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Spring 2011

BOMA Standard Publication of the Building Owners & Managers Assocation of Utah


The Student Must Prepare for the Teacher to Appear BOMA Utah P.O. Box 13967 Ogden, Utah 84412 801.710.2590 Executive Director Shelli L. Menegos, RPA, FMA

BOMA UTAH 2011 OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS President James Derrick, Miller Management Group President-Elect Todd Mabey, Zions Securities Corporation Vice President Lorrie Ostlind, Hines Properties, Inc. Secretary/Treasurer Casey G. Killian, Varsity Contractors Board of Directors Scott Bennion, CPM, Commerce Real Estate Solutions Jon Howard Carlson, Lincoln Harris CSG Gary L. Coker, CB Richard Ellis Eric S. Pauly, Centimark Corporation David D. Penrod, Zions Bank Russell Shinrock, Securitas Security Services USA

MISSION BOMA Utah is the standard of excellence, providing best in class industry leading practices, strong education, local advocacy and friendly networking unity.

ON THE COVER RiverPark Corporate Center is located in South Jordan and managed by Terrell Sparks, RiverPark Management & Development.

Larry Miller taught, “When the student is prepared, the teacher will appear.” This year BOMA Utah is beginning the task of preparing students for the teacher’s appearance. Its members are receiving this challenge with enthusiasm. BOMA Utah has accepted membership on the Lieutenant Governor’s Homeland Security Private Sector Steering Committee. Along with this membership, we are assigned the task of representing Utah’s commercial property owners’ interests during and immediately after emergency events. We were asked to occupy a seat in Utah’s new Business Operations Center. During an emergency event, those in the Center will have direct contact with the state’s nearby Emergency Operation Center. During events which critically affect the well being of the state of Utah, its businesses and residents, the Emergency Operation Center is where emergency plans are carried out. Our task, as members of BOMA Utah, is to collect information from and disseminate information to commercial property owners.

The BOMA Standard is a publication of Jengo Media. For editorial or advertising information call 801.224.5500.


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The steering committee is continuing its planning for the 2012 Utah ShakeOut. This exercise will test our communities’ ability to maintain business continuity throughout and after a major earthquake. During 2011, BOMA Utah members will be promoting basic event planning with commercial property owners and their affiliates in preparation for the ShakeOut and any other disruptive event. Because our society of building owners and vendors are interdependent, it is imperative that all of us have at least a fundamental understanding of what must be done when events occur in order to keep our businesses operating and the cash flowing. I was once told that no major disasters happen in Utah. But, such events are relative to the individual and the business. A local fire or flood can create the same devastation for an individual and a business as those affected by events encompassed within large geographic areas. Our members are excited about the prospect of discussing business continuity principles with those among whom they associate. From our efforts, we expect, whether an unwelcome event is large or small, that disruptions will be minimized, especially in issuing paychecks and for providing the necessities for our families. Then, the student will be ready when the ultimate teacher appears. Sincerely, Jim Derrick BOMA Utah President



COMMUNITY SERVICE: The purpose of the Community Service Committee is to encourage and facilitate active participation from BOMA members in volunteer activities throughout the Salt Lake community. The committee uses the professional skills and knowledge of the individuals within BOMA to improve the facilities of selected charities.

Members: Eric Fairbanks, chair, Russell Shinrock, board liaison, Ed Tallerico, Ron Moore, Karl Bowen, Jeffrey Sheppard, Linn Griffith, Diane Rawson, Ray Wilcox

Contact: Eric Fairbanks at or 801.553.1010



Alexandra Norton, chair, David Penrod, board liaison, Brett Parry, vice chair, Helen Smith, John Barlow, Rudy Larsen, Russell Willmon, Tyler Brinkman, Paul Limburn

The Emergency Preparedness Committee wants to have current and future BOMA members uphold, establish, publish and practice a Business Continuity Plan. The committee plans to educate, provide knowledge and train individuals who are seeking an understanding in business continuity. The committee is looking forward to working with other committees in reaching the goals set forth by the BOMA Utah Board of Directors in establishing and implementing the BOMA Utah Business Continuity Ready Recognition program. By working with and participating in the goals together, BOMA Utah will no doubt be able to achieve great things for the organization, Utah residents and customers.

Contact: Ali Norton at or 801.835.2700

Meetings: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month

News: The Community Service Committee will provide opportunities for BOMA members to network and give back to the community as a group. Activities will help to gain positive exposure for BOMA in the community. The committee will support the efforts of other BOMA Utah committees and any applicable BOMA Utah initiatives. Last year, the Community Service Committee was able to raise funds and provide services for the Road Home. It was an amazing turn out of BOMA Utah, members and volunteers and vendor members stepped up to the occasion. The committee is looking forward to the same kind of enthusiasm this year and will be working hard to make sure results are similar. They look forward to working with other committees and volunteers in providing this valuable service to local communities in 2011.

EDUCATION: The purpose of the Education Committee is to provide educational and designation courses and curriculum to keep the membership current and trained in the requirements of their profession and continually strive to raise the level and quality of professionalism within the industry and profession. It plans, conducts and oversees study programs and seminars, including those offered by BOMA International, BOMI International and sponsored by BOMA Utah.

Members: Aaron Weight, chair, Justin Farnsworth, vice chair, David Penrod, board liaison, Kevin Bezzant, Paul Gallegos, Craig Payne, Ed Tallerico.

Contact: Aaron Weight at

News: The Education Committee will coordinate Be Ready Utah’s 12point program classes on preparedness and conduct Business CERT classes with the city. They are working with the University of Utah on a mutually supportive partnership and continuing to offer the BOMI Designation classes so property/facility managers may obtain their RPA (Real Property Administrator) and FMA (Facility Management Administrator) designation.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: The mission of the Emergency Preparedness Committee is to support BOMA members in regards to security and life safety measures. The committee will facilitate communication between BOMA members and their tenants and government agencies.

GOLF: The mission of the Golf Committee is to organize, promote and implement the annual golf outing. The committee will develop and implement a schedule of events including establishing a date for the event, soliciting and securing a golf course to hold the event, preparing a budget, promoting and acquiring sponsorships, organizing awards presentation and coordinating the event.

Members: Jerry Pace, chair, Terrell Sparks, vice chair, David Jones, board liaison, Dario Benitez, Steven Boogaard, Paul Limburg, Ron Moore, Mike Reidy, Cheryl Sanford, Russ Shinrock

Contact: Jerry Pace at or 801.973.1216

News: The Golf Committee has been meeting regularly to plan for the 2011 golf tournament. The tournament will again be sponsored by Securitas Security Services. This year Securitas will enjoy exceptional visibility in the presentation of the tournament. Major tournament sponsors include Comcast Business Services, Varsity Contractors, RBM Building Services, Spectra Flooring, ABM Janitorial Services, Larry H. Miller Enterprises, Lawn Butler and Centimark Roofing. They are discussing ways to assure that the tournament proceeds quickly and the participants have a great time at a great location. This year’s tournament will be at Willow Creek Country Club on Monday, Sept. 12. Interest in the remaining hole and prize sponsorships is high.

LOCAL ADVOCACY: The purpose of the Local Advocacy Committee is to meet with those who propose or decide public policy, analyze existing or proposed legislation and/or regulations to determine the impact on BOMA members and recommends for BOMA Board approval what position the association should take on such matters. The committee educates and informs BOMA members, elected and administrative officials, and the public about issues of significance to commercial real estate.

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COMMITTEE UPDATES Members: Stephen West, chair, Paul Porter, vice chair, Scott Bennion, board liaison, Karl Bowen, Mark Thompson, George Hampton, Paul Porter, Fernando Cruz, Tom Mudge, Gina Carler

Contact: Stephen West at or 801.365.6217

MEMBERSHIP: The mission of the Membership Committee is to recruit new members and promote active membership for the purpose of increasing our body of members and participation. The committee will develop an understanding of the organization, it’s benef its and membership fee structure.



Members of the Local Advocacy Committee will be trained in their next meeting on the Be Ready Utah program. During the next 12 months, members will learn CERT (Community Emergency Response Training). Legislative representatives were invited to the March 17 meeting about BOMA’s Business Continuity Plan.

Eric Pauly, chair, Mike Reidy, vice chair, Craig Castle, Ricardo Fuchs, Paul Gallegos, Cheryl Sanford, Dario Benitez, J.D. Sheppard, Mary Thul, Steve Bryant

BOMA and the UAR are against HB 185, Sale Information Disclosure on Commercial Real Property Transactions by Rep. Gage Froerer. The committee approved a letter stating their position on the bill. However, belief is that the bill will be tabled this year because NAI, CBRE, Coldwell and CRG have recently indicated they will supply transaction information voluntarily.

MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDING: The mission of the Medical Office Building Committee is to promote “best practices” and advance the interests of the medical office building industry through leadership, advocacy, education, research, information and networking.

Members: Jon Carlson, chair, Chris Day, vice chair, Matt Jensen, Casey Killian, Larry Knowlden, Greg Kyte, Emily Fuller Koon, Ron Loock, Mark Van Mondfrans, David Pinkston, Mike Reidy, Tom Richter, Paul Throndsen, Tom Uriona

Contact: Jon Carlson at or 801.424.6080

Meetings: 10 to 11 a.m. on the third Friday of every month at the Boyer Company Offices, 90 S. 400 West, Suite 200

News: The Medical Office Building Committee is sponsoring a forum in the fall regarding the potential implications of healthcare reform on the healthcare real estate industry. In preparation, the committee will have a representative attend the 2011 BOMA International Medical Office Buildings and Healthcare Facilities Conference in May in order to become better educated on the current issues. Members will meet with representatives from local government, the Utah Hospital Association (UHA) and the Utah Medical Association (UMA) to glean insight as to how the local healthcare community is responding to the new healthcare reform bill and how this might affect their real estate strategies. The committee has already been given a presentation on the Federal Health Care Reform Bill (Affordable Care Act) and met recently with David Gessel, vice president for Government Relations and Legal Affairs of the UHA and will meet with the executive VP of the UMA at the committee’s March meeting. Each committee member has been challenged to receive the state’s “Ready Your Business 12 Point Program” training and then to set a goal of applying this training in the context of their own workplaces. Members will be sharing the information with the building owners and tenants of the buildings they manage and/or otherwise represent. 4 I THE BOMA STANDARD SPRING 2011

Contact: Eric Pauly at or 801.907.8137

Meetings: Mornings prior to regularly scheduled monthly luncheons via conference calls and as necessary to complete committee initiatives throughout the summer.

News: The Membership Committee’s primary focus is to introduce the unique benefits and values BOMA Utah has to offer professionals in the commercial real estate industry. By increasing the overall membership, the knowledge and experience pool increases to benefit all members. BOMA’s vendor partners have the greatest opportunity to spread the word and effectively relay the benefits members experience through regular interaction with their customer base and prospects. An additional focus of the committee is member retention, which is accomplished by informal queries by committee members to survey the satisfaction, needs and wants of the membership. This information is shared with the Board of Directors during regular board meetings. All new members are welcomed either personally at regular luncheons or via phone conversation. The committee is excited to utilize BOMA Utah’s new focus on disaster readiness to further expand the membership base.

PROGRAMS: The purpose of the Programs Committee is to provide interesting and informative speakers for BOMA Utah luncheons.

Members: Casey Killian, chair

Contact: Casey Killian at or 801.972.3580

News: The Programs Committee has once again outdone themselves. They have fantastic networking opportunities planned for their monthly luncheons this year. Attendance at luncheons has grown over 125 percent in the last three years. BOMA Utah luncheons are the place to be to meet and mingle with your peers and network with people in the industry.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: The purpose of the Public Relations Committee is to improve the visibility of BOMA Utah in the Salt Lake City/Utah commercial real estate community through the media. The committee will help promote BOMA as a reliable source of information on the commercial real estate industry in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.

COMMITTEE UPDATES Members: Travis Barrington, chair, Kelly Lux, Gary Coker, board liaison, Scott Gourley, Mark Thompson, Ed Tallerico



Environmental Health and Safety Issues (RPA, FMA and SMA)

Travis Barrington at or 801.224.5500

Thursday-Saturday, May 5-7 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 3 Triad Building 1st Floor Conference Room 345 W. North Temple Salt Lake City

Meetings: 10 a.m. on Wednesday, May 4, 2011

News: BOMA Utah has partnered with Utah Facilities Magazine to publish The BOMA Standard, a new 16-page, quarterly newsletter, that will help to promote the organization and publicize events and activities. The publication will include committee updates, a calendar, a message from BOMA Utah’s president and a member spotlight. There will also be articles about current happenings within the organization. It will be the number one source for up-to-date information about the association’s events, educational opportunities and advocacy efforts. Members of the organization can rely on The Standard to stay current on the important issues affecting the Utah commercial real estate industry. The newsletter will also provide another avenue for associate members to advertise to property managers. The committee is also working on promoting BOMA Utah through social networking. Please take a minute to ‘Like’ BOMA Utah on Facebook, where you can stay up to date with the organization.

TOBY: The mission of The Outstanding Building of the Year Committee is to select the buildings that embody the values and best practices of the commercial real estate industry and showcase them in the annual TOBY Awards

Members: Renee Schmid, chair, Dave Shepard, vice chair, Casey Killian, David Robertson, JD Sheppard, Pam Mahoney

Contact: Renee Schmid at or 801.506.5005

News: The publicity from the 2011 event in Utah Facilities and E-News should generate more interest throughout the general real estate market in BOMA Utah. For the 2012 TOBYs, committee members will be helping to recruit more TOBY participants and sponsors. Building owners and managers will be encouraged to sign up for the competition. The committee will be cold calling and mentoring, sending out newsletters and making announcements at luncheons to generate interest. Sponsors who sign up early will receive a discount. With this prestigious program, the TOBY Committee will bring additional attention to each manager and their buildings. This, in turn, will bring attention to BOMA Utah in general. The hope is to interest new BOMA Members in competing in the TOBY Awards. The TOBYs will continue to grow and bring in income to BOMA’s bottom line. In the future, the TOBYs will blend with the emergency awareness program, requiring building owners to have an emergency preparedness program and contingency plan that will be reviewed by judges.

Instructor: Mark Boehnlein, RPA, FMA, CPM, CLP Protecting the environment and promoting worker health and safety are issues at the center stage of today’s property industry. This course provides you with an overview of the environmental health and safety considerations in building operations. You’ll learn to develop and manage proactive environmental/occupational health and safety programs, comply with regulatory standards and guidelines governing facility health and safety issues and assess when to obtain technical assistance. A list of resources and an extensive glossary for further information on the topics covered is given out for students to use. Topics include: Regulatory overview OSHA and EPA regulations Hazard communication Emergency response Asbestos and lead management Office and industrial ergonomics

Indoor air quality Air emissions and pollution control Storage tanks Hazardous waste Site assessment Audits, record keeping, and legal issues

ACE credit recommendation: 2 semester hours, lower or upper division baccalaureate in building systems, facilities management, stationary engineering or property management. USGBC recommendation: 18 GBCI continuing education hours towards the LEED Credential Maintenance Program. Special Fees: One-Time Enrollment Fee If you are enrolling in a BOMI course for the first time and seeking a designation, there is a one time only BOMI enrollment fee of $175. Add this to your total due when completing the registration form. Multiple Designation Fee If you currently have one designation and are wanting to pursue another, a charge of $75 will be issued. Cost per course: If you are a member of BOMA Utah you will pay $980 per course* If you are not a member of BOMA Utah you will pay $1,080 per course* *Price for all courses includes course book and exam fee only.

In addition to our BOMI designation classes, we will offer the Be Ready Utah 12-point program as well as Business CERT classes. These classes are scheduled to begin in April 2011. Please visit our website at or call the office at 801.710.2590 for class listings and schedule.



The Need to Prepare is Real State, City Officials Instruct BOMA Members on Emergency Preparedness Society has been flexible enough to absorb disasters, but recovery can only be as efficient as the preparation. Leaders of BOMA Utah and its Emergency Preparedness Committee are urging its members to prepare for a disaster in hopes that when one does strike, the loss and damage to the community will be minimized. “The neat thing about the BOMA Utah Prepared Recognition Program is it allows us to go to our customers, our tenants, our suppliers and our vendors and build stronger relationships with them as we invite them to participate in this program,” said Jim Derrick, president of BOMA Utah. “By participating in our Prepared Recognition Program, you will benefit in times of both calm and turbulent business.” Lt. Gov. Greg Bell and Salt Lake City Emergency Management Program Director Cory Lyman addressed BOMA Utah members during their March luncheon about preparedness, business continuity planning and the importance of becoming business CERT trained. “Mother Nature still has an upper hand on us,” said Lyman, referencing the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. “It reminds us that our preparation for disasters is not something we do once. It is a process. It is an ongoing task.” Disaster is not a government problem; it is a community problem, Lyman said. Government can coordinate and plan, but ultimately, it is the responsibility of the community to carry out the plan, he said. Businesses are responsible for

BOMA Utah President Jim Derrick and BOMA Utah Executive Director Shelli Menegos sit on the Lt. Governor’s Private Sector Homeland Security Steering Committee. The committee is responsible for identifying and carrying out emergency preparedness projects that will improve the capabilities of the private sector in supporting the community during a disaster. The committee works closely with the Utah Public Health Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee, the Utah Emergency Management Administrative Council and the Governor’s Homeland Security Advisory Committee on matters that impact the private sector.

Salt Lake City Business CERT their own buildings and their own employees. Being prepared for a disaster is essential to business continuity, Lyman said. There is a strong correlation between preparedness and business failure. Businesses that are able to get back online quickly, are less likely to fail, he said. Employees should be included in disaster preparation for businesses, Lyman said. A select few individuals should be able to provide first aid, manage an evacuation and provide search and rescue. These employees should be knowledgeable of the building disaster preparedness plan. Employees should also be Business CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trained. “Having members of your staff who are trained provides a safer environment for your employees and your customers,” Lyman said. “We believe that is a responsible approach for businesses to take.” Other things businesses can do to prepare are to make plans for communication, prioritize, think about the what ifs and develop relationships in the community, said Bell. Somebody has to make emergency response a core competency, and people should be trained in emergency response, he said. “Have a plan. You won’t be able to use it, but you will have thought about it,” Bell said. “Take a little time out to get prepared. Think about it.” In order to test the emergency plans of local organizations, residents and industries, the ShakeOut of 2012, a functional exercise, will be held in Utah from April 17-19, 2012. FEMA will be organizing the event and developing a scenario that will require coordination from everyone in the community, Bell said. The mock event will be instrumental in preparing Utah for flexibility in the event of a disaster. “It seems almost an apocalyptic age. The most amazing thing to me is that our society has been flexible enough to absorb these disasters, disasters that in my mind, 20 or 30 years ago would have brought the whole world to a halt,” Bell said. “It really is an age that no one could anticipate.”


• CERT training helps businesses meet their obligation to protect their employees and patrons • Employees who are prepared are less likely to become a casualty in a disaster • CERT training provides employees with personal and family preparedness tools • CERT trained employees can help businesses recover more quickly, reducing revenue losses • In an emergency, CERT training enables employees to be more calm, confident and assertive in dealing with evacuation situations • CERT training encourages networking and development of business communities • CERT training promotes the development of communication and coordination networks • CERT training protects your investment by providing you and your employees with the knowledge, skills and ability to more competently respond to emergencies and expedite the return to normal operating conditions Contact Shelli Menegos, executive director of BOMA Utah, for more information at 801.710.2590 or


BOMA Utah is Leading the Charge in Emergency Preparedness Various agencies from across Salt Lake County know the importance of BOMA Utah and the critical role members can play during an emergency. The Salt Lake County Emergency Office Center (EOC), Salt Lake City Emergency Management and the Utah Department of Public Safety, Homeland Security Division, along with BOMA Utah, have begun implementing a publicprivate emergency preparedness notification plan and strategy for protecting occupants. While it’s rational to assume that Salt Lake City and surrounding areas are not a key terrorist target, Utah is vulnerable to other threats, including severe snowstorms, tornadoes, dangerous floods, energy black-outs, fires and earthquakes. To better prepare for such disasters, the Utah ShakeOut Earthquake Exercise is scheduled for April 2012. The ShakeOut is designed to enhance the capabilities of Salt Lake County, local jurisdictions and Salt Lake Valley residents to effectively respond to and recover from a catastrophic earthquake occurring along the Wasatch Front. BOMA Utah, along with city, state and federal agencies are creating a plan to boost communications and strategic thinking in the midst of an emergency. In doing so, the state is at the forefront of creating an integrated disaster plan. The private-public cooperation has been undertaken to develop strategies for shelter, evacuation and early warning. Our goal is to strengthen communication between our members who own properties and local emergency response officials. Knowing and communicating well with our neighbors, especially in coordinating emergency plans and procedures, is also important. One communication capability that exists within the Salt Lake Valley is the Public Information Emergency Response (PIER) System. The PIER System is an all-in-one, web-based solution for crisis communications management, mass notification, public and media relations and business continuity. Our members are strongly encouraged to register on PIER, under the BOMA Utah group, at Currently, BOMA Utah has representatives that sit on the Private Sector Homeland Security Coordinating Council as well as the Lt. Governor’s Private Sector Homeland Security Steering Committee. We have been asked to join the newly created Salt Lake Valley Steering Committee and recently participated in the Salt Lake Valley Venue Evacuation workshop and FEMA Region VIII ShakeOut tabletop exercise. As part of our continued effort, we will begin to update our online member database and will ask every member to provide detailed information regarding buildings owned/managed by members, key tenants, 365-24/7 contact information for every facility, vendor services provided, key personnel, etc. This is critical and necessary information from our members if we are to succeed. Property/facility managers, if you are not currently a member of BOMA, you will be missing out on some of the most important planning and disaster preparedness programs in the industry, as no other real estate organization in the state of Utah has been asked to participate on any level. Think it through for a moment. Your building is being evacuated. Your neighbor’s building is evacuating. Are your

occupants/tenants all congregating to the same area? How are you accounting for your employees and tenants? Do you have a memorandum of understanding with various buildings? How will you be notified of an after-hours emergency? Do you have a 72hour kit at your office, and what does it consist of? Do you shelter in place or evacuate? And who makes that call? It’s not if a disaster will occur and impact businesses, it’s a matter of when. Fire drills and other preparedness drills seem inconsequential when deadlines are pending. However, building a dynamic communications plan, knowing where to go and what to do, is a serious matter in the event of an emergency, and BOMA Utah will be your source for that information.



BOMA Utah Represents Commercial Facilities in Homeland Security Steering Committee At your request, please accept this letter as confirmation of BOMA Utah’s representation on Utah’s Private Sector Homeland Security Steering Committee. As a representative of the commercial facilities sector on this committee, BOMA takes part in achieving the purpose of the committee, which is to identify and bring to fruition preparedness projects that would benefit the members of the Private Homeland Security Coordinating Council and improve the capabilities of the private sector to support their communities in a disaster. The commercial facilities sector is vital to our state’s economy and security; it is an important part of our state’s critical infrastructure. We recognize BOMA Utah’s efforts to achieve a network of disaster ready businesses and look forward to continuing to work together in an effort to improve the protection of the commercial facilities sector in an all-hazards environment. Thank you for your continued support of collaborative efforts between government stakeholders and private sector members who are dedicated to the protection of key resources within the commercial facilities sector. Respectfully, Greg Bell Lieutenant Governor

We are pleased to have received Lt. Gov. Greg Bell’s endorsement regarding BOMA Utah’s activities and programs designed to help and support its members and the community during an emergency situation. Bell’s interested in emergency management began in 1983, when his area was damaged by severe flooding. He learned that management and recovery efforts require a bottom-up approach that brings families, community organizations and businesses together with state and local governments. As Lt. Governor, Bell has made emergency management coordination a top priority. His efforts include serving as chair of the Utah Division of Homeland Security’s Private Sector Steering Committee and Coordinating Council, chair of the Emergency Management Administration Council and chair of the Governor’s Homeland Security Advisory Board. Bell also directs Be Ready Utah, the state’s emergency preparedness campaign. Be Ready Utah provides valuable resources and information for individuals and families, public safety professionals, business and civic leaders, school administrators and volunteers.

Got News? Don’t forget, if you have news to share or need help from fellow BOMA members, send an email to Remember to support our associate members by buying BOMA. Associate members give to BOMA Utah through sponsorships, volunteering and participating. Show them you support their dedication by purchasing products and services from them first. 8 I THE BOMA STANDARD SPRING 2011

Public Information Emergency Response System Please take time to register under the BOMA Group: go/mailinglist/2515/ We are the ONLY commercial facilities and/or real estate group asked to participate. Our members are crucial to this process. Lt. Gov. Bell endorses BOMA Utah and Recognizes their Commitment to Achieve a Network of Preparedness Ready Businesses within the State.

IDENTIFICATION CARD RECOMMENDATIONS from the Utah Private Sector Homeland Security Steering Committee: 1. Company Name and/or Logo 2. Photo of Employee 3. Employee name as listed on drivers license 4. Position within the company 5. Relevant certifications/ licenses (i.e. master electrician) 6. Emergency position/level of criticality within the company 7. State of issue and last four digits of drivers license number 8. Expiration date of the card If your company currently uses badges as a form of identification for your employees, please consider changing the badges to reflect the DHS Private Sector Steering Committee’s recommendation. This information will be required to enter a facility or area that may have been evacuated due to an emergency and/or crisis.


2011 BOMA Utah TOBY Awards Luncheon By Renee Schmid, TOBY Chair

The Kearns Building, winner of the Historical Building Category, is owned by Hines and managed by Lorrie Ostlind.

On Feb. 10, 2011, the prestigious BOMA Utah property managers and world class sponsors and vendors gathered at The Grand America Hotel for the third annual BOMA Utah TOBY (The Outstanding Building of the Year) Awards luncheon. It was an exciting day for those top-notch senior property managers who spent several hours to complete the entry requirements in order to showcase their buildings in this annual competition. It was time well spent as BOMA Utah awarded five local properties with this year’s TOBY Awards. The 2011 building entrants were as follows: The Edgewater Corporate Park, Justin Farnsworth, property manager; Ninigret X and Ninigret XI, Helen Smith, property manager; SouthTowne Corporate Center, Gary Coker, property manager; Renaissance Medical Centre, Emily Koon, property manager. These four buildings are all managed by CB Richard Ellis. The final building was The Kearns Building, managed by Lorrie Ostlind and owned by Hines. A huge thanks goes out to our sponsors who made this event possible. Our Visionary Partner was RBM Services, Inc. Platinum Sponsor was Varsity Contractors, Inc. Silver Sponsors included ISS Facility Services and Kimball Property Maintenance. Bronze Sponsors were CB Richard Ellis, Inc., Commercial Service Solutions, Diamond Detective Agency, The Lawn Butler, Schindler Elevator, Securitas Security Systems USA, Inc., ThyssenKrupp Elevator and Utah Disaster Kleenup. Our Media Sponsor was Utah Facilities. We thank all of these sponsors who are a part of BOMA and the TOBY program, and we appreciate their help and involvement in our event. The TOBY judges were also a big part of this event, volunteering their time to participate in this judging project. The judges spent an entire day hiking up to rooftops, down into basements and mechanical rooms and everywhere else in between. Each building was judged on such things as cleanliness, management procedures and security. The judges were Eric Fairbanks of Utah Disaster Kleen-Up, Clay Geilmann of Western Waterproofing, J.D. Sheppard of ISS Facility Services, Shelli Menegos of BOMA Utah and Steve Morley with Otis Elevator. The TOBY Committee is looking forward to next year’s competition and is already gearing up to recruit sponsors and building participants to become involved in the 2012 BOMA TOBY event. So

to all the property managers out there, get your building sparkling and geared up for this great competition.

Ninigret X and Ninigret XI, winner of the Suburban Office Park (Low-Rise) Category, is owned by A&B Properties, Inc. and managed by Helen Smith of CB Richard Ellis.

Edgewater Corporate Park, winner of the 100,000-150,000 SF Category, is owned by Cawley Partners and managed by Justin Farnsworth of CB Richard Ellis.

SouthTowne Corporate Center, winner of the Suburban Office Park (Mid-Rise) Category, is owned by KBS Realty Advisors and managed by Gary Coker of CB Richard Ellis.

Renaissance Medical Center, winner of the Medical Office Building Category, is owned by Healthcare Trust of America and managed by Emily Koon of CB Richard Ellis.



BOMA Tradeshow 11a.m. to 1p.m., May 12, Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel

Calendar: Upcoming Events Aug. 25, 2011 Vendor Preparedness Tradeshow and Luncheon

Sept. 12, 2011 The BOMA Tradeshow is held annually as a learning opportunity to see the latest products and technologies for the industry. Talk to professionals in the industry, win some great prizes, plus visit the vendor booths for a chance at a $250 gift card. All raffle prizes will be given away at the end of the luncheon.

All property/facility managers, assistants and chief engineers may attend for free (even non-members of BOMA). Just call the BOMA Office at 801.710.2590 to sign up. Participating vendors are encouraged to display new and emerging trends in the industry. Great prizes will be given away by the exhibiting vendors.

The 2011 BOMA Charity Golf Tournament, presented by Securitas Security Services USA

Oct. 13, 2011 Ride along with us on the FrontRunner

Nov. 10, 2011 Preparedness Table Top Exercise, sponsored by Utah Disaster Kleenup

Dec. 8, 2011 Member’s only Christmas Luncheon For further information or to register for these events, please visit or call 801.710.2590.

The BOMA International Conference & The Every Building Show The BOMA International Conference & The Every Building Show is the one event of the year that brings together the foremost experts and resources in the commercial real estate industry. Building owners and managers from across the U.S. and around the world come together to discuss current trends and best practices and learn firsthand what industry leaders are doing to stay ahead. BOMA 2011 will be held June 26-28, 2011, in Washington, DC at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center.

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Miss BOMA 2011 1. The Industry’s Best Programming — Bar None Where else will you find political guru David Gergen, president and CEO of the third largest REIT in the U.S., Michael Fascitelli, and real estate strategist extraordinaire Dr. Peter Linneman under one roof? Add to that the industry’s best education, and you’ll have a full plate of great ideas and strategies to position you and your organization for success. 2. Your Networking Path to Success The best way to come out on top after a recession is to be in the company of the best and the brightest. That’s the company you’ll find at BOMA 2011, where you can network and share ideas with the best minds in commercial real estate. 10 I THE BOMA STANDARD SPRING 2011

3. Innovative Solutions at The Every Building Show All the leading suppliers and state-of-the-art products and services for your buildings will be here — all under one roof. You’ll find solutions to help increase operational efficiencies, enhance property values, reduce costs and boost NOI. 4. Location, Location, Location BOMA 2011 will be at the world-class Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in the National Harbor area of Washington, D.C. — conveniently accessible by plane, train or car. National Harbor is a spectacular new mixed-use community featuring 7,300,000 square feet of waterfront development. 5. Flexible Registration Options Affordable registration options are available for full conference, one-day, team admission and more. And if you’re not 100 percent satisfied with your investment at the BOMA International Conference, we’ll refund your registration fee. The only risk is not attending.



Member Spotlight Scott S. Bennion President for Asset Services, Commerce Real Estate Solutions

Q: What is your property management philosophy? A: My property management philosophy is all about how I can add value; about how we can take a property and make it better due to our stewardship. I also really do believe in karma. If I treat people well and professionally, I will be treated this way in turn. Q: How long have you been a member of BOMA? A: I’ve been a member of BOMA off and on since I started at Commerce in 1998. I’ve been much more active the last several years.

Q: What was your first job? A: My first job (not counting slave labor around the house) was mowing lawns with a neighbor when I was 14. I was earning $5 an hour — big money back then when minimum wage was $3.35. At one point we were mowing over 130 lawns a week. Q: Tell us about the company you work for now. A: Commerce Real Estate Solutions has offices throughout Utah, in Las Vegas and Reno, Nev., and in Seattle and Bellevue, Wash. The services we offer are real estate brokerage, asset and property management, project management and valuation services, among other things. Q: How many square feet do you manage and what properties does that include? A: As president of asset services for Commerce, my main role is that of business development and general oversight. However I do manage about 200,000 of retail space over five properties at the moment. Q: Why do you enjoy what you do? A: I generally like what I do because property management is all about solving problems. Most days are completely different with new and interesting challenges.

Q: Why is BOMA important to you? A: BOMA Utah is important to me because it allows me to get to know other property managers (some competitors, some not) and vendors in a worthwhile setting. BOMA also has a lot to add with building standards and educational opportunities. One of the best learning opportunities I’ve had was a week-long class called Emerging Leaders in Real Estate, which is a joint offering between BOMA and the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Q: Tell us about your family. A: I’ve been married to my wife, Jeni, for 15 years. We have three kids: an 11-year-old boy, 8-yearold girl and 5-year-old boy. Q: What are your hobbies/interests outside of work? A: My hobbies include spending time with my family, bicycling (recreational – not racing), cheering for University of Utah athletics, boating and spending time in the outdoors in the summertime. I LOVE summer in Utah! Q: What is your hope/concern for the commercial real estate market in 2011? A: My hope for 2011 in commercial real estate is to see improving markets and business opportunities for all of us. My concern is that this improvement will be very slow.


Welcome New Members We’d like to welcome the newest members to the BOMA Utah family. These members joined between Oct. 1, 2010, and March 10, 2011. John Barlow NAI West

Scott Gourley RBM Services, Inc.

Nicole Quirk NAI West

Dario Benitez The Lawn Butler Inc.

Tammy Halvorson Diamond Parking Service

Ken Shields Hamilton Partners

Tyler Brinkman Rubicon Contractors LLC Steve Bryant ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance Bryan Call Simply Right, Inc. Craig Castle Innovative Waste Solutions Darren Child Mountain States Property Management Skeeter Ellison Double Take Carpet Cleaning Duff Ellsworth Robert I. Merrill Bret Elton Carrier BSS Ricardo Fuchs EcoBrite Services Paul Gallegos Wasatch Property Services, Inc Keith T. Geisel CB Richard Ellis

Brian J. Horrocks Hamilton Partners Gary Johnson Richards Brandt Miller Nelson Travis Johnson NAI West Greg Kyte Utah Valley Physicians Plaza

Kurt Shumway Mountain America Credit Union Helen R. Smith CB Richard Ellis Scott Snow AMPCO System Parking David J. Thurman Adobe Systems

Rudy Larsen The Lawn Butler, Inc.

Justin Earl Student University of Utah

Paul Limburg CertaPro Painters

Chad Timms Siemens Industry

Rob Lingard Deseret Mutual Benefits Admin

Drew Tovey Kimball Property Maintenance

David Martinez RBM Building Services Steve Monson ProClean Windows

Craig M. Weston Kimball Property Maintenance

Cory Moore Big-D Construction

Mark Williamson Reliable Tree Care

Paul Morgan Rivendell Building Maintenance

Cathie Woods Commerce Real Estate Solutions

If you’re not part of this dynamic organization, you should be asking yourself, “Why not?” You’re missing out on fantastic networking opportunities, events and education. Property/facility managers, what are you waiting for? Come try us out. Attend a luncheon on BOMA. Just contact Shelli at or 801.710.2590 for further information.


More Reasons why BOMA Utah is the Standard of Excellence The Building Owners and Managers Association of Utah is one of 92 local associations throughout the United States and 12 affiliates around the world. BOMA Utah, since its 1977 incorporation, has continued to promote the highest standards in property management. BOMA unites those dedicated individuals in our industry who want to see their businesses prosper and who want to see commercial real estate, as a whole, reach new heights. BOMA brings people together to share ideas, discuss important topics, study the latest tools, build new programs and simply to get to know each other a little better. By working together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish for our industry and the communities in which we serve. Membership in BOMA Utah is all about opportunity — to learn, to grow and to effect positive change in the building ownership and commercial management industry. Through professional and personal contacts, we share resources, learn new information and procedures and tap into the collective knowledge and experience of leaders in Utah’s commercial real estate industry. Members of BOMA Utah own or manage approximately 25

Membership Dues Beginning April 1, 2011, membership dues for 2011 will be pro-rated. If you are interested in joining BOMA, now is the time. Just visit our Website at or call the office at 801.710.2590. Principal Member: $675 Owners, investors, developers, managers and those who earn their primary livelihood for the disciplines associated with commercial real estate are those falling under the principal membership category. Properties can be office, industrial, corporate facilities, educational, governmental, high-rise residential, medical or financial buildings and other real estate properties acceptable to the Board of Directors. Members of this category are automatically members of BOMA International. Membership to expire Dec. 31, 2011. Additional Principal Member: $635 Individuals who belong to a company that has more than one representative in the association. After the first member has been designated, all others will become additional members. Please note that there is no difference as far as

benefits or membership status. Membership to expire Dec. 31, 2011. Associate Member: $720 (Waiting List) Associate Members are representatives of supply, professional service and contracting businesses allied with the commercial real estate industry. Please note, membership is limited to a ratio of 51 percent for principal members and 49 percent for associates. We have reached our ratio of associate members and have begun a waiting list. You MUST contact the BOMA Office at 801.710.2590 or to establish your position on the waiting list. Premier Associate Member: $1,320 (Waiting List) Allows two from the same vendor company to join BOMA Utah and participate in all activities. (Second member is not reported to BOMA International.) We have reached our ratio of associate members and have begun a waiting list. You MUST contact the BOMA Office at 801.710.2590 or to establish your position on the waiting list. Support Membership: $380 Support membership will be open to an individual employed by a

million square feet of downtown and suburban commercial properties. BOMA is the information source with an established track record of providing tools to make its members successful in the industry. As a member, you are automatically affiliated with BOMA International. And more high-level commercial real estate professionals turn to BOMA for the latest products and industry information than any other source. We encourage those of you who own or manage commercial properties, such as office buildings, industrial parks, corporate facilities, educational, governmental, retail, high-rise residential, medical buildings and other real estate properties, to look to BOMA as your next step into the future and the many opportunities available for you to experience. Remember, there is no stronger force in commercial real estate than those of us who make up the industry. We drive its success. We guide its future. We make things happen. That is why BOMA Utah is such a powerful tool here in the Beehive State. For further information on BOMA Utah, please contact our office at 801.710.2590, visit our website at or email us at

commercial real estate firm or owner, to include administrative assistants, receptionists, secretaries, bookkeepers, leasing agents and building engineers. The support member must not have management responsibilities and will have the endorsement of the member company’s principal member to participate on committees, projects and attend events. Individuals may attend all luncheons, nine in total, which includes The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Awards banquet as well as the Christmas Social Luncheon at no additional cost. (Does not include golf.) Additional restrictions and benefits will apply. Student Membership: $90 To be considered a student member, the individual must be a full-time student, currently and continuously enrolled in at least nine credit hours pursuing a real estate-related degree at an accredited university (physical campus or online), must have a valid student ID and not currently employed on a full-time basis within the real estate industry. Exception is made for those employed in a real-estate related internship. Membership entitles the student to attend three luncheons at no additional cost. Other restrictions and benefits will apply.

Vendor Requirements for Renewal In an effort to assist our associate members to get active, participate and build relationships, the Board of Directors has established renewal criteria for our associate members beginning 2011. Each associate member, must meet three out of the five criteria to be eligible to renew membership for 2012. 1. Personally attend at least 50 percent of the BOMA sponsored events, including the golf tournament, luncheons and Vendor Expo. 2. Provide a cumulative $150 financial sponsorship to BOMA activities to include the golf tournament, TOBY, luncheon sponsorships, eNews. 3. Volunteer at least 10 hours on committees or projects. 4. Bring three non-member property/facility/assistant managers to BOMA functions. 5. Purchase a booth at the Vendor Expo. 6. Initiate and be responsible for the membership of a new principal member. We encourage everyone to join committees, attend events and participate. Remember, BOMA is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to build up a customer base, and the only way to do that is to truly be a part of the BOMA Utah family.


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BOMA Marketplace Disaster Recovery

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