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Voice of the Newport LGBTQ Community Llais Casnewydd LDHTR Chymdeithas

Board of Trustees Meeting 19:00pm 22nd September, 2010 - Dragonfly, Newport Attendees: Jen Daffin, Caine Otley, Kim Harry-Young, Jay Brooks, Mike Carroll-Owen Chair: Jen Daffin Apologies: Debbie Maddox 1. Welcome 2. Matters arising from previous minutes 2.1 Minutes not available for ratification 3. Board of Trustees formation and constitution 3.1 The board of trustees welcomed: JD,CO,KH-Y, JB,MC-O to the board. Trustees were given a job description and signed the NEPconstitution. On this day the NEPis fulled formed. 3.2 DM was unable to attend and is required to sign the constitution to qualify as a board trustee 3.3 The board is made up of Trustees working with no separate role titles. As such the chair for each meeting will be decided at the previous meeting. 3.4 All trustees have email addressesset up with ‘’ 3.5 The board will create a closed facebook group through which to discussNEP activities. This will be a closed group.

4. Website 4.1 COand MCOare in the processof creating a website for the NEPand the young LGBTQpeoples group. There will be two websites; one for the NEPwhich will hold all the the charities information and be used as the face for Newport Pride. There will also be a separate YLGBTQPwebsite not directly linked to the NEPto uphold child protection

Voice of the Newport LGBTQ Community Llais Casnewydd LDHTR Chymdeithas

responsibilities. It is hoped that these will be ready by Oct 14th which is the University freshers fayre. 4.2 The website design will be simple, easy to use, and professional looking. 5. Newport Pride 5.1 COand JDmet with Tredegar to discussit as a possible location. It would cost approx. £5000per day and they have limited spaceto accommodate it next year. It would be possible to place a booking for a 2012 event at this location. 5.2 Trustees discussedother location possibilities and decided to seek out farmers and other large open land owners to assist. 5.3 COshared his idea of creating a festival that was different and that held the original idea of Pride at its hear. The board agreed that it was important to create a Pride event that remembered the origins of pride events. COsuggested creating a weekend festival camping event. This would give people a reason to stay in the Newport area which has no LGBTbars/clubs currently and has the potential to attract a wider pool of people to the event. The board are currently looking for a location. 5.4 The board discussed sponsorship and agreed that a sponsor package would be created once the location and date were confirmed. COsaid he could help with arranging this. 6. Police Vulnerably Persons Policy 6.1 Health Powell from Gwent Police ask the board for comments on their Police Vulnerably persons policy. The board agreed that the policy was excellent and made no additional recommendations or suggestions. 7. Young LGBTQPeoples Group 7.1 NEPhas submitted a proposal to link with the infoshop (Nichola Davies). Once this has been accepted the infoshop will be the basefor the YLGBTQPwhere a weekly Saturday group will be run. 7.2 The group will be divided in to two and run a morning session for 13-17’s and on for 18-25’s. 7.3 Policies and procedures are being developed at present. 7.4 All facilitators for the group are to be young people themselves and to have enhanced CRBchecks. Currently JDand MCOare facilitators and have CRBchecks. 7.5 Once established the group will recruit other facilitators too. 8. Funding 8.1 The NEPwill apply for funding for a variety of community funding pots and from the All for Wales award. JDand MCOare in the processof putting these together for the board. 8.2 The board agreed to hold quarterly events to raise awarenessand funding for the NEP.The first suggestion for this is a drag-racing event where drag queens and other well known individuals are invited to race. The day could include other related activities such as roulette and black jacket activities. These would not incur any gambling and 2

Voice of the Newport LGBTQ Community Llais Casnewydd LDHTR Chymdeithas

individuals would pay towards entering a prize draw and play with monopoly money. The more they win the greater their chance of winning the prize draw. 8.3 COsuggested creating Tshirts with local related slogans on them to sell as merchandise. The public will be asked for suggestions and money raised from their sales will go towards the Pride event. 9. Location for LGB&T liaison officers in December (police) 8.1 The board suggested Babylon dependent on the date is December as this is when the location is due to be ready. 10. Policies and Procedures 9.1 The board is currently ensuring all the necessary P&P are in place. They currently have a child and protection policy that is ready as a working document. 11. AOB 10.1 Meetings will be held monthly on the last Tuesday of every month.

Next meeting Tuesday 26 th October 2010 venue TBC


Newport Equity Partnership Board Minutes  

22 Sept 2010