on 3D rendering in Solidwork,output into illustrator and making prototype (wall,floor)of the shelter.

Design for Disaster: RAHA-Home for Central Africa


Private Semi-private

Final Design Roof - Water condensation collection within



cooking area

roof structure light weight statshield Uses existing PVC piping to construct roofing system cost effective

Pre shipping Assembly Base - 4x8 plywood ¾ thickness floor panels will be nail to 2x8 studs with a total of 12.

Walls - Wall to wall connections, butterfly

t-nuts, 4x8 wall panels, light weight easy to carry and assemble no need for conventional tools. public sharing

Walls - Wall panels are 4x8 plywood 3/8 thickness with 2x3 studs nailed on them The 2x3 studs have holes drilled in them every two feet to allow the t-nuts to be places in the holes. Base - 4x8 plywood ¾ thickness floor panels will be nail to 2x8 studs with a total of 12. Feet - Elevated two feet to eliminate poten-

tial flooding during rainy season Provides air ventilation with floor vents cooling of structure

T-nuts component connect wall to wall. Water Tank- use for water condensation


Modular Configuration- can be add up

to public sharing spaces: allow for maximum variations suiting the need.


Interior Layout - African textiles provide local citizens

with the comfort of familiar surroundings.Utilizes an innovative interior fabric cabling system which allows for flexible arrangement and division of Resting, eating and social areas. No solid interior walls allow the shelter to be transformed to serve as a house, school, shelter or clinic.

Exterior layout - Modular component provides an interchangeable configuration allowing flexibility in the community layout. Allows for public and private space Building promotes concept of communities and strengthening of social bonds. Symbol Legend - Pattern colour and coated with assembly.

Walls - Wall panels are 4x8 plywood 3/8 thickness with 2x3 studs nailed on them The 2x3 studs have holes drilled in them every two feet to allow the t-nuts to be places in the holes. Roof System - The roof is constructed with PVC piping. Half moons shapes with a cabling holding the PVC pipe in tension. There are three pipes that are 18 feet long and two pipes that are 16 feet and one 7.5 feet long.

Assembly on site in Chad Colour coded shapes to assits in assembly Base - There will be 12, 4x8 sheets pre-assembled with the use of t-nuts Wall -The wall to wall connections are connected with butterfly t-nut which allows minimal tools on site. Butterfly t-nuts can be tightened by hand Wall to base connections are also with t-nuts The floor base is painted with coloured coded shapes which correspond to the walls to be able to understand the construction with ease. Roof Construction - The roof is to be put together by placing the half moons into the statshield per shaped fabric to fit the roof with little pegs that stick out of the end of the tension PVC pipes. The pegs that stick out connect to the supporting side PVC piping which connects to the side wall with a hinge. All points are colour coded to be able to connect the roof with ease.

The Most Important Small Things Door Knob + x = ? The door knob is a place most of us hang all kinds of things on, but we never think about what could a door knob be. What can you do to celebrate those extra things we do with door knobs? The process included Observing people interacting with daily objects and environments, and documenting their actions and behaviours.

... it’s imposssible to forget my keys now.

... I can remember my bills now. mom always hung washed clothes on the door knob.

... my ID card needs a special place to hang near the door.

... my dad always forgets to return the CD.

...sometimes I want to say “ I’m sorry. ”

The Most Important Small Things Object rediscovery through observation The process includes observing interactions of people with daily objects and environments, then documenting their actions and behaviours.

From left top to right top 1. leaving a note on the door so I won’t forget what to buy. 2. have to grab key before you leave the room 3. exploration of what knobs can do 4. my habit of leaving necklace on here 5. exploration of what can door knob be 6. CNC cut file for one of the knob. 7.8. foam models of possible knobs 9. ceramic door knob slip cast 10. test model for one of the knob

Materials: Maple Wood porcelain wood ( in production would be metal )

Concept Design: First Hand The Project focused on participtory design, user centre design, looking at co- creater’s need to come up with a design proposal.


Research: Our co creater, 71yr old, Elizabeth Campbell. From Interviewing with her ..... •  Technology must be simple, and easy to use. •  Correspondence is an integral part of her life. •  She is a wealth of information and loves to share her knowledge. •  She is a very visual person. •  She is a creature of habit and loves her rituals and routines not interrupted by phone calls. •  She says “I feel technology should enhance life but not in a frivolous or wasteful way.” •  She uses note pads, whites board and bulletin boards in her home. Writing is her communication preference because its can be personal. •  She doesn’t enjoy using cellphones due to the lack of attention given to the conversation. •  She feels it is important to keep family sayings alive, fan of “cultural memory”

Hand Grip Texture

Pen Holding Area

How It Works? 1.Information are stored in the memory inside the board. 2.Then it exports data to the hub connected to landline. 3.Landline transfers data to another message board in a different home in real time.

Design Concept: a ridiculously simple writing messaging device for seniors to enhances communication within the family. Key: simple, intuitive, sharing, instant, warmth, and personal. House A

Imagine a grandaughter, who lives far away from grandpa, shares the same message board with her grandpa. Everytime she makes a mark, or doodles on that message board, grandpa could sees it and enjoys it in real time.Grandpa could also write to his grand daughter on the same board or doodles with her. Seeing his grandaughter’s drawing has become his highlight of the day.

Charger Dock (Also the stand for the board) Red-charging Green- Charged Flashing-transmit info

House B

Concept Design: First Hand Interface Message Page Grandpa


Folder Style- Using Tab system to catagorize different users. (Click on tab to switch to send to a different person)


Connecting to different people: Names can be set in the setting section on home page.


Send Erase Color Choices/Pen thinkness (Click Arrow to go back to home page)

Click on Send to send the message( the message will appear as it is on the other person’s board)

Home Page

Available in different colors It can be used wih dock standing up, or as a board. Size: 9” x 6” x 3/4”

Background color can be reset in Setting. Setting

Sleep Mode is on when it is not in use for 10 min.


Msg Alert Sound Setting available in Setting.

Message Notes

Wood in Tension: Infi Jewelry Box Exploring the possibility of wood, in tension. Utilizing laser cut technology, precisely designed thin aircraft wood pieces is bend and stay in tension with intricate interlocking slots to create its delicate shape. Hand stained and flat packed.

{ This is a project for the Wood Co-op to promote innovative wood product } Material: Aricraft plywood .8mm & 1.4 mm Dimension: 3.5” x 2.5” x 2.5”

Jennifer Lee 2010 Portfolio  

Industrial Design Portfolio

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