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August 2012 Volume 1 – Issue 2

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Gunderson Key Club

A Letter from the Editor. Hello my fellow Gunderson Key Clubbers!

• Be sure to check the upcoming events! • Give feedback on our 2nd newsletter of the

new term!

I hope you all have been having a great summer! Although the summer may slowly be coming to an end, Key Club will ALWAYS BE WITH YOU NO MATTER WHAT! We always have something in store for all our members, during the school year AND the summer! I hope to see you all at more of the upcoming events we have in store for you leading up to the beginning of

What’s inside? Letter from Editor /

the school year! -

Thank you letter 1

Word from our Officers


Your editor, Brandon Roman

A Special Thanks.

Past /Upcoming events


Thank you to ALL OF THOSE who have volunteered for all of the past summer events! We couldn’t have done any of this without all of our

Event Recaps 5-6 Contact Us

members. We love how none of you have forgot about Key Club and are still keeping up with us in these service projects. We GREATLY appreciate all your


hard work!

Word from our Officers | Page.2

President: Pauline Nguyen Hello awesome Key Clubbers! This summer has been a blast of fun thanks to you guys! I'm glad that even though it’s summer, some of you are still active and doing service! Your officers are trying their best to make this summer memorable by continuing to find service projects for you all! Fundraisers will be coming up soon, so we'll continue to update you on Facebook about everything! This year our district is emphasizing SERVICE and the goal is 800,000 HOURS, but our division has a goal of its own and it's 18,000 HOURS. If you all individually continue to do service, we'll be able to reach our division and district goal! You know what my favorite part of doing service is? Serving the community and getting this warm feeling of goodness inside of me! And that is what Key Club is about, serving the community and feeling good about it, so keep that in mind! The summer is quickly going by, so take advantage of this time to go help the community! C: Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!

Vice President: Vivian Nguyen HEY KEY CLUBBERS! Did I tell you guys how great you are? Well you're super duper great; words can't even describe how great you all are. Thank you so much for coming out to events even in summer. KEY CLUB is never ending! We are warriors of service, always giving our best and doing our best to give back to the community. What do you get when you put service and fun together? KEY CLUB! Key Club means a lot to me and I will do my absolute best to do all I can for it. School is starting soon and I am really excited to see new faces and more volunteers at events. All your hard work matter and is appreciated. We need more members to help us change the world, so make sure to tell your friends to come join! Together we can make a huge difference. If you have any advice for a better club or any changes we should make or even feedback don't hesitate, I am always here to listen and absorb it in! psst I don't sting (: LOVE YOUR VP, Vivian Nguyen

Word from our Officers (Continued) | Page.3

Treasurer: Elena Miller

Hey Ghosties! c:

Thanks for being so active even during the summer! We don’t see you weekly but we can still count on you for our service projects. The school year’s creeping up, and I hope we’ll improve as a club this year! I hope all of you participate and learn to love Key Club as much as I do. So for now, sign up for as many events as possible, okay? -

Secretary: Vicky Le Greetings my fellow Pacman Ghosties! I hope everyone is having a fun and memorable summer so far. But remember, we are still having service events all throughout the summer! The other officers and I always work hard to find new service projects for all you members. (: A huge thank you to those who are still actively involved during the summer! It really shows your hard work and dedication towards Key Club! Schools almost here, so be ready for tons of more service projects to come! Also, since the New Year is starting, there will be lots of incoming freshmen and other students interested in joining Key Club, so let’s all kindly welcome them to our beautiful ohana! Invite your friends, enemies, frenemies, everyone you know to join Key Club! Let’s spread the Key Club LOOOOVE Shout out to all the seniors that have graduated: WE’LL MISS YOU, and thank you for being a part of our Key Club family! Visit us soon sometime, and hopefully you’ll join Circle K and continue to serve our community. Interested/Curious about how many service hours you have? Just message/contact me and I’ll gladly let you know. So enjoy the rest of your summer, and see you all VERY SOON! With lots of Love, Vicky Le ~Vicky Le

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Past/Current / Upcoming events | Page.4

Past Events. -

Election Ballot: 6/2 , 6/5 o


Music in the Glen: 6/21/ , 6/28, 7/5 o


o -

Volunteers: Brandon Roman, Vicky Le, Jessica Nguyen, Elena Miller

Julian St. Inn: 7/11 o

*Answer on the last page*


Volunteers: Brandon Roman, Vivian Nguyen, Vicky Le, Elena Miller, Brian Nguyen, Huong Le.

Lake Cunningham Clean Up: 6/30 o


Volunteers: Vicky Le, Jessica Nguyen, Cynthia Voly, Joanna Acevedo, Brandon Roman, Pammela Wilson, Maddie Yee.

Packyard 5k/10k Race: 6/23/

KEY CLUB TRIVIA: ~ What region and division is our club a part of?

Volunteers: Alan Pham, Brandon Roman, Pauline Nguyen, Alycia McGeever.

Volunteers: Joanna Acevedo, Alycia McGeever, Elena Miller, Cynthia Voly

Back 2 School Shopping: 8/4 o

Volunteers: Brian Nguyen, Kervin Cano, Vivian Nguyen

Upcoming Events. -

Wingstop Restaurant Fundrasier: 8/22 Where? : Wingstop On Almaden When? : 6pm – 8pm What? : Support GKC by eating at Wingstop! Bring the flyer attached below and 10% of the profits go towards our club which is used for supplies, events, and is also donated to non-profit organizations.


Books Aloud: 8/23 (DCON REQUIREMENT) Where? : Martin Luther King Library When? : 3:00pm – 5:00pm What? : Help organize Audio books for the blind


Yard Sale: 8/25 Where? : 482 Hyde Park Drive. (ACROSS from Vista Park) When? : 8am – 1pm What? : Check out our yard sale to find cool items for cheap prices! For more info check out the Gunderson Key Club Facebook page!


California Pizza Kitchen: 8/29 Where? : CPK @ Oakridge When? : ALL DAY What? : Support GKC by eating at CPK! Bring the flyer attached below and 10% of the profits go towards our club which is used for supplies, events, and is also donated to non-profit organizations.

KEY CLUB TRIVIA: ~Who is our Lieutenant Governor, (LTG) and who from our club is one of the three Executive Assistants? (EA) *Answer on the last page*

Event Recaps. | Page.5

San Jose Giant’s Walk (Volunteers: Pammela Wilson, Vicky Le, Elena Miller, Joanna Acevedo, Johnny Nguyen) 6/16 Like all our other events we have, it was a lot of fun! We all went to Municipal Stadium at 6:00am, even though it was really early, it was worth it! We helped people register for the race, and helped out at the food booths, handed out finisher medals, and pass out shirts afterwards. Everyone really enjoyed it, and we even got free “staff” shirts! – Elena Miller & Vicky Le International Convention (ICON) 7/4 – 7/8 I was able to attend International Convention 2012 in Orlando, Florida this year and it was probably one of the greatest experiences I've faced so far in Key Club. At first, I expected it to be just like any other convention or like DCON, but my assumption was wrong. From day one of ICON, I was able to meet Key Clubbers from all over the world, not just Key Clubbers in California, Nevada, or Hawaii, but Key Clubbers from Jamaica, Canada, and the rest of the United States. As ICON continued, I gained new knowledge about Key Club, new leadership skills, and as well as new friendships. I received great information from a service expo where we were able to look at different organizations and services other districts/divisions/clubs do. Workshops were also a big part of where I gained new ideas! We listened to speakers as they were giving their presentation and wrote down important notes that we could use in the future. Personally, my Key Club knowledge grew and I will for sure let it continue to grow. Not only learning new things, I was also a delegate, which meant I was a part of the amazing House of Delegates where we voted for our new International Board and voted on passing new amendments for the Key Club bylaws. It was definitely an interesting experience and just listening to what people had to say was incredible. After hours and hours of listening to speeches, debates on passing amendments, and so on, I believe my one out of many votes made a difference. I think that is the most important thing I learned at ICON, that one person can make a difference. One person can change the life of another in a positive way and create a chain reaction that will forever continue. As ICON 2012 was coming to its end, it became such an emotional roller coaster. I was upset about leaving my new friends, the inspiring stories, and the positive attitude everyone had for service, but at the same time I was glad that I could leave ICON and come with new information, skills, and knowledge to share with others and use it to give back to the community! ICON was definitely an incredible experience and I do not regret one bit about going. If I am able to attend next year's ICON in Washington DC, I know it will be a different experience, but I WANT TO BEE THERE & you should too! – Pauline Nguyen

Event Recaps (Continued) | Page.6

Books Aloud (Volunteers: Kervin Cano, Elena Miller, Vivian Nguyen, Brian Nguyen, Annie Vu) 7/19 Books Aloud is a wonderful organization that provides audio books for the blind. This year it will be one of our DCON requirements. It will be every second to last Thursday of the month. You'll get to feel like a librarian! There are a variety of things that will be done. Isn't it great though? Providing the blind or those with learning disorders with audio books! (: SOO COME AND VOLUNTEER every second to last THURSDAY of the month. – Vivian Nguyen

OTC (Officer Training Conference) 7/21 OTC was really great! It's a great way to start the Key Club year because you get to meet a lot of FANTASTIC LEADERS! These people taught me how to do better public speaking, what charities our club (AND THE WHOLE KEY CLUB) donates to, how to become a better member, and so much more! It was really nice meeting the LTG's to know who is running our clubs (: There were some really fun ice breakers too! Everyone should try to go next year, I know I'll be there (:

~Alycia McGeaver OTC was fantastic! It was an amazing experience for me. I've learned a lot from it, and it motivated me to do more in key club and to become more active too! Not only was OTC informational, it was also fun!

~Pammela Wilson Not only did I learn a ton about the nooks & crannies to how key club runs, but also I met people who made me realize how great of an organization it is. If you're a social butterfly with a consideration of becoming some kind of leader, OTC is definitely the place for you. Also, with all these ice-breakers & nice people who welcome you with open arms, you'll leave with a smile on your face. I know I did.

~Joanna Acevedo OTC was amazing! The beach, the people there were just awesome! I actually learned a lot like you should always go for things even if you think you can't make it because it never hurts fail. I can't for next years! ~Brian Nguyen OTC was a fantastic! It helped you learn a lot. Having the cute little key chain with all the booklets are super handy! c: It helped me learn a lot more about the projects that we're working on more. I must add that everyone did a wonderful job! It was nice meeting people in our region, they're all super duper friendly! We learned so much and also had fun, everyone should go to OTC! The sandcastle contest was great, our division makes me so proud! VILLAINS MUAHAHA! I can't wait for this upcoming year full of service!

~Cynthia Voly

IT WAS FUN. ~Gabriel Romero

I learned a lot and wear sunscreen. ~ Thomas Hoang

Contact us | Page.7

CONTACT US. Pauline: (408) – 891 – 7239 | Vivian: (408) – 759 – 0124 | Vicky: (408) – 613 – 7947 | Elena: (408) – 679 – 1582 | Brandon: (503) – 475 – 2325 | Ms. Buelna: (408) – 480 – 9001 |

We’re on the Web! See us at:

What region and division is our club a part of? Answer: Region 17, Division 12 South


Who is our Lieutenant Governor, (LTG) and who from our club is one of the three Executive Assistants? (EA)

622 Gaundabert Lane San Jose, CA 95136

Answer: LTG Ashley Lam , EA Pauline Nguyen.

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