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Event Planning  Process     Are  you  planning  for  an  major  event  like  a  seminar,  corporate  meeting,  product  launch,  conference  or    even  for   a  birthday  party,  anniversary,  wedding  or  other  parties?  Here  are  some  things  that  you  need  that  are  important   to  plan  your  event.         1. Planner  –  are  you  personally  planning  the  event  or  are  you  going  to  hire  someone  that  can  do  the   planning  for  you?  There  are  reliable  event  planners  that  you  can  hire  so  your  life  can  be  much   easier.  These  professional  event  planners  are  already  skilled  and  experienced  to  organize  events  for   you  and  all  you  need  to  do  is  to  provide  them  with  all  the  information  about  your  event.     2. Budget  –  setting  of  budget  for  the  event  is  an  important  part  of  event  planning  process.  If  you   happen  to  hire  someone  to  organize  everything  for  you  need  then  you  also  need  to  consider  the   planners  compensation  as  part  of  your  budget.  There  are  several  different  ways  a  planner  can  be   compensated.   3. Venue  Selection  –  it  is  difficult  to  choose  the  right  venue  for  events.  An  appropriate  venue  depends   on  the  size  of  the  event.  There  are  a  lot  of  things  that  you  need  consider  like  the  number  of  people   that  will  be  attending  the  event,  the  ventilation  of  the  area  or  venue  making  the  guests  or  visitors   feel  comfortable  and  relaxed.  Another  consideration  when  picking  the  right  venue  is  that  you   should  consider  if  the  visitors  would  need  a  lot  of  parking.  A  good  plan  of  doing  venue  visits  is  an   important  part  of  the  process  so  you  can  see  several  venues  in  an  organized  fashion  without   wasting  time.  If  you  have  an  event  planner,  these  professionals  already  have  lists  of  venues  for  all   types  of  events.  If  you  hire  a  planner  you  can  choose  whether  you  also  want  to  see  the  venue  or  if   you  trust  them  to  select  the  venue.     4. Time  –  what  is  the  ideal  time  for  your  event?  Should  it  be  a  midday  event?  Is  lunch  needed?  Dinner?   Snacks  in  the  afternoon?  or  dinner  /  night  time  event?  Knowing  the  time  of  your  event  is  important   for  food  selection.  Some  venues  can  help  you  make  all  the  food  arrangements  while  others  require   you  to  figure  out  the  catering.  There  are  plenty  of  catering  options  but  you  and  your  planner  will   have  to  decide  which  are  best  for  you.     These  are  just  few  of  the  things  that  you  need  to  consider  when  you  are  participating  in  the  fun  process  of  event   planning.  Even  professional  planners  make  checklists  and  stay  organized  when  planning  successful  events.    

Event Planning Process  

These are just few of the things that you need to consider when you are participating in the fun process of event planning. Even professiona...

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