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June 2011



Secret to Successful BOMA Membership: Participation

BOMA of Greater Phoenix 3200 N. Central Ave., Suite 1230 Phoenix, AZ 85012 602-200-3898 phone 602-200-3899 fax Executive Director Mark Covington

BOMA GREATER PHOENIX 2011 OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Mark Stromgren, RPA®, LEED AP®, NorthMarq Real Estate Services Vice President Sandra Bryce, RPA®, Crown West Realty, LLC Past President/Governor Mary Anne Lanoue, RPA®, Transwestern Secretary/Treasurer Sheryl C. Brisbin, RPA®, Pacific Office Properties Trust, Inc. Board of Directors Angela Carey, A.R.K. Pressure Washing Marii Covington-Jones, RPA®, LEED AP®, CB Richard Ellis (2nd Year) Shelly Cramer, GPE Commercial Advisors Susan Engstrom, RPA®, FMA, ACP Property Services, LLC Monica Greenman, RPA®, Hines GS (2nd Year) Darwyn Harp, Hines (2nd Year) Colleen LeBlanc, Universal Protection Service Donna Ong, Esq., Buchalter Nemer (2nd Year) Greg Pender, RRO, Highland Commercial Roofing (2nd Year)

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I just spent a wonderful afternoon at the 2nd Annual BOMA Family Picnic. I’m sure you have all heard by now, and probably several times, that it was another successful BOMA event. Well, I can vouch for that; great people, good food and fun times were had by all. There seems to be a common denominator at all of these successful events, and that’s what I want to bring into the spotlight: Participation! There has been so much participation by regular and associate members in various committees, working to make all of this happen and to even make it look fun and easy. The enthusiasm and energy are infectious; it’s impossible not to have a great time. It’s very clear to me that this investment in BOMA is what makes membership

worthwhile. I know we talk about this with each new member and anyone wanting more out of BOMA. The secret is participation: joining committees, attending events such as an educational seminar, the Lunch and Learn series (industry trends), Coffee Talk (political updates), as well as our big events for the year which sustain our organization (our annual golf tournament and The Outstanding Building of the Year awards ceremony). It’s like earning a return on your investment in the stock market, only you can’t lose on this one. It’s such a win-win. You win and BOMA wins — everyone you meet wins. So now I am going to challenge BOMA members to make a commitment and attend at least three events per month. It’s not that much — the monthly luncheon, a committee meeting and an educational program. Easy. If you have been standing on the sidelines, it’s time to get into the game. Come on, I’ll be looking for you. See you there! Mark Stromgren, RPA®, LEED-AP® NorthMarq

2011 Events Calendar July 6: Lunch & Learn 28: BOMA Bowling Benefit August 11: BOMA Trivia 17: Membership Luncheon September 7: Associate Luncheon 9: TOBY Awards 21: Membership Luncheon and Boot Camp 29: Membership Drive

October 5: Lunch & Learn 15: Road Rally 19: Membership Luncheon 27: Movie Night 24-28: Annual Fire Drill Awareness Week TBD: YPG Seminar November 4: BOMA Field Day 16: Membership Luncheon

December 7: Associate Luncheon 21: Membership Luncheon February 2012 Reverse Trade Show Dates subject to change, visit for updates.




Michell McGarvie



The Muller Company: Manage Sky Harbor Towers, Crescent Corporate Center and Diablo Technology Park.

Transwestern/Missouri Falls, The Centre, East Quads and Zanjero Fall.

Hope/concern for commercial real estate market in 2011:

My ambition is to become a general manager. I don’t feel there are any challenges other than the normal learning curves of any position. The resources, tools and education are all available to reach any level desired, you just have to want it.

I hope no more office buildings are built in the next 24 months in the Phoenix metropolitan area and instead see some positive net absorption.

First job: Clerk at One Hour Photo Shop. Boy did I get exposed to some interesting things at that job. This was years ago before digital cameras, but people, please use a Polaroid.

Ambition/challenges in the commercial real estate market:

First job:

Childhood ambition:

Old Time Photos at Westridge Mall (now Desert Sky Pavilion). My grandmother owned it, and I started working for her when I was 8 years old up until I joined the Navy at the age of 20.

Become a sports broadcaster.

Childhood ambition:

Favorite place in the valley to unwind:

To be a superstar singer/actress. Then I realized I did NOT have a voice, and I got this thing called stage fright during drama classes.

It’s a tie between Chelsea’s Kitchen and Ocean Prime at City North.

Personal activities: Golfing, boating, charity fund raising and shoe shopping.

Favorite indulgence: Oysters on the half shell.

A place you would like to visit someday: Italy

BOMA member since: 2009 (I think)

Why is BOMA important to you? As a manager in this ever-changing market, you really need to think outside the box. I enjoy brainstorming with other managers and with vendors on how to approach challenges. It is always interesting to hear about their experiences in the past. I want to continue to learn, and being involved in BOMA helps me achieve that aspiration.

Favorite BOMA memory/event? When my team won the 2010 Corporate Facility TOBY award. It was an exciting night. I really enjoyed sharing that moment with my team and the vendors who helped us achieve that goal.

Are you a BOMA member? Visit to learn more.

Favorite place in the valley to unwind: Hiking up any mountain. But Camelback is the most challenging.

Personal activities: Church, children’s ministries, hiking, wakeboarding, camping and most important, is school.

Favorite indulgence: Chocolate is an obvious one – but also anything sweet with strawberries in it. Yummy!

A place you would like to visit someday: I have been blessed to see many parts of the United States and Europe, but I never made it my ancestors homeland of Ireland and would love to visit someday.

BOMA member since: January 2011

Why is BOMA important to you? The educational tools and resources that can be found through the networks of BOMA or that are offered directly by BOMA have a big impact on my growth in the industry. The networking also provides me the opportunity to know the industry and those who have been in the industry for a long time as well as those who are just entering the field. BOMA is a guideline and support for its members.

Favorite BOMA memory/event? My first BOMA event was the most memorable and unforgettable: The 2010 TOBY Awards. I met many wonderful vendors and other PM’s that night. I was able to view other buildings with other companies throughout the city as they were awarded. And of course, I had a great time. JUNE 2011 BYLINES I 3


Young Professionals Group Brings New Ideas, Energy to BOMA GP The Young Professionals Group (YPG) of BOMA Greater Phoenix is excited about 2011 and the direction of this committee. They welcome all young professionals 40 and under, as well as those with fewer than five years in this industry, to be part of this committee. On the heels of a successful Reverse Trade Show, in which they gave every participating management firm a free developing professional membership for them to pass on to their up-and-coming assistants and managers, they have encouraged all companies to support their young professionals on staff by helping them get involved. This first quarter has been great so far, boasting solid attendance and enthusiastic committee members who held a well-attended mixer on April 8. YPG members are invested in supporting education, one of the major goals of BOMA. They created the developing leader scholarship, open to all regular members 40 and under who want to pursue their RPA or FMA designations. Please visit the BOMA website for information and an application, or reach out to committee chairs Colleen LeBlanc with Universal Protection Services or Jamie Strecker with FM Solutions. The committee is proud of all the hard work the young professionals are putting into bringing new thoughts and energy to augment the membership at large. Dynamic speakers, fresh new event ideas beyond happy hours and strong collaboration with the other BOMA committees create an environment of understanding where BOMA Phoenix has been, is currently and can be in the future. If you are thinking of joining or have a team member who can get involved, please consider the following from two of our new, highly valued members: “As a recipient of the YPG Developing Professional BOMA Membership for 2011, I am honored to serve on a committee full of highly energized and motivated young professionals, such as myself, to continue my growth within the industry of commercial real estate,” said Michell McGarvie, assistant property manager with Transwestern. “YPG


offers the tools necessary for me to succeed within my profession, such as continued education, seminars and networking opportunities with vendors and managers alike. As a developing member in the industry, YPG has taken me under their wing and made my introduction into BOMA smooth and seamless.” Nicole Applegate, with Western States, would agree. “As a new member to the wonderful world of business development, I am honored to be on the committee for the Young Professionals Group of BOMA,” she said. “The synergy and enthusiasm of the members is never dull. There are new ideas implemented monthly, and the eagerness of the young professionals to learn more about the industry and help make BOMA a success, is outstanding. YPG houses a place for people who are new to the industry to spread their ideas and make their voice known. The opportunities for networking and continued education, through YPG, are endless.” YPG meets the first Thursday of every month at 4 p.m. at rotating locations.They look forward to seeing you.

New Associate Members Aysha Austin Interstate Restoration

Chris Jeffries ABM Engineering

Chris Stanley Otis Elevator Company

Jeff Cohen Ace Construction Services

Joe Norris Harmon Electric

New Professional Members John Clouse Nationwide Insurance

Robin Cohen RL Cohen & Associates, LLC

New Developing Professional Member Erin Sheehan Evergreen

New Regular Members Sherry Barnhart, RPA®, FMA® Daymark Realty Advisors

Patti Farina, RPA®, LEED AP® CB Richard Ellis

Paul Jones JPM Chase

Robin Habacht, MBA Monticello Management, Inc.




Advocacy Day Successful for BOMA Members

The Government Affairs and Community Awareness Committee held Advocacy Day at the Capitol on April 7, 2011, beginning at 9:30 a.m. They arrived at the Capitol and immediately went to work discussing appointments and scheduling teams for the prescheduled meetings. BOMA Phoenix had 14 people participate, and BOMA Tucson had six. Courtney LeVinus from Capitol Consulting was there to lend a hand discussing which representatives to thank for the passage of the jobs bill (HB2001) and what type of focus needed to be presented with regard to the issue of the day, which was development fees (SB1525). This is a hot topic for those in commercial real estate. The day was fast paced and focused. Several members were out on the floor, creating appointment delays for some and rescheduling meetings to another day for others. The group was successful at seeing a couple of legislators “impromptu” in the lounge and outside of Senate and House floors. A few of the others were able to keep their appointments. We had eight successful meetings, which, considering the day’s schedule, was remarkable. Janice Santiesteban, a real estate manager with CB Richard Ellis, participated in our Advocacy Day for the first 6 I BYLINES JUNE 2011

time in 2010. This year, she was comfortable enough to take lead on several meetings. “This is my third year as a member of the Government Affairs Committee, and this year I experienced the thrill of taking lead in several meetings with our local state Senators and House Representatives. In addition, I led a meeting with Dan Quayle on a national level,” Santiesteban said. “In the years past, I was more comfortable engaging in the meetings as a member of the group. Through the guidance of Susan Engstrom and Mark Stromgren, I was able to take a leap to the next level and really take lead in understanding the issues and representing BOMA’s position in the meetings this year. It was truly an exciting and very empowering experience to know we can make a difference if we just keep our names out there and continue to express our positions on the issues that directly affect the commercial real estate Industry. It gives me great pride to know I am protecting my clients’ interests on a different level than the day-to-day management of their assets.” Another great part of this event is that many people new to the committee participated. Some new Young Professionals Group members joined in and went to as many meetings as their schedules allowed. “My first venture with the

Advocacy Committee was enlightening,” said Dan Urioste, who was asked to set up appointments with the local state legislature. “The day arrived for us to meet with Arizona State officials; it was exciting to be in the State Capitol. I was teamed up with one of the veterans of the committee, Gavin Galifant. We had more luck just dropping in on key legislature assistants and explaining our literature and commitment. I also noticed how Gavin’s own representative was anxious to meet and talk to one of her own constituents. Someone did their homework to educate this representative about who BOMA is and what we represent. What went through my head, as this being my very first time meeting our state representatives and being in their surroundings in their own backyard, were the words of one of our great leaders, Abraham Lincoln, ‘In order to better predict the future, help create it.’” Marion Donaldson has been active in BOMA since fall of 2002 and had never been involved in Advocacy until this year. “It was so interesting and a little overwhelming trying to navigate with seasoned committee members to get in front of our State Legislators,” said Donaldson. “Listening to Janice Santiesteban, for example, helped me gain an understanding of why property owners and developers should invest in BOMA memberships

for their managers. Through these advocacy efforts, they are assisting in ensuring development impact fees remain transparent and limited to bring businesses into Arizona, promoting education and forming important business relationships with our local politicians that will create an environment to promote the initiatives for owners’ needs to remain a vital part of the discussion at the capital. As a vendor/associate member, I recognize the value in standing alongside property managers and regular members to support in these efforts. We are all impacted when building budgets face challenges. I have a renewed appreciation of what BOMA stands for, and I am excited to continue to learn and participate in Government Affairs and Community Awareness.” As you can see from these members’ examples, when you get involved with Advocacy you feel a huge part of something that makes a difference. As increasing efforts for participation continue, the Community Awareness portion of the committee will be looking for more participants for the week-long emergency preparedness events. BOMA will again be joining forces with the City of Phoenix Fire Department for the fifth annual valley-wide fire drill. The drill will be held the week of Oct. 24. While member buildings hold their drills, the fire department will also participate and use the drills as further training for their personnel. The aim of this combined effort is to further increase awareness of emergency preparedness, response and recovery techniques. Further information will be forthcoming, along with a Coffee Talk on Friday, Oct. 7.


BOMA Greater Phoenix Supports BOMAPAC BOMA is Your Last Line of Defense Against Bad Policy What is BOMAPAC? It is the Building Owners and Managers Association Political Action Committee. BOMAPAC is BOMA International’s federal political fundraising vehicle. The legislative landscape is changing. More and more proposals affecting building owners and asset managers — new taxes, fees and land-use restrictions — are going to the ballot. BOMA is prepared. BOMAPAC is the largest and most-effective PAC organized to protect the interests of the commercial real estate industry. Each election cycle, BOMA analyzes local ballot initiatives and interviews local candidates. When necessary, BOMA is prepared to bring its own policy initiatives to voters directly.

BOMA staff understands how to comply with complex rules governing PACs and political campaigns to keep members out of harm’s way. Most importantly, they raise the money to wage effective campaigns and win. Funds raised through BOMAPAC are used to support the re-election efforts of members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives that have shown strong support for commercial real estate issues, hold key leadership positions and/or serve on a committee with jurisdiction over BOMA’s key issues. BOMA members’ ongoing support of BOMAPAC ensures that BOMA International is able to make generous contributions to key congressional supporters of

BOMA’s priority issues. For example, throughout 2010, BOMAPAC funded supporters of real estate’s tax issues, such as leasehold depreciation and carried interest. With your participation in 2011, you will join a growing number of BOMA members that are making BOMAPAC a success and creating a voice for commercial real estate owners and managers. Through BOMAPAC, your voice is heard and the industry’s access to Capitol Hill is enhanced. BOMA International represents you before America’s decision makers. Whether on legislative, regulatory or codes and standards issues, BOMA works to protect the interests of commercial real estate. BOMA-PAC relies on

contributions for funding — YOUR contributions. This is truly an investment in your future and the future of our industry. Contributions to BOMAPAC: • Strengthen your industry’s relationship with members of Congress; • Position BOMA International as a leading voice on Capitol Hill; • Help shape legislation on tax issues such as leasehold depreciation Contributions to BOMAPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Support BOMAPAC through PAC Wheel of Fortune. We need prize donations for the wheel.



BOMA Family Picnic: Weather and Company Made the Day Outstanding BOMA Greater Phoenix held their second Family Picnic at Chaparral Park in Scottsdale on Sunday, April 17. Sponsors provided fun and games, and the Membership Committee supplied the food and chefs. It was a beautiful spring day. The rest was up to the participants, and they made the most of it. Angela Carey of A.R.K. Pressure Washing, Inc., brought her family and puppy to the picnic. “We all had a fantastic time,” she said. “I loved all the games that the organizers came up with. The face painting and balloon making were favorites for all kids and the big kids (adults) seemed to really enjoy the big tricycles. We will definitely be attending every year. Good time had by all.” Jodi Stromgren of Cactus Sweeping, Inc., said the picnic was a terrific event with many families in attendance. “It was so nice to see so many families,” Stromgren said. “I think close to half of the attendees were children. They had a blast with the face painting, tricycle racing and balloon figures. A big thanks to the ‘Burger Boys’ (Greg Pender and Brad Logan, and relief flipper Mark Stromgren) for grilling up the hamburgers and hotdogs. I appreciate their time and effort to get the food to the hungry crowd. I heard many comments about how great the hamburgers were. So thanks to them again.” Stromgren said the weather was “picture perfect.” She enjoyed relaxing and visiting with her friends at BOMA. “What a wonderful chance to get to meet new friends and get to know your peers and clients even better,” Stromgren said. “There really are so many talented people in this organization, and I appreciated the chance to get to foster those relationships. Thanks for all the committee members who worked so hard to put on this great old time family picnic.”

Thank you to the sponsors who made it possible, and had so many great ideas for competition and fun: Bennett & Porter Insurance Services, Mike Amico CAM Control, LLC, Andrew Chaidez Envirolight Energy Solutions & Maintenance, Rick Hornack ISS Ground Control, Drew Cottrell Otis Elevator Company, Meg McCabe Roofing Southwest, RJ Radobenko Securitas Security Services, Chris Vetter Western States Fire Protection, Nicole Applegate 8 I BYLINES JUNE 2011


BOMA Skyline Window Cleaning Under the Big Top Golf Tournament Carnival

On Friday, March 25, balloons, clowns and bouncy houses invaded the McCormick Ranch Golf Club in lovely Scottsdale, Ariz., as BOMA Greater Phoenix held its annual golf tournament. It was a gorgeous spring day with blue skies and magnificent views of Camelback Mountain. The festive atmosphere once again showed it was time for serious fun, not serious golf. The driving range and putting greens were filled with members excited to spend the day out of the office networking with their BOMA friends. Special thanks again this year to Phil Sweeney of Skyline Window Cleaning for being the title sponsor. Skyline Window Cleaning, Inc, is a family-owned and operated company specializing in high-rise window cleaning. They also provide lowrise window cleaning, construction cleaning and pressure washing to both commercial and residential buildings throughout the entire state of Arizona. Extra special thanks to the members of the Golf Committee who worked so hard on the mammoth project. Kudos to the chairpersons, Greg Pender of Highland Roofing and Colleen LeBlanc of Universal Protection Service. Raffle prizes donated by members and purchased by the committee were displayed at the registration tables, and members sold raffle tickets to almost every participant. Raffle proceeds were donated to the 100 Club, a non-profit organization that provides support to police and firefighters and their families. In addition, Jason Schechterle, a one handicap golfer, provided your tee shot for a donation to the 100 Club on a par 3 of the Pine Course. Money was raised for those injured or the families of those killed in the line of duty. The first event of the day was the ball drop. Next, everyone hopped on their carts to get to their holes for the shotgun start. All told, 216 golfers participated, and many other members volunteered to make the event a great success. Players visited with the hole sponsors, entered the putting contest, hit the ball straight and not so straight, played in the sand traps, imbibed a cocktail or two and enjoyed a glorious day out on the links. Dinner followed in the pavilion where various prizes were handed out. Once again, the 2011 BOMA Skyline Window Cleaning Golf Tournament was one of BOMA’s best events of the year.

A big top, elephant-sized thanks to all of the sponsors. Title Sponsor - Skyline Window Cleaning, Inc. Beverage - Highland Commercial Roofing Photo - Commercial Service Solutions Golf Towel - Upright Commercial Janitorial Putting Contest - CORT Furniture Golf Ball - ISS Facility Services Driving Range - Upright Commercial Janitorial Ball Drop - Facility Solutions Group Lunch - Universal Protection Service Golf Tee - Sonoran Property Maintenance Hole-in-One Pine - Pinnacle Restoration Hole-in-One Palm - Ace Asphalt of Arizona Magnificent Management Mogul - The Muller Company Koozie - Hernandez Companies Cotton Candy Express - Trident Security Services, Inc. Balloon Sponsor - Universal Building Maintenance Trash/Recycle Sponsor - Allied Waste

Hole Sponsors: Asset Landscaping Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management CPC Asphalt LLC Damage Control DHM Landscaping Dunn Edwards Painting Facility Solutions Group Enviro-Light



Hole Sponsor Winner - Pinnacle Restoration

Pinnacle Restoration is a full-service restoration company. Holding a general contractor’s license in both commercial and residential, the company has many years of experience and success in estimating and restoring all types of properties (i.e. homes, apartments, condominiums, schools, businesses, churches, government buildings, etc). Pinnacle Restoration believes excellence is never an accident, and we expect excellent results on every project. We have an experienced staff of experts who are committed to high-quality workmanship at competitive prices with total customer satisfaction. Our dedication to customer satisfaction includes making certain the lines of communication are always open, and best of all, we listen. Your needs and concerns are our top priority. Making the reconstruction process as smooth and easy as possibly for our clients is what makes Pinnacle Restoration stand out from all the rest.

Judi Celano, Pinnacle Restoration Hope/concern for commercial real estate market in 2011: As with almost everyone else, I continue to have a hopeful outlook for 2011. Although no one expects the market to spike significantly this year, I think that we can (and should) maintain an optimistic attitude and anticipate the market to improve modestly.

First job: Selling candy at the candy counter for a local department store in Southern Minnesota. Not sure how good sales were that year. I may or may not have eaten more than I sold.

Childhood ambition: To rule the world or pursue a career that involved dressing in costume more days than not. (Hmmm … Apparently one of those ambitions came true. Just check us out on Facebook and see. Facebook: Pinnacle Restoration)

Favorite place in the valley to unwind: Anywhere I’m surrounded by good friends, but one in particular is the patio at Chelsea’s Kitchen. Steak tacos to die for.

Personal activities: I think on any given day my work-related activities become my personal activities when I’m surrounded by people who I love and enjoy spending time with.

Favorite indulgence: As of recently — the new iPic Theater at Scottsdale Quarter. With plush, oversized recliners that contain a welcoming pillow and blanket, a server that waits on you and delivers your food and 10 I BYLINES JUNE 2011

beverage of choice (Did I mention they have eight beers on tap?) while you watch a movie on a giant screen. This is escapism at its finest. But only if I’m enjoying it with good friends.

A place you would like to visit someday: I want to be an island girl. So I’m thinking Virgin Islands. St. John to be exact.

BOMA member since: Sept. 1, 2010, with hopes to be a lifer.

Why is BOMA important to you? BOMA affords me the opportunity to work alongside some amazing people. Providing me with a platform to share information about my company and allowing me to partner with other individuals in the industry is a huge advantage to being a member of BOMA.

What is your favorite BOMA memory/event? The 2010 TOBY Awards. This was my first event coming into BOMA just days before. It was an unbelievable event, and I was able to experience firsthand what an exceptional organization this was and knew then how much I was going to enjoy getting to know all of the other members and being a part of this great family.


Hole Sponsor Winner - Securitas



A Second Look at the Hailstorm of October 2010 By Mark Strahan In October 2010, a massive storm cell passed through the Phoenix metro area, leaving in its wake an incredible amount of hail and wind damage. This storm was highly unusual because the effects were so widely distributed throughout the valley, and in some areas, the hail was quite large. More than 100 square miles within the metro area experienced hail. Effects of hail damage to air conditioning units were witnessed in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Tolleson, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Mesa and Gilbert. Cars, roofs, skylights, windows, building finishes, landscaping and air conditioning systems bore the brunt of the damage. An article describing the four different levels of hail damage to air conditioning systems observed along with recommendations for appropriately addressing each level of damage can be found at Since the hailstorm, thousands of air conditioning units have been examined and a few additional effects have been observed. The drift eliminators at one location were damaged badly enough by the hail they needed to be replaced. If you were in a hail damaged area and have a cooling tower, closed circuit cooling tower (fluid cooler) or an evaporative condenser, check your drift eliminators. There were vast differences in the perspectives of individual adjusters after the storm. To be fair, the evaluation of hail damage can be highly subjective in nature. Opinions have varied widely as to how to handle the repairs. The level of repairs authorized ranged from combing the condenser fins (straightening the condenser fins with a tool called a fin comb) or replacing severely damaged condenser coils to complete unit replacement. Fortunately, most of the adjusters were fair in their evaluations and recommendations. Most successful outcomes were when vendors were able to walk the site with the adjuster and agree to the proper course of action for each individual unit. Another surprising thing was the number of calls received well into 2011 to survey roof top air conditioners and provide proposals for coil repairs. Many of the air conditioning systems that were damaged during the hail storm have not yet been evaluated by a qualified air conditioning contractor. If you know you have hail damage to air conditioning units on your facility and have not invited your air conditioning contractor to look at them, consider it. If a claim needs to be opened with an insurance company, you may have up to one year from the date of the storm to do so. Knowing what may happen if hail damage is not addressed in a timely manner may help you provide a building owner sufficient information to avoid unnecessary additional HVAC repair expenses because of hail damaged condenser coils. Imagine what would happen if you blocked the air flow across the radiator in your car with a piece of cardboard. The engine would overheat, quickly resulting in potentially serious damage to the engine if the air flow across the radiator is not restored. A similar situation occurs when air flow across the condenser coil of an air conditioner, heat pump, air cooled chiller or refrigeration condensing unit is reduced. Because air flow through hail damaged coils is impeded, operating temperatures and pressures will be elevated when compared with 12 I BYLINES JUNE 2011

normal operating conditions. This in turn increases energy consumption and may negatively impact the life of the compressor. Potential damage to the compressor and the likelihood of increased power costs is proportional to the reduction in air flow across the condenser coil and how long the system operates in that condition. In reference to the four levels of hail damage to condenser coils described in the first article, if you have moderate to severe damage to the air conditioning coils on any of your buildings, have the damaged coils combed or replaced just as soon as you possibly can. In doing so, you will reduce the potential for unnecessary equipment failures and increased utility bills. It is a lot less expensive to comb the coils now than it would be to replace the compressor and comb the coil later. Even if you are going to replace the outdoor coils, it is a good idea to comb out the existing coils to avoid potential compressor failures. This becomes even more essential as the daytime temperatures rise above the low 90s. Because of increased demand for replacement coils, you can expect extended delivery times. Allow six to eight weeks or more for them to arrive from the manufacturer. Mark Strahan is a 35-year veteran of the HVAC industry and is currently an account manager with Burt-Burnett, Inc., an HVAC mechanical service and digital controls contractor. Mark can be reached at 480.695.4168 or

BOMA Launches New Energy Benchmarking Initiative BOMA International has launched BOMA STARS, a new initiative to help its members promote the importance of benchmarking their portfolio’s energy management data using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and sharing that data with BOMA. By agreeing to share your energy management progress, BOMA members help us show policy makers we can reduce energy consumption without new mandates and demonstrate the effectiveness of the voluntary marketplace. All data shared with BOMA International is treated similar to data submitted for BOMA’s Experience Exchange Report, in that it is kept confidential in the data collection and reporting processes. We do not identify the submitters by name or location within a market, and all published data is aggregated to keep this information confidential. The BOMA STARS initiative provides members with all of the resources they need to benchmark their portfolios. It also recognizes those companies that see value in this important step as a way to show that market transformation is working. For more information on the BOMA STARS initiative, visit


2011 Education Schedule Instructors Shelly Carley Cramer Clifton L. Jones, CDF, RPA, FMA, SMA, CAM Dan Skiles, SMA, CEM

Foundations of Real Estate Management Instructors: TBD Class is held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. beginning on Oct. 7, and continues for five Fridays through Nov. 4, 2011.

Pricing Regular classroom course: $850 for members, $900 for non-members Accelerated course: $1,000 for members, $1,050 for non-members Foundations of Real Estate Management: $450 for all students

Accelerated Schedule

Registration Please check the event calendar on the website for the latest information on classes. You can register by clicking on the class entry, then entering your information. You may pay by credit card online at registration or print out an invoice to submit a check request. Testing All BOMI class testing is now computer based. Your test fee is included in your class payment. However, you are responsible for contacting the testing company and setting up an appointment to take your test. You have a six-month window from the first day of a class in order to take the test.

Regular Schedule Boilers, Heating Systems and Applied Mathematics (SMA, SMT) Instructor: Dan Skiles Class is held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. beginning Sept. 7, and continues each Wednesday through Dec. 7, 2011.

The Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I (RPA, FMA) Instructor: Cliff Jones Classes will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 28, through Saturday Oct. 1, 2011. Asset Management (RPA & FMA elective) Instructor: Shelly Cramer Class will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 30, through Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011. Completion of Budgeting & Accounting, Real Estate Investment & Finance, and Asset Management earns the Property Management Financial Proficiency Certificate (PMFP) from BOMI, in addition to providing two of the required classes and an elective class toward your RPA designation.

Seminars Tenant Improvement for Commercial Real Estate: A one-day course from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Oct. 20 on the management of TI projects and how to manage contractors and your tenant’s expectations. Instructor: Cliff Jones Fee: $300 Blueprints: A one-day course from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Oct. 27 on reading, interpreting and making the best use of blueprints. Instructor: Cliff Jones Fee: $300


BOMA Marketplace Asphalt

Disaster Recovery & Restoration

Commercial Cleaning

Pest Control


BOMA Marketplace Security Services

Window Cleaning



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