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Gunderson Key Club Newsletter

Summer 2013 Edition

Gunderson Key Club Newsletter Message from the Editor


What’s Inside? Message from the Board....1 Member Articles………… 2

Hello Key Clubbers! Can I just say that it has been an amazing experience to be in this club with you this year? I am proud of the way all you ghosties are so ready to volunteer, be it early morning or late night. I know our board members put in unbelievable effort to create opportunities for us. Though don’t be afraid to voice your own thoughts, we are very open to new ideas and growing as a club! I look forward to the bonds I have left to form with you and all the new members as well, because ohana’s grow! And I will be there to document our favorite moments. Over and out from your Bulletin Editor, Samantha Salazar

Officer Contacts: President Vivian Nguyen: Cell: (408) 603-7716

Member Articles………… 3 Past Events……………... 4 Upcoming Events………. 5

Vice President Alycia McGeever: Cell: (408) 838-7255 Secretary Cynthia Voly: Cell: (408) 914-0402 Treasurer Jasmine Johal: Cell: (408) 882-7862 Bulletin Editor Samantha Salazar: Cell: (408) 482-7188

Membership is only $11! With a membership your hours are safely recorded for you and you are eligible to go to divisional events.

Message from the Board President Message from the Board….… 1 HELLO GHOSTIES,

Member 2 How do Articles………….….…. you feel? It is definitely a pleasure to serve

you this key club term as President; however, Key

Past Events………………………... 3 all of YOU. You are Club isn't what it is without

the foundation of Key Club! I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication throughout the year. Each one of you has made an impact in the world, and together we are a movement. We have helped countless people and fundraised for many organizations. This year I have one major goal and it is to get an increase in membership and service hours. I believe that if we worked together we will be able to make this happen. Let's aim for 400 service hours this summer, ghosties! The board will work hard to find and provide you with service opportunities. We also provide rides to most events! All you need to do now is sign up and help out! I BEElieve in Gunderson Key Club. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to talk to me. Please spread the word and help recruit new members. Once again, thank you for all you do. (: -Vivian Nguyen

Upcoming Events………….……. 4

Treasurer Hey Ghosties! I can’t wait to have an amazing Key Club year with you! I’m excited to create stronger bonds and more friendships! I hope we can make our Ohana even bigger! I hope to raise a lot of money for our club so we can participate in more events. Let’s have an amazing year of service and fundraising together! -Jasmine Johal

Vice President Hey everyone!(: I'm super excited to be the VP of this key club term! I hope this year I can give more member recognition! I will do that with announcing who has the most hours this month and making sure member of the month gets done! Because honestly the club is nothing without you guys! I hope we can have an awesome year together because Vivian and I have big goals and I know we can do it! If anyone has any questions or concerns don't be afraid to talk to me! -Alycia McGeever Secretary Hey my favorite ghosties! (: I'm glad to be serving as your Secretary. You guys are my number one priority in this term. If there are every any questions, don't be afraid to ask! It is the Summer time which means more time for service. Our club has a goal of 400 hours this summer and I know we'll be able to accomplish it. Let's all work harder than ever and get the job done. Our club does wonderful, but it's time to exceed expectations. Take the initiative; stay updated with service and SIGN UP! I can't wait to see all your lovely faces! I will try my best to set up club socials and bondings because I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you. Let's make this summer one to remember, let's make a difference. -Cynthia Voly

Member Articles Shelby


Books Aloud is a great way to serve the community! When you go to Books Aloud, you are greeted by a team of very friendly people who give you instructions on what to do. The first time you walk in, the ambiance of the room is very welcoming and you immediately feel like you’re having a good time. You will receive a file of information that describes the person you are picking books out for. This file will communicate their gender, age, what disable they have, and what type of books they enjoy reading, and what books they have already read. This is especially important because you do not want the client to dislike the book you have picked out or reread a book they have already read. This is a great way to get to know some of the clients! I have had a great time working Books Aloud with my friends in Key Club and I expect to attend many more! -Shelby Heppes, 10th



Volunteering at the San Jose Giants Walk was a lot more fun than I had imagined, even in the morning. The job was pretty simple for all I had to do was tell the runners what direction to run so they don't go off the path and cheer them on as they go by, but we were split into groups at points along the way. I had a lot of help from Vicky as she was my partner in helping encourage the runners to keep working hard and put in a great effort to finish. I had a lot of fun working with my friends Vicky, Derek, Pammela, Elena, and Kyle. I am not really a morning person, but when you hang out with your friends and work with them, it can be really fun no matter what time it is and it was a great experience. This made me want to do even more work with them so I could help out my community and get to know my friends even better. -John Greene, 10th

Volunteering to serve the food at the Dream 1/2 Marathon was a joyful and colorful experience! Although it was just another run the atmosphere was so different. It was nice to support the less fortunate children as well as experience some culture from India! People were so nice and loving and my fellow volunteers and I felt very included! Not only did we get the chance to serve our community but we also had the chance to taste different foods and meet new people! I had an awesome time and I can't wait until next year!! -Jasmine Johal, 10th

Project Eliminate Every nine minutes, a newborn baby is killed by neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease affects babies and mothers alike, especially in the poorer areas of Africa, South America, the Middle East, and South and East Asia. It is usually caused by the transfer of germs in unhygienic birthing environments or the use of unsanitary medical equipment during delivery.

Approximately 60,000 lives are taken annually by tetanus, but luckily, with a single vaccine shot, this disease is easilypreventable. Kiwanis has teamed up with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Project Eliminate to put an end to maternal and neonatal tetanus for good!


This includes many other feats such as the costs of creation, transportation and safe storage of the vaccines. Many of our fundraisers and donations go towards the Eliminate Project to help take care of these costs. “Trick-orTreat for UNICEF” in October is one of these, which helps to raise both people’s awareness and money for the Eliminate Project. Since 2010, when Project Eliminate was first introduced to Kiwanis International with the goal of saving 129,000,000 mothers and their future babies from tetanus by the year 2015, 31 of 59 countries have been completely cured of the disease. In just a few short years, the progress we’ve made with Project Eliminate is incredible! Already successful in eliminating tetanus in over half of the most heavilyaffected countries, with even more work, we’ll soon be able to reach everyone at risk of losing a loved one to maternal and neonatal tetanus and finally put an end to the painful disease! -Derrick Hills, 10th


Thank YOUs

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These are the personal “Thank Yous” we give to all the members who helped out in these past events. Rave Run 5/11/13

Casino Night 6/7/13

Our members volunteered at San Jose’s Rave Run and helped cheer runners on while serving them water. All the while listening to great music and viewing amazing light effects. You were true troopers that day, great job! Attendees were Lailani, Christy, Elena, Derrick, Megan, Evelyn, Vivian, Pammela, Pauline, Jasmine, Brandon, Alycia, Vicky, Gabe, and I.

Santa Teresa hosted Key Club’s 6th annual casino night. D12 South enjoyed a fun night out with music and food. Hope all attendees had a great night!

Bike Trail Clean Up 6/9/13 Vivian and Alycia teamed up with fellow Kiwanians and helped clear the side of the road after a great breakfast together.

Thank YOUs BJ’s Fundraiser 6/12/13 This month Gunderson Key Club held a fundraiser at BJ’s restaurant. Thank you for all those who attended and helped support our club.

Dream ½ Marathon 6/2/13 Serving water and authentic Indian food was how Cynthia Voly, Jasmine Johal, and I spent our morning. The run was in support of children’s education. There was fun music and group stretches! It was a great experience working with friendly people.

San Jose Giants Walk 6/1/13 Pammela, Vicky, Elena, Derrick, John, and Kyle united in the early morning to help cheer and direct runners. Those who attended said it was a great bonding experience. Fitness Face Off 6/30/13 Elena, Cynthia, and I volunteered at San Jose Shark’s Fitness Face Off helping to cheer on marathon runners. The event included marathons for runners, cyclers, and even children!

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July Fundraisers! Do you love a great filling breakfast in the morning? Isn’t frozen yogurt covered in your favorite toppings a perfect summer snack? Well Gunderson Key Club is offering the chance to give you both while also supporting our club! This month we will be having fundraisers at Yogurtland from 11am to 11pm and at Scramblz from 7am to 12pm! Print out the corresponding flyer and turn it in as you pay. 15% of your bill at Scaramblz and 10% of your purchase at Yogurtland will go towards Gunderson Key Club.

Books Aloud

In Books Aloud you are responsible for choosing an impaired person’s entertainment. You select audio books for clients by reading their file, and you sometimes even form attachments to the person. Gunderson Key Club does Books Aloud every month. Try it out by signing up for the upcoming one July 25th!

July D12S DCM! July’s DCM will be hosted by Willow Glen at Willow Glen Elementary School. Start time is 4:30 and followed by Music in the Glen at 6:00 to 8:00pm. There will be a live band and tons of delicious food sold by the Kiwanis! Proceeds go to the school and the Kiwanis Turnaround Scholarships for San Jose Unified School District. So come and have a fun day with all your fellow Supervillains!


Gunderson Key Club Summer Edition

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