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Winter Skies A short winter poem Jennifer Stevens 9/3/2009

My very first attempt at poetry. This was originally meant to be a short story, but somehow turned into a poem. Let me know what you think.

Winter Skies I look up at the sky, Watching the dark gray clouds, The sound of the wind, Rustling the leaves on the trees, The start of October, Winter has finally arrived. A time where everyone stays indoors, Most of the time. Warm fires are built, Or you wrap up in a quilt, All to keep out the chill, Without popping a pill. Sniffles and tissues, Colds and hot dinners, Rain and snow, That's how this must go, Time passes quickly, And within a few months It will be spring again Growth and young does For now though we must, Put up with this ice, So sit down with a book, To await the defrost


Winter Skies  

A poem about winter