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he main function of our lashes is to guard our eyes from foreign objects. They also add to one’s appeal, especially when they are long and healthy. Not all females are born with long eyelashes. In most cases, you can

make improvements to the appearance of your eyelashes without paying for costly extensions by changing some undesirable habits which injure your lashes. Things to avoid Everyone is born with an established number of eye lash follicles, which doesn’t change as we become older. Much like other kinds of hair, eyelashes normally fall out when they have completed their own life cycle. A lash’s life span is about 3 months. After the old one is shed, it can take 8 weeks or more for a new lash to grow completely. Generally, you are your eyelashes’ worst enemy. The products you use and some habits can damage your lashes, which keeps them from growing as thick and long. Lashes and their roots are very fragile. Find Idol Lash reviews here. To prevent damaging your eyelashes, try to avoid rubbing your eyelids and going to bed without removing mascara beforehand. When possible, refrain from using long-wearing and waterproof mascaras as they are often stubborn to remove and they could also be drying. Make sure you do not keep mascara for greater than 3 months after opening. After 12 weeks, bacteria can begin to grow inside the tube. When you use your mascara, you will be introducing microbes to your eye area. If you intend to use fake eyelashes, make sure you remove them before bedtime. Things you should do Use a mild remover when cleaning eye makeup. As opposed to rubbing, just dab the remover lightly on your lids. Friction can loosen eyelashes which then fall out.


Refrain from pulling your eyelids when using a lash curler, too. In addition, you should know that eyelashes are just like any other strand of hair on your body, which means they can turn dry and brittle if they aren't hydrated. Use moisturising mascara to prevent your lashes from drying. You may also use certain kinds of oil to moisten your lashes. You can use a thin coat of olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, or even petroleum to your lashes before going to bed with the use of a clean Q-tip or mascara brush. Moreover, you can use eyelash growth serum like Idol Lash, that helps you grow long, luxurious lashes. Tap here to discover more about Idol Lash reviews.


How to care for your eyelashes properly  

The products you use and some habits may injure your lashes, which prevents them from growing as thick and long. Lashes and their roots are...

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