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Identity Overview Chips Seafood is a sit down family restaurant located in Seaside Oregon overlooking the coast. Chips serves fresh local fish at a reasonable price. This is a restaurant where you can go with your family and friends and taste great food while enjoying the coastal ambiance.


Chips Seafood Logo is represented in three forms. The first form that can be used is “chips” in all caps with a small caps “seafood” center aligned beneath it. The logo with imagery has to include the half ship wheel sitting on top of the banner. An anchor must be used as the capitol “I” in the restaurants name Chips. The third logo that can be used contains the half ship wheel on top of the first logo. There must be space between the wheel, chips, and seafood. This logo must be center aligned.

Logo don’ts

Do not make Chips smaller than seafood.

Do not distort the proportions of the logo with imagery

two official logos for Chips Restaurant


R 168 G 224 B 233

R 51 G 51 B 51

Dark Grey Crackle Texture

When using any of the three logos you can use the blue texture as a background to the logo or as the color of the logo itself. The dark grey crackle texture cannot be used as a background to the logo but can be used as the color of the logo itself. The three plain colors shown here can be used as the logo color. No other textures or colors besides these displayed here can be used.

Font The font used for Chips Restaurant logo is called Mermaid. Mermaid is also used for the menu titles. Arial regular is used as the text underneath the titles. Arial font is used in size 9 pt. The text within the logo can only be the Mermaid font. The menu text can contain both Mermaid and Arial. The menu text titles are 16 pt and the text listed underneath the title is 9 pt. Do not stretch or distort the text in any way.

R 75 G 75 B 75

24 pt


48 pt


The ratio between chips and seafood should be doubled when using this logo. If it is not doubled then the bigger text can be two points less than the doubled ammount. Sea Blue Texture

The space between the two words should not be altered to be closer to or father away from each other.

Jenessa styleguide  
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