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Public space is passed through everyday by thousands of people crossing paths. We wanted to see how certain public places are used and by who, but specifically, when?

People Direction

Monday morning 7am Bristol Temple Meads

Simon, 24, starts his daily routine at the train station, just like thousands of others workers/ students. He arrives about 7.30am to get to London for a 10am meeting.



Andy, 64 and Alice, 60 take the train a couple of times a month on day trips. Usually to London or shorter trips to Bath. They prefer train journeys as they are quicker.


Tony, 42, commutes from Swindon to Bristol each morning. STarting early at 8am to get to the office for 9am.

Monday midday Bristol Temple Meads

Ellie, 19, a student from UWE visited home for the weekend and has come back to start her lectures again the following day.



Paul and Janet take their children out for the day, leaving a little later on to avoid the rush.


Denis, 72, takes a short trip to weston-super-mare to see an old friend. He prefers to take the train as he doesn’t like driving anymore.

Monday afternoon 5pm Bristol Temple Meads

Julie, 39, a buisness woman who was just here for a meeting, is travelling home to Monmouth.



Mike 37 and Steve 43, travelling home from work from Cheltenham, a bit earlier than usual.


Dale, 21 meeting his girlfriend from the station. She is visiting him at uni for a few days.

Weekend 9am Bristol Temple Meads

Hayley and Jo are setting of early to go shopping in London, they want to make the most of the day.


Dawn, 42, arriving in Bristol for a day trip with her two children. They are also goin to visit her parents in Clifton.

weekend midday Bristol Temple Meads

A group of 4 teenagers, two girls, two boys. travelling to bath for the day.



Nick, 17 and Milly 16, have come to cabot circus for the day to look around the shops. the shops are open until 8 so there’s no rush to get there early.


Sandra, 27 arriving in bristol to attend a job interview, She has arrived in plenty of time.

weekend 9pm Bristol Temple Meads

Ria and Raj, a couple who spent the day in cabot, have gone for dinner and are now travelling home .





A group of 6 boys all heading out in bristol for the night. They are on their way to a bar, they will be catching the train back in the morning.

Created by Jen Gardner and Amy Hatch

The Hub  

Myself and Amy Hatch created a small publication about public space using info graphics. We looked at how people use/move around train stati...

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