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the street

people talk about their neighbours

Liklehood of something happening?

Sammy: I know my neighbours very well, they very kindly introduced themselves when we moved in and we hit it off straight away. They reguarly come round for a cup of tea and when we see each other when we’re out will have a good chin wag.

Deena: Myself and like chalk heard them that’s all say on the

“myself and my neighbours are like chalk and cheese”

my neighbours are and cheese. I’ve over the fence.. I really have to matter..


Reece: I don’t know my neighbours, but I know my Grandparents neighbours? Last year when I was walking the dog I said “Hi” to my neighbour.. I wasn’t even sure that it was my neighbout though! It’s a shame as sometimes I do run out of milk or sugar and think, if only! But I get on well with my Nan’s neighbours, they always seem to be over when I visit. It’s nice.

“i wish i had some neighbours!”

Lily: I wish I had some neighbours! I live out in the country, surrounded by fields and sheep. It’s quiet and relaxing. But it would be nice to know there’s someone next door I could just pop over to see and have a chat with.


Charly: I’ve tried to meet my neighbours, but I don’t think they wanted to meet me.. maybe because I’d had a party the night before, but that’s why I popped over.. to apologise and make it up to them with cookies.. I even made cookies! Hopefully one day they’ll return the gesture.

“i even made cookies”

essential Nicky: I met my neighbour when I was 4 over the fence at the back of the garden. Since then we’ve remained friends and still visit each other at university. It’s great having your best friend living next door when you’re young, makes life a whole lot easier! Now I’m at uni I miss living next door to her. To me it’s essential to know your neighbours!

“i met my neighbour when i was 4”

just at the right time

“john’s such an interesting guy” Ben: I live next door to a lovely old couple, John and Janice. The first time I met my neighbours was when one of their parcels ended up at my house. This was the perfect oportunity to meet them. They were very sweet and invited me in for a coffee because they thought I looked cold. John’s such an interesting guy, with some pretty funny stories to tell. I reguarly pop over now when I’m stressed with work or running out of food!

“their dog chased me!” Adele: Well on one side I’ll say Hi if I see them out and about, but that’s about it. We don’t get along with our other neighbours because when I was younger their dog chased me, but they didn’t apologise or anything! They thought I was in wrong! I’ve held a little grudge against them since then.. It’s a shame really.

a collection of interviews and photographs taken in marlborough and bristol by jen gardner

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The Street  

A chat with our neighbours